Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help from a spirit reader?

I’m a spiritual reader, and I’m a little curious. I was wondering if somebody could tell me a little more about spiritual reading…

My mom has tarot cards, but I want my own. Where can I buy some (not online) and how much are they?
My mom also doesn’t know I’m a spiritual reader…
I’m from Washington state in USA. I live just north of Portland, Oregon in Vancouver, WA; by the way.

Answer by short_and_sassy26
go to a magic shop

Answer by LindaR
Type in Llewellyn Worldwide.They sell tarot cards through the mail.You can request a catalog on their website.

Answer by Since You Asked
You should ask her for them, or get her a new set and give that to her in barter. Traditionally they are given as gifts. And a close family member is perfect for that. You can buy them at New Age shops, even some book stores.

No clue where I got that info from, one of the many factoids in the warehouse of useless information that is my brain.

Answer by damienbfree
toy store, appropriately

Answer by SPL Texas
Don’t mess with that and tell your mom to stop – you and yoru mom are opening gates of hell and the evil spirit and demons are in your mom’s life already and they will decieve her and you and destroy your life on earth and thenn take you for demons and satan to enjoy torturing you when you die.

Please run to the living and loving God who can love and save you and be filled with the Holy Spirit which demons and satan run from

You cannot serve Satan and God

You need to call on Jesus and he will save you and your mom from eternity in hell

Answer by The Expert
You are meddling in a forbidden realm.

I am not your father, but i give you a warning.
Know this, if you open the gate to the realm of the dead, they will come for you.

To the other realm you are invisible, atleast until you open the gate to the realm of the dead. Then you are a beacon, they will torture your soul, i beg you. Discontinue what you are doing.

Answer by noughts-and-crosses
My grandma (spirtual reader):
Go to shop that sells crystals, angel cards and tarot cards etc…and pick the ones you are drawn to…they are anywhere between 10 – 20 pound.
I know of one shop, but it’s in the shop called Isis in the Metro Centre in the Northeast of England. You could google this…but it depends where you live…I mean you could be from the USA.

You can contact her at : for more info.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone believe in tarot cards, and palm reading?

or do u think its untrue, and its a waste of money

Answer by Serena
I haven’t decided about palm reading, but yes I believe in tarot. However, with a lot of the people who ask for money for those things…it’s a waste of money.

If it’s something you’re interested in, it’s quite rewarding to learn it for yourself :).

Answer by I hug trees, not people!

Answer by Joker
I have to agree with Serena, its quite a wonderful skill to learn it isnt for everyone but I find it better then most Divination techniques.

Answer by eidunotno
I was had my cards read by a friend (no cost), and what can i say. He is a good card reader, it was right on the money.
He told me things about a future trip and it all come to pass.

When I was pregnant I went to a bean reader – yes there are people who can read them. I was there and I was suppose to ask a question in my mind. I asked will I have a son as all the people have been saying?
She threw the beans and looked a little lost. She said that what you asked can not happen. I asked why, and she replied “there some female in the way and she wont let it happen”.

5 months later I gave birth to a beautiful girl.

So I guess you just have to find a real reader and not one of those charlatans.

Answer by Colter
Well, there are a lot of ways to tackle that sort of thing.

Regardless of whether someone believes in this thing at all, you should be aware that there are con-artists that are extremely good at a technique called “cold reading”, they routinely fool paranormal investigators, so it’s easy for an untrained person to be fooled.

Some people genuinely believe that they are helping people, and have a knack for that sort of thing (even if it’s just intuition focused by the cards). Others fall in the middle.

As a general rule, you should be skeptical of anything a fortune teller says to you. You can consider it, and some people do get help out of it, but the guidance from divination is subtle and often hard to interpret. The more specific the fortune teller is, especially if you’re hearing really dramatic things, can be a sign of a con artist. Anytime a they do things to get you to come back, it’s a clear indication that the business comes first.

You should never spend money you can’t afford to on a pyschic, because their answers rarely pay for themselves.

Why not learn to tell tarot cards for yourself? Then you can test it out for yourself without more out of pocket expense than a deck and book kit will cost you.

Answer by Cyndi S
Yes,Had one done years ago palm & cards. For free, said I’mm sorry to tell you this but there will be three or four deaths this yr.– My Husbands Grandmother Jan 2nd,My Grandma Valentines day, My Dad on Mothers day……………..Never Again…….

Answer by King Richard
Of course they’re true….

The problem is, as already has been stated is that there are unfortunately people Clairvoyants and Tarot readers alike who have got all puffed up with how cool they are and taken their gift for granted – I have seen this far too often and thats when Spirit draws back their energy and they lose the energies they had as has been the case for Sylvia Browne and thats when we get a bad reputation and this is where the problem is.
Back in 2002 – when I started really getting into Spiritualism I went to see a local palm reader who had obviously been in the business for innumerable years and I do not mind saying this but he said how I had a growth (testicular growth) this obviously shocked me especially because he wanted to actually examine me right then and there I left immediately.

True this is the flip side of the coin but by people who are properly dedicated with the best of intentions both tarot and palmistry are excellent forms of divination.

Answer by Serenity’s_Mama
nope its not godly like so i dont do all that

Answer by freddy
If they are read by a true reader.You would be surprised what they can tell you

Answer by xxamethystnightxx
I do them from time to time, but not palm. I am not educated in that by any means. I only knew a few things about palms. Anyway, I will have to defend online readers. Not all of them are 100% fake. That was one of the ways I used to practice was by going into chat rooms and giving readings to people for free. Whoever says you can’t give readings from a distance (phone or internet) has never tried it. I would get great results. ๐Ÿ™‚
People go back and forth on the charging thing. I would like to devote my life to helping people and one of the ways to do that is by giving readings. However, I have rent to pay. Other bills and such. You’re not paying necessarily for my talent, but my time. Doctors devote their lives to helping people and using their gifts, or massage therapists, carpenters, artists, authors, etc., and we pay them for their services. There’s no ego about it. I don’t want to get rich and famous by giving readings to people and charging too much. I just want to help people and be able to pay my bills. lol However, it’s mostly just a personal choice. People can decide if they want to charge or not.
In response to someone else’s post. I don’t go around telling people that I give readings. However, it’s on my business card and it’s a part of my life. If people ask, I’ll talk to them about it. Not a problem. I’ll never deny it. lol People can think what they like about it, and yes, many people have told me that it’s ungodly. lol You just learn to deal with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just won’t go down the street shouting about what I do. I don’t want that kind of attention. lol
Ok, so, back to the original questions: it’s up to you if you really want to seek out a reading. I’ve had amazing readings by people who charge and I’ve had amazing readings by people who don’t charge. I’ve also had terrible readings by both. It won’t hurt you to try. Just remember theren’t many more readings than tarot and palm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I’ll get off my little soapbox. haha

Answer by Pam R

Both are tarot & palmestry are psychic tools, they provide a way for the reader to link into the questioner so that they can be helped. Both are real.


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