Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Got my first deck of Tarot cards?

Can anyone give me an instruction website that’s legitimate? Like maybe it has different spreads and gives instructions for beginners? And does the type of tarot card matter? I got the Deviant Moon Tarot

Answer by Is this it? jerry
Just ask the card they’ll direct you…..ooooohhh can I ask the first question

Answer by Wicked Warrior
There is a lot of info out there. The type of deck you have matters to you only, if it works for you or not. You do have some prep work to do before you begin with them though, I suggest you start there.

Answer by Thades
Cool Cards. Maybe You should lets the cards do the talking Ho yeah Can I ask a Really cool question like what is my Destiny.

Answer by Okeanos
you’ll need a crystal now.

Answer by CassysTarot
The cards do matter. Most professional tarot readers will be reading from a more traditional deck, and most professional teachers will be teaching from a Rider Waite or other traditional deck, so any free videos I could tell you about would be useless to you. When starting new, it’s best to begin with a traditional deck and then move on into a deck that speaks to you and that you resonate with. The deck should have come with a book, which is also going to be useless to you. It will give you the meanings of the cards, but it won’t teach you how to really read a spread or the energy coming through. If you join, there are some people on there who read tarot that will help you understand spreads. It’s a one step at a time process. I have a book on tarot, but it does not cover The Deviant Moon deck. However, there is some advice on how to proceed and learn. I suggest pulling a card a day and trying to write down what it says to you, then look up the meaning in the book. As you do this, you learn faster, and you open your intuitive eye to the possibilities of spirit speaking to you. Good luck.

Answer by Elisheba
welcome to the rock

Answer by Raziel_angel
This site has a huge amount of information about the tarot cards.

Answer by adime_adozen
That’s a really intense tarot deck for your first one! I would definitely recommend Aeclectic Tarot, they have brilliant instructions and information. I’d also recommend reading the reviews of the Deviant Moon Tarot found on the site, linked in the sources, as it gives you a good idea of how it relates to the more traditional decks.

Either way, good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : any good tarot reader u can recommend me from your experience ?

free would be even better

Answer by apple
i am an amazing tarot reader and i read for free… here is the kicker….i learned from a master, my grate grandmother was the fortune teller in the circus, and this is the truth. the card and magic have nothing to do with it. any reader can tell you (but they will not) that what they are really reading is you! i can watch my customer, to tell me what kind of answer to give. if i start down the wrong path hey move a certain way. if i am on to something good the lean forward in their chair. and i can see it in their eyes when they believe me.

it is a bunch of hooey! don’t get me wrong i believe in the supernatural, but not the cards….cuz i know the tricks.
ever have a friend tell you, the lady said i was gonna get married in a year and i did? that is a self fulfilling prophecy! they hear it…they want it…they make it happen!

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