Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a genuine experience with Tarot readings?

What have they told you that came true? Have they ever said anything about you which they wouldn’t have known otherwise?

Or the opposite was it all a bunch of shite

Answer by leodragon aka me lol
i think it depends who does the tarot reading for u!! if its a Professional than its probably genuine if its ur friend probably not lol

Answer by Tuff cookie ♈
yeah I am a reader and 90% of my readings have been accurate

Answer by mrairtraffic
I’ve had some awesome experiences with a Tarot reader. Although it wasn’t laid out as ” fortune telling”. It was simply what I was “leaning toward”. Really kinda caught me off guard to have this lady really hit things on the head. Without discussing anything about myself, she inferred from the cards what my recent history was and what I was concerned with regarding it. For me it was interesting just to have my conscience thoughts and unconscience thoughts laid out infront of me to examine.

Answer by ..
I give them occassionally, and my readings are very accurate.

Answer by Beca
I’ve had several. Tarot cards were originally used as a meditation tool it wasn’t till later that they were linked with Wicca and black magic things like that. I started reading cards for fun but after a couple very insightful readings, one in particular I began reading regularly and now It’s one of my most common meditation tools.

Answer by Julie Weaver
Yes , I have read for my partner with accurate results and when I’ve picked cards out for myself they are more often than not on the ball.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot card readers?

can any tarot card readers do a love reading for me?

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can you not do the reading over email and help me?
my first name is priya. thanks for the tarot reading but i dont think it quite applies. can you please do another one with my first name? thanks 🙂

Answer by Chihiro A.
We need you there in order to do the readings.

Answer by ♥gigi♥
you are better to see a reader in person and would be better if its somebody that has been personally recommended to you

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What (if any) is the difference between travellers, gypsies and pikeys?

Answer by Mickey D
I’m not familiar with a definition for pikeys but the other two are nomadic groups. Travellers are often referred to as gypsies but I’m not sure they all are, and gypsies are technically “Roma people,” who are ethnically distinct and have achieved legal status as a protected minority in some East European countries, and perhaps in the EU as well.

Answer by harlysdream66
very good question .
travellers ,tend to be people ,kinda driffing, from one town , or city state to another , gypsies, are much the same . but they the real deal, they make things to sell, tarot card readers, and they move around ,a maybe weekly,
pikeys, oh dear, hard core people, light to hustle you ,steal from you , in the ranks of all of them, pikeys are o nthe lower end, they do scrap iron, buy sell cars,dog fights, but not drugs
they stick together, dont mess with any of them , ever , you will lose ,all you have and more ,
i suggest you rent the movie SNATCH

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