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I read the tarot to a point, and know that of course Death isn’t normally interpreted as a literal death, but rather just any ending. The metaphor of death is analogous to the permanence or thoroughness of the change, and the dissolution of a previous form. However, there is a “wives’s tale” about death appearing in a spread with the card of the Devil. The Devil is a symbol of ill health and death within the ego and spirit. It would generally reflect some sort of bondage, such as being changed to a system of beliefs, being unable to grow beyond a primal emotion or any general destructive behavior, hence the “soul-destroying” imagery. When the two cards I’ve mentioned are combined, I have heard that it is approached as an omen of a real death. I wanted to know if any of you had heard of this, or of anything similar or even to the contrary. Anything you have at all to add would be very helpful.
So many reviews already! To offer a little more background to work with, it was a celtic cross. Death was at the base of the matter, position 3/4 depending on which form of cross you use. The devil was rising in the position 6, future influences. It was pretty creepy, seeing that ram pop up (I was using Crowley’s Thoth death). The inquiry was about a person I met overseas, whom I fell out of contact earlier this year and miss ­čÖü
Thanks for all your advice everyone. There were a lot of helpful answers, so I wish I could pick more than one. I haven’t had much luck yet finding out what’s definitely going on… eek and I’m still a little concerned since Its been months and now I’ve pulled a 10 of swords on his behalf too! But I haven’t panicked yet mostly thanks to you guys, and do see some alernative answers.

Appreciate your thoughts,


Answer by arindam roy
don’t believe in torat believe in yourself when you realize yourself u will know that u r everything including torrat join

Answer by Shinigami (FAC) weeaboo
Too bad it didn’t mean “You will win the lottery!!!”

that would be awesome.

Are they reversed? doesn’t that mean something too?

Answer by Joe
Tarot cards used to just be early European playing cards before being applied to fortune telling and the like, there’s an interesting fact.

Answer by auntb93
Actually, I think your description is a very good one, except that even combining these two cards is not necessarily physical death. For example, if the Devil were in the rearward position (depending on the type of layout) and Death were forward, it could be freeing yourself from the bondage of a bad relationship, or it could be the death of someone else which has the effect of setting you free. It makes a permanent change in your life, but that change might be for the better, for the worse, or as with most changes, a combination.

Example: a person has been taking care of a loved one who is disabled or ill. Love is real, the sacrifice is made willingly, but once the invalid dies, the caretaker is free to go on with his or her own life without guilt.

No card or combination of cards is inevitably good or bad, although I have known certain readers who simply pick them up and put away the cards if certain configurations show up. Death and the Devil, along with the Tower, are among the ones most often treated this way. I never did that, because there is insight to be gained regardless of the outcome.

Answer by Crystal Star
I completely agree with auntb93. Although I have to say that you learn meanings to the cards yet the “language” you develop is your own. For me (again positioning is important) the 10 of swords plus the Death card and the tower would represent something as severe as death. However, when I see the Death card ( to keep it short) I see transformation/ change. When I see the devil I see temptation or as you put it bondage of some kind, and when I see the Tower I see destruction where your whole world falls apart kind of thing. All these cards are affected by the cards thrown before them and after them and where they are placed in the spread.
Best wishes. I hope you find your friends address and/or phone number and see if you can find them to speak with them. It is better to research a bit or even post and ad in the local paper of the place you last saw each other. There are ways and it is better to know for sure then to accept something you might not really have understood in the cards.
Blessings, Light & Love

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone recommend an honest psychic (no tarots or other tools) in yahoo or anywhere else?

Yea yea I know psychics are fakes etc. I dont need to be told that.

I believed in one who was dead on, and has now passed away. And I am now looking for someone who is genuine and either free or not crazy expensive.

Thanks to all who has had good experiences and can recommend accurate honest psychics.

Names, weblinks, other contact information, anything at all, much appreciated. Thanks!

PS: I am not looking for Tarot readers or anyone who uses any tools. Just those who are psychics, who can read you and not interpret what they see in cards or any other stuff.

I am not against Tarot readers or anything, I am looking just for a psychic. That’s all.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello can I help?

Have a look at my profile. I work with or without tarot depending on what the client wishes.

Tarot are a Psychic tool, using a tool or not means that the insight comes from the same place – spirit.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot help! A spread about life lessons (fate)?

I was doing a spread that would give me additional answers on a card in a Celtic cross. The card was the wheel of fortune . It said basically that this is a lesson I was destined to learn, but I still don’t know what to do! I put the wheel of fortune in the middle and put 1 card on each side (north, east, south and west). The question is about relationship and love issues.
The card left of the wheel was ace of pents, above was the star, across was 2 of cups, and below was Judgement. Any experienced tarot readers I would love some insightfull feedback. Thanks!

Answer by Stephan T
Do you see the confusion this is getting you into. I dont have the answer for you, but I tell you that lets learn about Jesus, he is right. His teachings are the truth. His teaching is the way. His teaching brings life. If you want to know more, contact me. God bless you

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

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Answer by energytherapies
Hi, you are trying to clarify a card with too many possibilities in the way you are doing it. the result is eclectic. the original position of the card determines the type of influence. if it was the current, near future or outcome card try this, with the orginal question in mind and desire to clarify the w o f card.

ask what area it refers to, emotions etc
ask what can be done

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