Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does tarot really work on a computer?

I have a tarot program for my computer my friend got it with her deck and I was wondering if it could work that way on a computer I know the cards actually work but I keep getting the same kinds of readings I even got a different program and I got the same answers is it true on a computer or not

Answer by Michael
It’s not the cards, it the person doing the interpreting. If YOU are interpreting, then you already know what you expect the outcome to be and can read it into the cards. That is also why it’s necessary to talk with the reader prior to the reading, so they get a sense of what you expect.

I’ve seen and used Tarot and the individual card meanings are intentionally ambiguous to allow the reader the freedom to adjust the foretold outcome to the circumstances. It also lends itself to self-fulfilling prophecy.

Answer by X-Wolf
This computer program allows you to choose a question and the spread you want, and then you draw cards and it interprets? If so, then the program probably doesn’t work. The ability to use the cards comes from the person’s energy and ability to become “in tune” with the cards. A computer lacks this unique ability. I would stick with using the cards and refrain from relying on computers; technology really can’t explain the phenomenon of Tarot cards.

Answer by Kevin Daniel
Like they said. Its your interpretation along with the help of the computer program doing it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can anyone tell me what card in a tarot deck will for tell having a new baby?

I would like to just know whitch card is going to for tell having a new baby

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
There are a lot of cards that could have that meaning depending on the context of the reading, it’s position and the intuition of the reader.
The Ace of Wands, the seven of pentacles, the Empress, the World… heck, even Death could indicate a pregnancy or birth in your future… it really depends on the context, many more cards then these could indicate a pregnancy, as I said, depending on the reading, the reader and the circumstances of the question. Cards don’t have set meanings.

Answer by Miss 6
I agree with first post. Ace of Rods, 3 of Cups even the 6 of Cups can mean children. Also it does depend on the question and spread you used. A combination of 3 of cups, 6 of cups, page of cups and empress can indicate pregnancy. But as the other post said many different cards can indicate pregnancy.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Pagan related… What is a cool tarot card deck ?

I’m looking at paganism, and I’m interested in cool tarot card decks like: mystical creatures, (angels and demons), aliens.. Etc

Do you know of any decks that sound similar to what I like?

Answer by WiccaTeen
your most likely gonna want a basi deck to start off with, some that have the meanings on them that way you can learn the meaning and progress to a standard deck, if your looking down the pagan deck i would use a nature based deck.

Answer by ℒ’amour est ℒe chaos
Tarot is related to occultism and divination tools, not so much paganism

I like the Robin Wood deck personally

just go through that sites directory they have every deck listed by category

Answer by Emily
The Gaia Oracle I can’t stand any other deck of cards although this may not be want you want exactly but it does come with three explanation thingos to help understand what others or yourself are really feeling

Answer by LabGrrl
I’m confused. Do you want something Pagan, or do you want a traditional tarot deck that uses Christian imagery like angels and demons?

Answer by Maiingan
Try looking here…they give samples of various tarot and oracle card decks. Some of them are really nice (I prefer the Gilded Tarot. Beautiful imagery)

Answer by Charlie
As far as decks that feature both Angels and Demons I think you might enjoy:

Winged Spirit Tarot

There are number of different Angel decks out there from the white light style to a few more Medieval or Ceremonial Magic interpretations of Angel. Here is a list of decks:

I also think you might consider the following for their mythical and magical creatures:

Fantastical Creatures Tarot

Universal Fantasy Tarot

Deviant Moon Tarot (this one is very dark and comes the closest to being a Demon deck)

Shadowscapes Tarot

As far as decks that actually feature pagan theology there are:

The Druidcraft Tarot

Pagan Tarot

and any of the decks on this page:

Answer by Nicky
I absolutely love the Fey tarot deck – it focuses more on the elementals (fairies and the like) but if you’re looking for something more classic i’d take a look at the Llewellyn tarot which includes a lot of classical myths, creatures and gods/goddesses 🙂

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