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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a magic shop in modesto or ceres?

Looking for a magic shop with things like spells, charms, tarot cards and other magic stuff for magic tricks also. Online places would work to but if you do know of shops in the modesto and ceres area that would help alot. Thanks!

Answer by Kathy H
619 14th St
Modesto, CA 95354

Answer by cyndee
Actually, you might also try a Psychic for what you are looking for. Call a local one from your directory and ask where to go.

I know there is a magic store in Old Sacramento.
You can order online.

Here are a few links I found for you to search:

Call Phillip & Henry:

The Society Of American Magicians
Wizard Craft Magic … Modesto, CA 95357-9333
209-595-0211. E-mail: …

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question concerning tarot cards, crystals, and sage?

I recently went to a new clients home. I noticed a deck of tarot cards, crystals, like quartz and others, and a bundle of sage with the tip of it burned. What would someone be using these together for. I’m not entirely educated on the topic but I think I have an idea. Can someone give me a detailed answer as to what she might be doing? Thank you so much in advance!!

Answer by @jcz
It means bs, the bible says bs about it, other faiths say bs too we live in the 21st century and yet many people still believing in Stone Age’s superstitions

Answer by  ☆☯☆No Chance Without  Nature☆☯☆
I don’t know about tarot cards, but the crystals and sage were probably used to achieve a select state of consciousness used for directed meditation and maybe some spiritual healing. That would be my guess.

Answer by Aandeg-Maiingan
Cleansing and purification.

Tarot cards require intuition to interpret. They don’t involve spirits (unless asked), and they don’t predict the future (for clarification).

The sage is used for cleansing space and the person, and the quartz is like an amplifier for better interpretation.

Nothing sinister.

Answer by marsel_duchamp
What does it matter? They are a client. Their beliefs should have no bearing on how you conduct business.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Well, the sage is the easiest one to answer. A sage bundle is usually used to clear a place of negative energy. If the tip was burned, I imagine your client probably liked to occasionally “smudge” her home with sage smoke to cleanse it, banish unwanted spirits or otherwise freshen up the feeling inside her home. Many people also enjoy the smell of burning sage, much like incense. It has a calming but astringent aroma. Smudging can also be done on the self to clear negativity from your body. The ritual is fairly simple… you just light the end and blow on it to make it smoke, then you go around the house or room and wave the smoke in every corner, usually in a clockwise pattern. You can then waft the smoke over your head and body for personal purification. It’s a ritual cleansing technique.

Crystals are a little harder… there are so many different things people believe about crystals, but in the context of what you describe, she probably believes that the crystals she keeps help to balance the energy in her home. Maybe she has anxiety and some of the crystals are said to counteract anxiety. Maybe she is creative and some of the crystals are said to enhance creativity. Some people use the energy of crystals the way some people use vitamins or medicine to help with ailments or bring a specific type of energy into their surroundings.

The tarot cards are again a bit harder, but I can make a guess. Considering the crystals and sage, I’m betting she uses the cards as a theraputic technique. She may or may not believe that she can predict the future with the tarot, but I’m betting that she probably uses them more to brainstorm on her personal issues and gain spiritual insights into herself rather than just trying to see the future.

It’s not uncommon for people who use tarot as a therapy to also enjoy using crystals and smudging techniques as well. Tarot readers like to prepare the space they are in for a reading, to clear out negative energy or influences. The sage smoke and crystals probably help her achieve a sense of focus for when she sits down to do a reading. I think smudging with sage is a very calming ritual and the crystals would be comforting. It does not surprise me in the least to see sage, crystals and tarot all in the same place.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I’m trying to start an online wiccan coven or a tarot circle maybe both?

Ok so I am trying to start a wiccan coven or a tarot reading circle and maybe both. I am totally open to teaching other people to read tarot cards, but I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on where to start on this. I am 28 by the way so no one mistakes me for a minor and veryexperienced with cards. So let me know if you know the answer and thanks

Answer by Oiad
I don’t know, but I would love to know how to read them myself. I can exchange occult info I’ve learned in the process too…email me!

Answer by johnno
I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ …
and in Jesus’ name I bind your attempt to do this.

Answer by Mackenzie
Have you ever been initiated into a Wiccan coven?

If you have, and you have spent the last 6 or 8+ years or so progressing to 2nd or 3rd degree and are ready to hive off, you should talk to your HP/S or elders about starting your own coven.

If you have not been initatied, then I wonder how you think you are qualified to run a coven and teach people things that have never been taught to you? Maybe you misunderstand what a coven is– a coven is not just a group who decides to get together; it’s a group within an established trad in which the teachings are passed down.

I don’t really see what that has to do with tarot cards (I mean, sure a Wiccan can be into tarot, but it’s not what makes a person Wiccan; they are originally a Christian system of divination afterall, and have nothing to do with actual Wicca). But sure, if you want to start a tarot group, why not?

Wicca is a religion, though, to start a coven would be like a Christian declaring himself a minister without training and starting his own church– you would be responsible for the spiritual guidance of many people, it is irresponsible to take on that role without proper training and credentials.

It’s not something you just appoint yourself– it’s something you earn, and others who have already earned it decide when you are ready.

Answer by Elaine M
When I wanted to join a group I looked over at meetup.com for ‘tarot’ and found a group that was already established in our city and joined. They had monthly meetings at the book store.

Give that a try, and you can also post on Craig’s List in the community section under ‘events’ as a ‘tarot group starting up’ and give your contact info or email there. The big thing is to pick a day or evening at a PUBLIC place to meet that everyone can fit into their schedule.

Start with tarot, the Wiccan connection is harder to get going since most won’t be solitary practitioners. If you’re a solitary, go for a more general pagan gathering, but be aware that far more people will contact you to harrass you than will be there to join up. The radical Christian right isn’t tolerant. Last thing you need is one of them finding your home address.

As for local groups, make use of www.witchvox.com to check for ones in your state/city.

Answer by Kristin
I’m just trying to figure out how a coven would meet on the internet. Seriously. I’m not trying to be mean here. Also, the word “coven” in Traditional Wicca generally means a group led by a 3rd degree High Priest or High Priestess, so you may want to call your group a “circle” or a “grove” or a “community” instead. I’m presuming you aren’t a HPS because most folks with that training don’t talk about online covens. Sorry for being presumptuous.

However, the tarot group sounds super interesting. I’m not a card reader myself, but I think it would be interesting to learn.

Answer by Catt
I had an online coven for awhile on wiccantogether.com. It worked but it was a lot of work and I chose my members as I would with a real world coven so they were very reliable people. You could try jointing that site and look at the groups already there. I know there was a tarot group there last time I visited. Get to know people and make friends just like you would in the real world. When you find the right combination of people try starting a coven. Good luck and bright blessings.

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