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Hello, I started reading tarot and did a reading on a friend of mine about their marriage. I asked the cards what was currently going on with their marriage and I only pulled 3 cards to see if I could put this together…I am going to type what I feel the cards are saying and I would like an experienced reader to tell me if I’m on the right path…Now this marriage has had a lot of problems in it and may be leading to divorce so that is why I would like someone to tell me if i’m reading the cards right…

Ace of Pentacles
The hanged man

What i’m seeing here (this reading was for the hubby in the marriage) that this is revolving around money issues. Even though the Ace of Pentacles is a great card, what i’m seeing is, is that this person is waiting and worrying about news he’s going to hear when it comes to money or what he could be losing (money wise) in a divorce. I feel the tower card is telling me the divorce is going to happen but this person is waiting (hanged man) and worrying about if he’s going to lose a lot of money in the divorce but the outcome will be successful when it comes to the money issue…would this sound right? The change may have already happened (tower) and the person could be just waiting now to hear the news? Serious replies please!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Im really interested to know what my future holds? I have always tho about going to a physic.. are they real??

I have not been very happy in my life.. I am 20 yrs old and i really wanna know what my future holds.. im hoping theres at least one thing thats good so i can stop being soo down on myself. I have tho about going to a physic… but are they a waste of money…….. do they really know anything??????

Answer by cesar e
no they aint..

Answer by maxi
it depends on the physic.. some are real, some aren’t

Answer by syd
sure go to a phicic but first read the book JEREMY FINK AND THE MEANING OF LIFE it will help

Answer by C-DOG
I wouldn’t trust physics. I have never been to one but I believe that you create your own future. Someone cannot tell you your destiny.

Answer by Quantum Leap
They know how to do one thing, and that is to rip you off royally.

Answer by Just C ME sTUntin
ys they are real

Answer by mayra v
they are not real some are but you have to figure that out

Answer by ★Greed★
Remember to sucker punch the psychic in the nose — if they are real they will duck.

Answer by bee p
they say they do. they tend to tell you what you want to hear– kinda the opposite of a shrink.

Answer by MVP’s #1 Fan RIP Eddie G
One of my parents friends lost there dog one day. After 2 weeks of looking they went to a psychic because they missed there dog so much. He told the 2 that there dog was dead, it was drowned in the ocean. the 2 went home crying but then thought, hey, what does he know? The next day a man knocked on the door, holding the soaking dog and said “I found your dog, he was drowned in the ocean”

True story.

Answer by Dylan K
Well it depends some of them will totally guess and hope its true or say something that is obveus will happen but some base their predictions on what is going on around them so yes and no. I know its kind of confusing but hope it helps!

Answer by players2069
first off, we spell it psychic.
secondly, some of us do know what we’re talking about.
I don’t ask anybody to pay me anything, so you can email me if you want. I can have a look around for you.

Answer by Julie Z
I do believe some people have physic ability. However ask around. If you check out shops that are holistic in nature they usually know someone who is good.

Answer by sahar s
not at all work hard seek help from lord

Answer by marriedandamom
No, they don’t know anything – most of them even have in small print “for entertainment only”. No one knows the future but God – who put you here for a reason… you could pray to Him and let Him know how you are feeling and ask Him to guide you… it sounds cheesy but it’s better than feeling the way that you do. I can tell you right now that life gets better, and it changes, as you get older…

Answer by Felix Arcanus
it depends on the psychic. i went to one when i was a teenager that blew my mind. she was definitely real. just choose carefully. and never divulge information.

Answer by Dale D
Physic’s are a form of entertainment, like pro-wrestling, It looks good but no-one is getting it. so make plans based on your dreams and aspirations and watch your future unfold as you plan it.

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