Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How Can I Attain The Dragon Tarot Card, Justice?

I was recently given a pack of Dragon Tarot cards (Pracownik/Donaldson). Unfortunately, I am missing the booklet to the deck, along with the arcana card, Justice.
I don’t need the entire deck, considering I already have it. I would just like to know if anyone out there may be able to help me get my hands on a Justice card to complete the deck, and the booklet if possible.

Answer by Jinny E
try isis books, on-line occult bookstore they have just about everything

Answer by ɐdɾ soɐɥɔ ǝnlqblue chaos jpa
It’s really hard to get just one card. Buy a new Dragon Deck, putting all but Justice aside.

Answer by Makani
Contact the publisher – I know that regular card decks offer replacements.

Answer by tarot_realms
Find the image online and print it on cardstock

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people who go to church feel threatened by tarot cards?

I don’t go to church I believe in god I play with tarot cards for fun I don’t take it seriously so why do they? Their just paintings on paper laminated

Answer by Elaine M
Not all of them do, just the ones that are uninformed about what the deck is.

Answer by Jazman
Cause their bad poker players too.

Answer by wha happened
Because they are associated with demons, the enemies of God.

Answer by CreationCrusher10000
Doesn’t the bible say something about the satanic power of cardboard?

Answer by Wildman496
Symbolism means a lot to most religions. Tarot cars can be viewed as an idol due to it’s real nature(psychics, etc) and religions feel threatened by anything that’s differing from their set of beliefs.

Answer by Prophecy Nut
It is witch craft which is severely condemned in the Bible. It doesn’t matter what it is printed on. It represents evil.

Answer by Sjo
its because it is realted with fourtune telling and to believe that anything will reveal your future such as tarot cards is a sin but honestly its just for fun! it also plays into a ten commandment of how you shouldnt put another god before our catholic god soo yeah but its okay because its for fun 🙂

Answer by Randy P
You mean like if you hold the box over your head and say “I will throw this box of cards at you”? I would feel a little threatened if you did that.

Answer by Kathy Miller if you read this link you will understand why. Many of the symbols, pro all of them on tarot cards are symbols taken by Christianity to use for their own purposes, and much of the back ground for the religion is from these ideas, well, the site explains it better than I can.

Answer by opalis†
How’s this for strange…… my Methodist parents wouldn’t let us use regular playing cards to pretend psychic readings but they bought us a Ouija board one year for Christmas.

Oh, wait, both things are supposed to be harmless, right?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find tarot cards in the ATL area?

I am looking to buy a deck of tarot cards in atl. I don’t like ordering things offline & I would live a neat magic shop or something in my area. Anyone know of anything like this?

Answer by major
in my city bookstores used to carry them, I havent checked in a while to know if they still do, if an online book site has them, then a local bookstore should be able to get them for you.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Best places in any city are New Age Bookstores. Google New Age Bookstores or Metaphysical Bookstores and your city and state. A list of local stores should come up.

Look for larger stores if you want a big selection of decks.

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