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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you even been to a tarot card reader? How accurate were they?

Are they accurate to a certain degree? Or are they 100% accurate?

Answer by Fireball226
no ive just done the Free ones at
i wouldnt spend money cuz i dont believe in that
there are Free scopes there too

Answer by DoNtWoRRyABouTiT
I have some that were pretty accurate and some that are way off.

Answer by clare_nesmith
I once did tarot readings for other people (for free). It was just for fun and I don’t consider myself to have any sort of mystical talent. I used a book to help me figure out what the cards were “saying”. But the people I did readings for often said that they felt the reading was accurate to their lives, even though I saw it as just for fun. I think this is because people take the information in the cards and (consciously or unconsciously) try to make it apply to them.

So in other words, a tarot card reading will probably be accurate to the extent that you are willing to perceive it as relevant to your situation. But if you’re interested in seeing a tarot reader, there’s no harm in it. You might get some useful advice, but if you really don’t like what the reader tells you, try not to take it too seriously.

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Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

I have assisted over 15,598 people online in the last 9 years alone. I have thousands of other clients as well. This is what I dedicate my life to as I know it is my life calling.