Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are tarot cards?

I mean is it the card saying stuff or is it the person reading it interpretation? or is it all fake?

Answer by Andrew

Answer by Liz
they’re fake

Answer by Dharmanator
It’s highly interpretive, and therefore even if they actually worked they would not be very accurate.

Think about it: How much information can you literally understand from a sequence of picture cards?

Answer by Konswayla
It’s all up to interpretation.

Answer by Captain Cod
It’s totally fake, disproved many times under scientific scrutiny.

Answer by leo d
its about the power of belief,but conected to darkness,so it is the person.

Answer by Jason J
Much like religion, not accurate in the slightest.

Answer by meme
some psychics use them. what more can i say.

Answer by Emily
don’t work….fake

Answer by Fireball226
not true and of the devil….dont mess with it..

Answer by sirheinsohn
depending on the question, tarot cards can establish a mathematical probability of something happening, That’s about all. I read and interpret Tarots for friends and family and am often amazed at their accuracy.

Answer by Emily Q
not really accurate. there just cards. your gonna let cards tell you your future? I don’t think so.

Answer by Julia B
It really depends on whether or not the person interpreting the cards has a lot of experience or if they are taking you for a ride. I only go to one person and I NEVER tell her what I am wanting to know before hand so I can’t unduly influence her.

Answer by Chris
About as accurate as a magic 8-ball.

Answer by KENNETH D
It is what the devil would want you to believe a pack of lies.

Answer by HybriD
Tarot cards are bull.

An athiest is just arranging cards in a pattern and telling you something that might not ever happen.

Answer by Eternal Veritgo
the accuracy of the cards depends on the accuracy of the interpretation. you can make them say anything you’d like but they are likely to be wildly inaccurate that way.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free Tarot Reading for me?

I am having some really huge issues in my life and I really need some guidance. I am hoping someone who practices tarot card reading can provide me with a card-spread to assist me with my future decisions etc.

Please email me if you can. Specifically focused on relationships and children.


Answer by Tea
I’ve been reading tarot for 15 years. I give only free readings. It’s my way of helping others. Feel free to email me with the questions you would like me to do the readings on.


Answer by George
Free Tarot readings are available from some of the tarot readers listed here:

They give their readings in exchange for feedback on their work even if it’s just a “thank you” reply.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : why do tarot card readers and online psychics charge money?

i mean if they truly have a gift to help human kind shouldnt they do it for free, or is it just another religion with a slighlty hipper rap, because honestly i think its all false
ramsi, i am mr mom because i have raised 3 boys since birth, a stay at home dad, hence mr mom,, watch the movie

Answer by Ramsi
to make a profit….

so they can have a better life…….

by the way…..

you have the image of a man but call yourself MR MOM…lol

have a good day

Answer by rsgurl
For the same reason churches pass collection plates

Answer by Man in Black
Same reason that Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts do. The only reaon to run a scam is to get rich.

Answer by Bella*donna
They’ve got to eat, right? I have had some good readings, but most of it probably could be explained away.

Answer by Ptah
To make a living…fixing cars helps mankind should they do it for free?

Answer by Jason
Everyone needs to make a living.

How else will get their daily bread.

Apparently God does not give them bread even though they pray.

Answer by The Wholly One
Doctors have a gift to help human kind are you suggesting they give my girlfriend implants for free. I like your style.

Answer by Pangel – hugs , love and fuzzies
and how are they to survive without money ?

Answer by # 1 Top contributor
Well, they used to exchange chickens and livestock and the like in the old days of the barter system, but since there isn’t much livestock and the like in our backyards anymore we have to give them something. I tried to give one of them a group of “magical” rocks that I collected at the beach but she only wanted money or me…. so I paid her with money. The other option would have been frightening.

Answer by vinslave
Thank you for putting that out there. I never do a reading of tarot, Mo, nor runes for any sum whatsoever. It goes against my ethics.

Divination isn’t my main job in life, so I see no need to charge someone.


Answer by Heavy Metal Jesus
because its bullshit! it is a false scheme to con you into throwing your money away! just like religion, just like christianity. its all false. “when it comes to bullshit, big time major league bullshit, you have to stand in awe at the all time champion of false promises and exagurated claims, religion. think about it- religion has actually convinced people that theres an ‘invisible man’ living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do ANY of these ten things he has a special place full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and EVER for all eternity to the end of time!— but he loves you:) he loves you and he needs MONEY, he always needs money! hes all powerfull all knowing all wise, but somehow just cant handle his money! religion takes in billions of dollars, pays no taxes, and they all need more more more. now, if you wanna talk about a good bullshit story– holyyyy shittt.”

Answer by Crystal Dolphin
If they are so popular that their tarot reading and psychic skills are in high demand and/or it takes up much of their time, like a full time job, well, they have to be compensated somehow. Money is a necessary evil to survive in today’s world. And as others have pointed out – there are plenty of other tradespeople who have gifts and skills that can help humankind but certainly don’t do it for free…they have to pay bills and feed their families too!

The psychics and tarot readers that I know, who ended up doing readings and teaching (workshops, lectures, etc.) for a living, charge a small fee to compensate them for their time. It’s usually about $ 15 – $ 20 for a reading. (About 5 years ago, I paid $ 100 for an 8 week tarot reading class given by a local reader – the classes were two hours long once a week, so I paid $ 6.25/hr for this person’s time – I think that’s pretty reasonable. I made more than that per hour babysitting when I was 17.)

Using your logic about those who can help humankind should not charge – what about hospitals? There to help heal us, right? Yeah, you best have insurance if you have to go to the hospital, ’cause geez, they charge like $ 20 for a dose of aspirin! If you ever have to stay in the hospital overnight, get a breakdown of the bill that is sent to your insurance company (hopefully not to you) and see what they’re charging for stuff – it’s amazing.

Where I have a full time job and only do the occasional tarot reading (once or twice a month in my free time), I don’t charge for the readings I do. But then, I don’t *need* to.

I am rather skeptic of “online psychics” myself though. As I see it, most psychics, and tarot readers, have to attune to your energy and establish a sort of “link” with you to give you the most accurate reading – I don’t see how this can be done effectively over the internet. Or at least, I know I can’t do this effectively over the internet.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Mr Mom

Being psychic is a gift, nor a power it is a natural ability, that like all abilities or talents has to be developed.

Psychics charge for their time as psychics like all folk have bills to pay.


Answer by bluebrancall
hi Mr mom, its just a money making racket, blue

Answer by Lillith
1. Tarot & psychic readers are a skill, NOT a religion.
2. Since you raised 3 children, how come you are not a nanny for free?

Many genuine readers do give readings for free, I know because I am one who reads tarot and I do reading for free in certain circumstances.

We also need to pay rent, feed our kids and all that stuff. With the way the economy is, I really rely on the income from my readings to supplement the income I get from my job. I’d rather be at home working, than working a second job and never see my family.
If it wasn’t for tarot, I’d be out on the street with no home.

Reading is a learned skill and can also be a natural talent.
Why shouldn’t there be some return for the time spent helping a person? Counselors have fees.
Should a piano prodigy play for free?

You ‘think its all false’ but having been a reader for over 16 years, I have expereinced things that are very real.
Have you ever gotten a reading from a REAL reader?
I’d be happy to give you one at no charge, and not as any sort of means of trying to convince you that they are ‘true’
But if you happen to change your perspective, that would be cool.

Answer by Lori G
Tarot card readers are just normal people who charge for a service much like someone who repairs cars, does gardening, gives counselling, cleans windows etc. Many readers have spent a lot of time, effort and money learning their trade so why shouldn’t they charge for their time and experience?

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