Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Experienced Tarot Readers: Please interpret my reading/spread?!?

Experienced Tarot Readers: Please interpret my reading/spread?!?
I had a birthday reading done and would like some interpretations from an experienced tarot reader. My main question is if I will meet my life partner this year. This was done on a Celtic Cross spread and the spread is as follows: (please leave the hating comments aside, only insightful respectful ones please)

Card #1 The Star
Card #2 Eight of Wands
Card #3 Temperance
Card #4 Knight of Wands
Card #5 The Lovers
Card #6 Two of Coins
Card #7 Queen of Cups
Card #8 Wheel of Fortune
Card #9 The Tower
Card #10 Four of Wands

Answer by Cindy
Thank you for allowing me to interpret your cards. This spread is very positive for you to meet a life partner! Both outcomes are good. This is going to give you a lot to think about, because to fully explain a Celtic Cross and all the possible interpretations takes a long time, so this is just the meanings that are in context, without a lot of explanation. The deck was used can also affect it, so I’m going with the traditional. Here we go:
The Situation: The Star. Hope and Promise
Supporting or opposing: Eight of Wands. Things come together and will happen quickly
Root Cause: Temperance. You are (or will be) feeling better about yourself, more confident. Temperance is also about joining with others – maybe you will join with a new group somehow (school, work, friends, clubs) and meet this person with or through them.
Past: Knight of Wands. Generally a rather mercurial person, its hard to follow the swings. You are often off-balance with this kind of person.
Alternate outcome: The Lovers – in a relationship spread in this position, it usually means what it says!
Future: Two of coins. You need to be flexible and stay open. If a reasonable opportunity comes along to meet people, go with it. You won’t meet your life partner at home on the couch.
As you see yourself: The Queen of Cups. Loving, kind, intuitive (see my note below regarding nesting)
Outside environment: Wheel of Fortune. Things are moving quickly to some kind of turning point.
Hopes and fears: The Tower. The fear that it will be a catastrophic mess and your heart will be broken.
Outcome if you remain on this path: Surprise, excitement, celebration. Sounds like fun!
I know you can put this picture together yourself, based on what you know of your life. But sometimes people of all ages get in what I call “the nesting phase”, and they seem to say to themselves, “I’m ready to settle down. I’m going to hook up with the next reasonably acceptable partner and call it good.” You don’t need to be in a hurry – you could meet this person this year, and know him/her for 10 years before anything happened. Just let life happen – but remember you’ve got to meet it halfway!
Again thank you! I hope this was helpful.

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my bf broke up with me last saturday…then i went to this tarot reader…she told me he is married and is living with her and has a kid…
but it doesnt make sense at all cause i lived with him for month ,everyday and his life here is very much a single life…
then i missled this tarot reader and she was totally lost …

Do you at all believe tarot readers???~ its was totally crazy reading…she didnt even ask me to shuffle or pick cards

Answer by Mark
for 20 dollars i will give you the numbers to the lotto ……im a tarot reader also thanks for the money i love my job no matter if im right or wrong people still pay me thanks .your bf has 4 kids and is gay and will be in jail in 6 months for ….. secret….. pay me i give you the answer

Answer by Meg
Not all Tarot Readers are 100%, or, she could have been having an off day, or shes a fraud. If she told you that you were cursed and she could take the hex off you then congratulations she’s fraudulent for sure and, you’re out 20 bucks. Do I beleive? Well I’m a reader, I’ve seen peoples faces light up when I was dead on. I’m pulling some cards for you for free if their wrong, Well it may steer you in the other direction, but just rememember this, if you check your daily horoscope, chances are you DO believe in this.

1. It’s okay to let go of this situation between you, even if you’re not willing yet. This is helping you find someone that really will treat you right. Also I’m getting the impression that maybe he or both of you were not entirely honest with each other.

2. You’re very courageous on the outside, putting up a great front because you’ve been through this before, but maybe it’s time to recognize the patterns in your life that lead you here over and over again, especially since relationships like the one you had, are starting to kill you emotionally.

3. This guy liked his excesses, perhaps he had a video game addiction, drinking or drug issue, or perhaps he was just very manipulative. He was also putting your financial life in jepoardy, maybe since the two of you broke up you notice that you have more money now, or less of your stuff is going missing. I’m not saying he was stealling from you but this is the vibe the cards give.

Your future advice is this, you’re going to experience a lot of change in your life soon, and with the good comes the bad, There’s going to be a guy coming in your life later, he’s going to look great to you, he’ll probably have dark hair, blue eyes, and you may meet him at where you work or go to school or if you are unemployed, then at a career center, I’d just take it very slow with this guy, it seems like he’s been hurt and is likely to lash out, maybe even be a bit of a smartass. As far as this relationship you just went through, you can sit there and analyze everything about it, denying that it was all wrong for you. Or you can embrace change which again, it looks like you’re going to be facing a lot of that, new jobs, new friends, a lot of shocks for you are coming up, so don’t be afraid to move on to the future. You never know what your missing out on..

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What do these cards mean?

3 of cups, sun, the lovers card.

I am going through a problem that is related to my relationship, we both love each other but parents are not agreeing a bit. so these were my cards – 3 of cups and sun n one of his cards was the lovers’ card.

what does it mean?

Answer by Suzy Q
Hi, I am Suzy, tarot reader by profession. The cards mean that you have not yet met the man you will settle down with. You love this man, but one day he will betray you. True love lies in the future.

Answer by Mystic Mavis
Emma, the sun signifies a new day and more broadly the passing of time, the cup is a symbol both of plenty and domestic fulfillment, and of course you don’t have to as psychic as me to guess what the lovers card means.
So if you are patient the issues will be resolved and you will be settled happily in your own home.

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