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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I contact Psychic Rose from the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

The Bravo show, the real housewives of Atlanta, had an episode with a tarot card reader called “psychic rose”, does anyone have her contact info?

Answer by Shania M
I dont, but maybe you should try yellowpages.com, type in Atlanta, GA, and do a search for her

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think that some people have a more natural ability to read tarot cards than others?

I bought my friend a set of ohsho zen tarot cards, and instead of her being able to use them well, I gave her really accurate readings. She on the other hand, didn’t often give accurate readings.

Answer by SingingCrab7
Yes, one’s energy makes a huge difference in reading cards. Many things come in to play when it comes to people’s abilities in giving card readings.

Answer by …
no, some people are just better scammers

Answer by Ronin
well i guess some people have an easier time in seeing the easter bunny, so sure….

Answer by spica
I think the difference is practise, intuition and acquaintance with the card symbolisms.

Answer by I Said It
the cards are telling me……….”NO”

Answer by mhiaa
Generally water signs have more intuitive ability, or people with planets in those houses,(4, 8, 12) or aspects to those planets or rulers. Aquarius however, or Aquarius rising or midheaven or Uranus in first or tenth house 6th or 8th, will often have insights out of the blue as well. Especially if Uranus is in a water sign or house or aspects moon or Neptune or Pluto. Hope I didn’t confuse you. But you shouldn’t “share” a deck. Your deck of cards should have your own energy.

Answer by ciernaigh
the post before mine is accurate, we all are composed of the same elements just in different quantities to the time of our birth, so some are easier at memorizing the cards, and some have good intuition and find it easy to apply the cards to the situation and get the proper answer to the cards. anyone with a guide can read cards, but you are only interpreting until you dont need a guide. once you have memorized the meaning of each card then it will come easy, and try to find the meaning of each card in your own words because the cards must be accustomed to the reader and the reader accustomed to the cards. once the understanding of the cards is there there will not bew any problem with their readings for anyone,

Answer by goathead
I do not completely agree with the stuff about the water sings in the postings above, I’m dominated by earth signs in my chart, yet, I was also born with abilities that run in the family and those abilities are of an empathic and visionary nature.
Energy, as in the first answer is more to my thinking. I feel that the more a person is connected to the collective conscience, the better the reading that they can give. Things that keep a person from connecting could be fear and doubt. Then there is just the part where one just needs practice. Learning the cards better as well as getting better connected into the collective conscience.
For your friend, it could be as simple as the deck. I have many decks and some I just can read with, where others are like a comfortable favorite chair. The decks I don’t resonate well with put out cards that do not flow and this makes it difficult to do a reading. Maybe if she found a deck that she really likes, she might find her accuracy.

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