Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help with tarot cards meaning please?

I found this soulmate tarot spread and decided to try it out – I was pleased with the results, but a little confused as how to interpret some cards. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Tarot Deck: Morgan Greer/No Reversals

“About my Soulmate”

Positions (don’t really know how these work so far, still trying to learn about spreads and positions)


1.Have I found my Soulmate?
8 OF WANDS – This is probably telling me is a positive card (I like it a lot), but it’s a “fast” card, however those wands can represent cupid’s arrows, so maybe I have already been shot w/ them?

2.How will I Know?
PAGE OF CUPS – Possibly a childhood crush of some sort or I will receive a “love letter”. Sounds exciting!

3. What would make me Disbelieve?
6 OF CUPS – Possibly too young???? I’m not sure how to interpret this one..I know it has something to do with kids/childhood..or an ex? (*help please*)

4. What would make me Believe?
QUEEN OF SWORDS – Truth/honesty..someone will assure me of it..possibly a psychic?

5.What of this person being my Twin Soul?
5 OF CUPS – We share the same ‘disappointments’ in life ? (help?)

Thanks in advance for your answers!!

Answer by Tea
1. Have you found your soul mate? Probably not. This card indicates that things are moving fast, but it is not one of the cards that would usually indicate a soul mate connection.

2. How will I know? You will know if someone is your soul mate because being with him will feel very easy, natural and fun. Stress free.

3.What would make you disbelieve? Your soul mate is probably someone you have not met yet…he is definitely not someone from your past. Also, he will probably not be anything like people you’ve dated in the past. If he reminds you of a former boyfriend or if your relationship is not that different from what you’ve experienced before…then he’s probably not your soul mate.

4.What would make you believe? Your soul mate is probably someone who has gone to the school of hard knocks and he probably has quite a bit of street smarts. He’s not going to be the type who will just hand you his heart on a silver platter.

5. What of this person being your twin soul? The person you’re thinking about is probably not your twin soul. The 5 of Cups is not a good sign. It means you have something to grieve about.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone w| experience tell me what the following tarot cards mean?

So I ended doing those free online tarot card readings. & I did it a few more times because I kept on getting “the sun” and “the empress” which apparently means fertility, maternal, & babies… Every time I did it this card didn’t fail to come out. Can someone with experience explain the meaning of it. One of them said basically that my infertility phase was over, which I was having trouble with that.

Answer by Nick.
Basically, you’re a demon of the sun, and you will rule it one day. Your time will come..

Answer by
The Sun has to do with clarity and the light of consciousness, usually after a period of perhaps feeling in the dark. Confidence often returns and there’s a sense of joy and purpose. The Empress has to do with a re-alignment with nature, the natural cycles and rhythms of the body — and yes, fertility. The deck I use has the empress is depicted as a beautiful maiden in a field of wheat with a hand gentle placed on her stomach in a long, flowing gown … so getting back in touch with nature and the body – very Taurus.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does the meaning of some tarot cards change according to the deck?

I’ve noticed that the pictures of the cards change from a deck to another, but does the meaning change too?

Answer by ChainLightnin’ ⅜
They are just playing cards dealt at random. There really is a card game call Tarots. The fortune telling part did not start until the early twentieth century.

Answer by Victoria ♌
Tarot cards uses symbolism to portray meaning (based upon the universal meanings of symbols and archetypes). The artwork on cards are open to interpretation and so are the meanings of the cards. Using intuition instead of textbook meanings, in my opinion, is even better. Although i know quite a few people would disagree with me (It’s limiting and it isn’t always best to give the same answer to different questions). Like to say if a card gives you a sensation of sadness, but you look it up in the book and its suppose to symbolize rewards. According to the question, it sometimes just doesn’t make sense.. and I feel that it can make you doubt your intuition, and give the wrong advice.
But to answer your question short and sweet, no, the textbook meaning of the card doesn’t change from deck to deck.

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