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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : For psychic or tarot card reader: Will I have a healthy pregnancy/baby?

If you want to lecture me on how psychics aren’t real, I won’t be listening. Thanks.

Answer by Ashley S
i think you have to go to one in person to figure that out

Answer by BuddingLotus
Your Card. 10 Wands.

This card is an indication that you will find pregnancy & or early parenthood rather hard at times. Feeling trapped & burdened down with responsibilities.

The trapped feelings I feel come from being in a bigger body & all those associated physical quirks it can bring. Also worry about how it will all be when it actually happens.

This may be the time to get a clearer persective before those worries set in, & if they already have – take a break from your routine & have some fun to lighten your emotional load.


Answer by starcherub
I see….I see…you going to an OB/GYN, and a prenatal specialist, for a regular checkup and ultrasound. I see you taking your supplements every day, and staying away from harmful substances. It’s a girl? If not I must be seeing my own future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what questions should u ask a tarot card reader to make sure they are not fraud?

Answer by ask a mexican
Do you accept money?

Answer by Katy
“Do you have a license for this kind of thing?”

Answer by Wis*dumb or BUST! aka Ravencalls
only do it face to face.. no phone stuff!!

and remember they are very tricky in the Q’s they ask.. to get info from you without you noticing..

80% of them are very FAKE!

Merry Christmas girl!

Answer by BeaST N’ Tha WinTeR FleEcE
i cant speak from experience because ive never been to one….but i find it hard to believe that someone with that type of intution would be sitting around a county fair playin with a deck of cards….

come to think of it ask them that……why?

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Answer by Frater Z.
I’ve been a Tarot card reader for over 20 years. I think there’s a misconception in the general public that reader cards is like reading a book – that everything is clear and precise. For me it is always a gut feeling. If one card generally represents something, but I feel that in a particular case it means something else, I’ll mention it. And with the aid of a good subject (ie you) we can narrow it down to specifics. It should always be a two way dialogue with you and the reader.

Unfortunately, there are charlatans that use this dialogue to cold read, that is fish for information, then just repharase it back to you. I’m assuming that’s what you want to avoid. I’m not sure how you avoid those people other than to get a reference from someone you know that has consulted a reader that they trust.

Reputable readers often belong to organizations such as the American Tarot Association or similar state organizations that have ethics or qualification standards. Ask you reader if they belong to any such organizations.

Answer by Helen
By fraud, I presume you mean pretending to be something that they are not? A tarot card reader is a tarot card reader if they read tarot cards! They do not have to be psychic or have supernatural powers. They just need to know something about the cards and how to use them. Anyone can do this with a bit of effort. You can even do it yourself, which is probably the best way to be sure you are not being conned.

Answer by Veteranized
depends on what you’re seeking darlin… if its the truth you want then save ur money and ur questions.

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