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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do you really need card stock when making your own tarot cards?

When making your own tarot cards do really have to use card stock or can you just make them from regular paper

Answer by ISeeThings
I’m assuming that you want to actively use the tarot cards for readings. If ornamental (framing, using for decoration), you should be okay just using paper.

Even if you’re printing tarot cards on card stock, I’d look into laminating them if you plan to use them in any capacity. Even the professional printed cards suffer a lot of wear and tear from use. Card stock would give the cards enough weight to shuffle but they would split and bend pretty quickly. Using plan paper would make it very difficult to use the cards, you would likely be able to see through the paper, and your tarot card would look very shabby very quickly.

I would recommend leaving your cards in sheets, laminating them and then cutting them after. They’ll still be pretty flimsy but definitely more usable. There are some free tarot cards to print and some free printable tarot cards at Discover Tarot Cards.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Can you easily shuffle and deal 78 slips of ordinary printer paper? If you can, then go for it. IF not, then find some kind of card stock that you can shuffle.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Unique ideas for activities at a sweet 16?

I’m in the middle of planning my sweet sixteen party (My birthday isn’t until the end of June, I just like to have everything set ahead of time) and it’s going to be a dance party. We are hiring a DJ and a photo booth and renting out a ball room. I really want some more unique ideas that my guests (its a co-ed party) would like to do. I’m thinking about hiring someone to give out tarot card readings or perhaps someone to do henna art tattoos.

Does anyone else have a unique ideas for both girls and boys to do without necessarily having to stop the entire party to play a game? I’ll probably have the photo booth (and whatever else I plan on doing) in a separate little section off the side.

Any ideas and do the other ideas sound good?

Answer by Sherri
It sounds like you’re already off to a great start with entertainment for your guests! Since you already have a photobooth and a DJ lined up, why don’t you try setting up a faux casino! You can rent black jack, craps, and poker tables from a party rental company and set them up in a corner of your venue. When they arrive, give each guest a set amount of fake casino chips/money and let them loose on the tables! You can have parents or family friends run the games. (Have them dress up like dealers with vests, arm bands, and visors.) When friends are done playing, have a prize table where they can turn in their chips. Small gift cards, boxes of candy bars, and 2-liter bottles of pop are a lot of fun! (I chaperoned an after-prom that had a casino like this, and it was a hit!)

You could also have a make your own sundae bar, a bar with jars of candy with personalized bags for guests to fill and take home, or a cookie/cupcake decorating station.

You can also go with many other party classics: rent bouncey house inflatables and obstacle courses if you have the room, hire a guy who does balloon animals for a few hours (people love them!), or set up karaoke once the DJ has run through a few set lists.

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Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card

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