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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does into one have an ability to read tarot cards without using any cards at all?

In other words I can visualized tarot card by my mind? Do anyone have that ability?

Answer by stephen k
But does the image come to you or do you merely recall the card? I mean, tarot is a prediction system, the randomness of the cardsand their positioning, so if you think it, don;t you call the shots as to the prediction than the forces of life?

Answer by Eric Gees
Before I thought so, until I got some education and learned these are might not be true. but who knows. just don’t go too much that way, I know people who got messed up. when one leave reason and science, will get into what is called religion even if you don’t call it religion.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Does the Hierophant Tarot Card Mean in regards to Career?

I recently did a Tarot Card reading for myself. My question was “What career should I focus on” or “What Career would I be best at?” I pulled out the Hierophant card, and I don’t understand how it relates to my question. Could someone possibly clear this up for me by telling me what career fields are related to this card, or tell me what this might mean? Thanks so much 🙂

Answer by Tea
The Hierophant card usually represents tradition, culture, following the rules and sticking to the well beaten path. However, it can also refer to religion and social work or traditional gender roles.

Answer by Eric
It probably means that you have to follow a profession that teaches culture or values. It could mean a teacher, a nun, a counselor, psychologist, etc…

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

The Chariot Tarot Card

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