Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Gosh death reversed how people view you?(only tarot readers!!)?

Does that mean they view me as (oh not her again) kind of thing? I’m confused how the public view you I was pretty shocked about this.

Answer by Terry
The Death tarot card reversed sends in lethargy and stagnation Whereas the card up can be rebirth or Great changes in in a life. this is the words a reader learns but there may be more in the reader abilities,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : The Devil card in the Tarot….?

…now, I was just eating lunch, when I was hit by a memory of my past experiences with The Devil card in the Tarot.

Each time I undergo a Devil influence, I’ve lost a job.

Now, because the Devil represents a need for security, and attachment to material world, I wanna know what it might be about this card that always affects me this way?

Experienced Tarot readers please answer.

Also, what has been one of your Devil experiences?

I have to say, I don’t need a lesson in Tarot, because I’m a professional reader, and know all about the Devil card.

Answer by Ozzy

Answer by Destiny
If you know all about it, then you would know that you should not read it because you’re opening yourself up to demons.

Answer by Robert84
The devil card normally means enduring things which are undesirable, being stuck in bad habits or being influenced by insecurities. The card shows Pan with a man and woman held close to him by chains. Eventhough the chains round their necks can be easily slipped out of the man and woman have surrendered to the influence. It is based on indulgance, tempatation, and insecurity. The card is one of negative energies so perhaps the one positive thing which can be drawn out of it is it can show feelings of guilt and remorse. For example refusing to sacrifice certain things to gain a long term benefit or to help another person [however in 80% of cases with this card the other person is exploiting the relationship] These cycles are ruled by ‘Pan’ until they are overcome. The person is normally in touch and realised the negative value but there is something which resists the moving on.

If someone picks the devil card it will normally mean that they mean well but are being used by someone, surrendering to something, or they are in a habitual cycle which always leads ultimately to a negative outcome. The reasons for being in this cycle would archetypally be for material gain or short term pleasure when speaking about the card it its most true sense. Perhaps with the job you pick this card because you are unhappy in your job but would rather stay in the dark because you are frightened about not finding another job and this negative feeling will ultimately lead to the job ending, or it could be a sign that people in your job are exploiting your labour, talk ill of you when you are not around and will terminate your contract when you are not needed. I have worked for people like that before!

My personal experience of this has been sexual temptation to sleep with someone who was actually very bad for me and refusing to acknowledge the fact that I would develop attachment feelings for this person if I did because I was lonely at the time. The card often strikes when there is something making life more difficult as it is. My other experience of it was oddly job related like you said, I did lose my job not long after, however the events which happened after I lost the job were more positive. I think it was a mere indication that I was under some kind of control and restriction in that job which was going to terminate itself.

With this information it is mainly a case of interpreting this with the other cards around it because it can have so many meanings when in different contexts.

Answer by Unbreakable
lol…last time I consistently pulled the Devil card, I got remarried. XD

Some time, the Devil card can be good. Some of the old interpretations meant good sex in a marriage.

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