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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I be a Tarot card reader for pay?

Answer by jacquefromtexas
Tarot is dangerous. It seems harmless, but it’s the occult and you give and recieve demons this way. Please look into it’s purposes and background further and please don’t spread it to others.

Answer by toto
i do not believe that tarot is dangerous at all.
But seriously, not many people are gifted at that.

Answer by )o( Sunshine )o(
You should never do Tarot readings for pay. You should only do them if you don’t mind taking what the client is comfortable with giving you. When you are done reading for the day, make sure you thank the deities you called upon by making an offering to them (like a small piece of cake or bread and a thimble full of wine in your garden). In addition to this, a friend of mine also takes 10% and puts it in a special jar so that once a month she can purchase diapers and make-up for the women at the local domestic vilolence shelter.

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I always was drawn to mysterious studies such as astrology, tarot, and the supernatural. It wasnt until maybe a month ago that i decided to try to learn the meanings of the cards for myself. Before i ever had any interest in tarot cards i was very devoted to astrology and know almost every thing about it. It wasnt hard for me to memorize the signs and their meanings. But i have found that the tarot is way harder and a lot trickier!
I have always had good intuiton…. where i sometimes jus “know” things and my grandmother also used to be a reader ( which was kept secret from me until about a week ago)
For fellow tarot readers i ask these questions.
1. How did u fair with the meanings in the beginning
2. Do u sometiimes still have trouble now?
3. Have any of you had a “bad” experience with the cards (i heard they can be a doorway for unwanted “things)
4. And last but not least, what are some tips to make me a better more intuitive reader..

Answer by befeathered
1. It took me a while at first.
2. Occasionally.
3. No.
4. Practice, practice, practice.

Get a Rider Waite to work with not one of the prettier fancier decks (wait a while).
Use short tarot spreads at first (5 cards or less).

How to Read Tarot in 7 Easy Steps (free Ebook)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Working as a tarot card reader?

I have always been interested in and enjoyed things like tarot cards and astrology. Over the years I have read a lot of books on these subjects and given many readings and drawn up charts fro friends as well as going about once a year to have my own fortune told. I enjoy it as entertainment and I do believe there is something to it but I certainly don’t live by it. People I have read for say I am good and people especially seem to enjoy the birth charts I draw up for them.
I am moving to london soon to study for my Post Grad degree in Fine Art and need to be able to make a bit of cash on the side I teach yoga but I also have a friend who owns a cafe. He would like me to come in once or twice a week to give readings to customers. I think it would be fun but I’m nervous about charging for this as I haven’t done so before. I think I am a knowledgeable tarot reader and a sympathetic listener but I am not psychic and I really see Tarot and Astrology more as a psychological tool.

I’d like to take up my friends offer but I am worried about the moral aspect of charging for readings, what do you think?
I’d say I am somewhat intuitive, most artists are but I believe the tarot is more a reflection of a persons subconscious mind rather than being able to tell the future e.g. you will meet a man, win the lottery etc. To me that is not so interesting anyway.

Answer by Barney_22
give the profits to a charity..or half of the profits at least ­čÖé

Answer by tommycat
Well, Tarot is read more intuitively than anything else. You’re saying you’re not really an intuitive reader? Why don’t you try it for a while and if you get a lot of negative responses then stop charging people and just leave it as a hobby.

Answer by ChainLightning Ôůť
But to do these things you must have psychic ability. If not someone just needs to go to a website and do it themselves. Astrology charts and tarot cards are mere props. They employ randomness. Why don’t astrologers all say the same thing when they have the same information? Why won’t you get the same card spread when the cards are dealt again?

Why should people that have paranormal ability have better morals than others? If the gullible people are willing to give you money just to chat with you, take it.

Answer by CassysTarot
The fact that you are concerned about morality signals that you will make a fine tarot reader. It’s always a good sign to be a little fearful at first. This means that you understand the responsibility that goes along with reading the cards. Tarot is a multi-dimensional tool. It can be seen a psychological map, and it can be seen as a spiritual tool. There is nothing morally wrong with charging. You are performing a service for someone. Not everyone has the ability or the education to perform this service. You need to eat and pay the rent. People are interested in a reading, and most people don’t mind paying for a reading. I got a job in a very famous United States town, and I was appalled at what they charged for a tarot reading. I ended up striking out on my own, so that I could live up to my own standards and actually spend more time with my clients. If you are a responsible person, you will probably always have a tiny bit of fear or worry about reading, but that is not a bad thing. Good luck, and have fun. Giving people inspiration, hope, and encouragement is the best job on the planet. I will, however, warn you about one pitfall of reading professionally. There will be people who will use tarot as a crutch. They will return again and again and again, oftentimes within a week or two. To these people you will have to gently explain that tarot should not be consulted so frequently and they should be gently told that you will not perform another reading within six months of a previous reading.

Answer by alireza

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