Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you READ tarot cards?? And do you make a GOOD living at it online??

My cousin who’s very psychic reads at a newage shop/but wants a biz online too.
She’s excellent
anyway this question is for psychic readers who do WELL w/this as a career (but who are definately psychic as well)

I’ll report you if you write something on here insulting or if your a nonbeliever, AS this question is obviously for TAROT READERS/PSYCHIC READERS ONLY
What a yucky name “Glinda”
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Answer by Glinda W
Let me report fist, tarot readers are scammers

Answer by spica
I feel that reading cards/ giving psychic readings for money is working at cross purposes with spirit.

I have tested this, and the truly helpful readings were free, i.e, a gift from the heart.

I have asked readings from “known” readers who charge exorbitantly and their readings to me, are never worth the price.

Why? I believe that true help is free. Once money gets into the mix, some information is withheld or goes missing along the way. Not that readers shouldnt make it a business; I’m just saying that commercialisation of readings to me are seldom truly beneficial for the asker.

Answer by freshandclean
tarrot card is just a scam… the cards have no supernatural power unless you are possesed or something crazy like that. they work with broad minded situations… like everyone has a girl they miss.. they make that a card… you can make money off of it just be a good hustler and talker 🙂

Answer by mdm
I read the tarot cards and i don’t think they are fake because it has help me help people around me and i’ve been doing this for10 years now….i also have my visions and things like that that helps …but i have not decide it to go online about yet..
for those people who don’t believe every reding i made was correct! and i’m proud to say that….we all have the right to believe whatever we want and if you don’t believe in astrology or tarot cards and things like that i don’t think you should be reading the questions under horoscope…..

Answer by goathead
I read intuitively and I read more for nothing than I do for money. What small amount of money I have made reading tarot, be it online, over the phone or in person, it has put extra cash in my pocket and it has helped pay the bills. But it is nothing compared to that paycheck that I can count on every week.
I think to make a good living at this, one that can support a person without having any other job, would take so much energy out of a person. And with that, readings/ the person would tire and there would be a deterioration in the accuracy of the reading.
Then again, it depends on how much one charges. If some one could make $ 200 a day by doing two 1 hour readings, 5 days a week; that’s great, but I think is quite a high price, and a long time to fill.
Most of my readings last between 20 to 40 minutes.
There is also the uncertainty of having enough business on a regular basis to be able to cover your monthly expenses.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : ATTN Tarot readers! Meaning of Five of Wands Reversed, The World Tarots?

If a Question is along the lines of romance and if I will be with so and so, and these cards come up are these good or bd? I had a reading and the 5 of wands I was told meant “don’t invest time in a task that will require alot of evergy or work” When I go online, however, I see something else. And the world means totality, sohow does that relate t a romantic situation (Esp. considering that person I had in mind is currently involved with someone)? Serious answers please,and obvious answers that have a condescending tone are discouraged. Thanks. ps How effective are online or phone tarot readings?

Answer by ?
5th wands reversed: inner stress regarding the person
World means: what will happen is what is supposed to happen.

also, the more you ask the tarot, the less the cards have meaning.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Phone readings are just as affective as face to face, online the same. I used to work for a phone company & still work that way occasionally & also work via email. Energy is energy, as long as a link can be made.

How a reader interpreted a card will be more important that what it means traditionally as that person would have been looking at it from an intuitive perspective which means to then look up its meaning without the context of the other cards & the readers connection to spirit will lead to confusion.


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