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I was practicing with tarot cards, and while doing a practice reading a negative card was pulled in my “desires” section of the spread. I cannot remember the name of the card, however I remember that it was very negative and definitely not something that I desired. (I’m very new at tarot cards, and I’m still trying to figure out the basics. Any help would be great. Thanks!)

Answer by Fenrir
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Help with tarot cards?
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Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
There are no “negative cards”
Every card has a message, often several, and as the interpreter, you need to find the one that applies to the situation.

Let’s say that the card you pulled in the “desires” spot was the Devil card, just as an example. What could that mean?

Well, clearly, you’d think you know what you want, so why would you need to draw a card for “desires”? Maybe to get some insight into WHY you desire what you desire or maybe just a new way of thinking about the thing you are looking for?

The Devil in that position might indicate that the desire you have is driven by base impulses and not pure intentions and that the desire is like an addiction.

On the other hand, it could indicate that your desire is to question authority, or even that it’s time to indulge those baser instincts (within reason) and throw caution to the wind. Or maybe your desire is to attach yourself to something more powerful than you alone or to giving your will over to someone else.

The more you learn about the cards, the more possibilities will open up and the more insights you can gain from applying their lessons to your question.
Best of luck,

Answer by Crystal clear
Agreed with Scarlet.

In this particular case, it’s difficult to offer you any further help without knowing the card you are questioning. Knowing which deck you are using helps too as different decks display different symbolism on the cards for consideration.

I’ll use the Death card as an example. Considering this card is often portrayed in fictional movies and TV shows as being an omen of a literal death, either the person the card reading is for or one of their loved ones – people in real life take that to heart and fear the card. However, the basic meaning of the Death card is an end of something, and a new beginning.

Death can mean the “end” of anything: The end of an era, the end of a trip, the closing of your favorite restaurant, the breaking up of a band, the conclusion of a very rough week. Any and all of these as well as a million more possible interpretations can be applied to the Death card. (Other cards in the reading should help you figure out the context.)

Even more important to remember: the Death card is less about something dying then about how a person deals with endings.

We might be delighted that something is finally over and done with, like a terrible job we hated. Or we might be heartbroken, like over the ending of a relationship. Either way, we require time to come to terms with the fact that something we were used to is no longer a part of our lives.

You may go through a period of feeling rather low and grieving the end of something, but you would also understand that the ending was a necessary one for you to grow and flourish in your life, and something new is about to begin. It’s more a card of transformation than of loss.

As Scarlet said, there really are no negative cards. The messages of the tarot help us to take an honest look at ourselves and our lives, accept reality for what it is, work through the rough times and to more clearly see the possibilities and the opportunities that we have to make things better for ourselves.

Answer by Elaine M
As they said, EVERY card has positives and negatives. The negative would apply to how you worded your question (and perceived negatives are sometimes positives). If it was the Devil, for instance, there is a lot of positive in that. For example – it can mean you need to wallow in something for a bit to give you some perspective, or to take time to pamper yourself to avoid stress.

Just as the ‘happy’ cards are not all happy (the Sun can mean you’re blinded and can’t see what’s there, or you can get ‘burned’), the negative cards have a balance as well.

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I bought ‘Easy Tarot’, by Josephine Ellershaw, and I don’t like exactly how the book portrays tarot cards, even though I find the cards it came with (Gilded Tarot) extremely entertaining. I was wondering if I could purchase a little white book (the little booklets that come with some other tarot cards) separately without the actual deck without having to buy the deck. Or if I should just buy another deck, and keep that as a backup anyways.

Answer by Midnyte
You have several options:

Look in metaphysical bookstores. You might find it as a book.

Check Aeclectic tarot forum. They have study groups for different decks. You might find the meanings for this particular deck.

If you are a beginner, buy yourself a good self-study tarot book. If you want to use Tarot as a system, then it really doesn’t matter, 3of cups in Rider-Waite and 3 of cups in Tarot of mermaids will mean absolutely the same thing.

Or drop the books altogether and get to know the deck yourself. Meditate on the cards etc.

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