Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe reading Tarot cards can bring evil and such into ones life?

I like to read myself, but haven’t much for other folks. Is there a great website that can better teach me how to be a great reader?

Answer by Mystic
Evil is created by Man not the Tarot cards. As for great sites, try a google for Brian Clark, great astrologer/tarot reader.

@ Venus what entities would that be? I have been working with the tarot for many years, never crossed paths with these entities. What should I be looking for? Or are you simply repeating what someone said.
Well Venus not sure what you have stated is true. I am a clairvoyant medium as well, after 45 years, I would image I or some fellow tarot readers would of come across this. Sounds like a Christian no no concept, not a metaphysical concept. The energies are pure and often enlightening.

Answer by VENUS
I don’t know any good sites, but I do believe you ‘program’ things onto yourself. anything you make yourself believe, such as a simple tarot reading of your destiny; you program what it says to actually happen. That’s why I don’t fool around with it anymore. I also heard somewhere that there are entities behind the workings of tarot.

Mystic; I heard somewhere. You don’t come across them because they’re invisible forces that you invite into your life when working with mystical things like tarot…they can be either bad, or good. They can either make or take your future. This is just what i heard anyway..

Answer by ChainLightnin’
What makes mass produced playing cards magical? The cardboard or the inks? Tarots are a form of divination. Basically psychic with a prop of randomness. There are 78 different cards, much more than regular cards. If you ever played poker, you know how rare certain combinations are. Having back to back royal flushes is near impossible. Repeating spreads for Tarots are impossible because position matters too.

Below is a link to some types of divination. All require blind belief. Why would one need proof.

Answer by Elaine M
1. your question starts out in one direction and your next line is completely different. A tarot reader would not be thinking that they’re evil or would bring evil.

2. Aeclectic tarot has a forum online that is one of the best I’ve found.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is anyone a psychic or tarot reader who can help me?

hi IM looking for a pshychic or tarot card reader who can help me with some spiritual healing, and give me some advice, if they can email me that would be great 🙂

Answer by short and to the point
i charge $ 15,000.00 up front.

Answer by Mr.AGNOSTICâ„¢
last time i helped someone with my psychic abilities i got blocked

so to bad for you

Answer by Hank
I’m not psychic but I have had tons of readings. The most accurate one that I got where names were even pulled out of the blue was a tarot card reading from The head witch there is amazingly talented and has helped me through a lot. Good luck!

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Call your local New Age Bookstore. They almost always have readers who work with them and that have a good tract record.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Card Rules and Care…?

I bought my 1st deck a few days ago. I’ve heard there are certain things you should, or should not do with them. Is it true that you shouldn’t do tarot for yourself, or those you live with? Is it bad to? Because I’ve done it for myself… and if its bad, is there any way to “undo” it? Also, is there a certain place you should store them? I keep mine in the northwest corner of my room, by a piece of selenite. I’ve already cleansed them [by saying a prayer and knocking on them] and I’ve already implemented some of my energy and pray before I use them. Are there any other specifics I should know?

[P.S. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Saying some nonsense will only get you the cold shoulder. I’m not a druggie or a witch, simply a teenage psychic].
Thank you all for your wonderful, thorough answers. I’m honestly having a hard time picking which one to choose as best answer. I didn’t expect such great feedback! <3

Answer by BrokenEye9 Satanic Boogaloo

Answer by Jewl
i know that one of my close friends has a deck or two an he said it had to be wrapped in silk when you store it… or something like that.

Answer by Child of Venus
I’ve never heard that you shouldn’t do a reading for yourself. Most witches I know do them for themselves all the time (I know you said you aren’t a witch, but my knowledge of Tarot comes from my use of them in my witchcraft) and they’ve never suffered for it. I actually prefer to do them for myself as I don’t believe that the cards don’t have power, and that they only represent possible outcomes that the questioner already knows, but can see better through the cards.

So, I believe that the questioner is a better reader than someone on the outside. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t purchase your own, but should receive them as a gift, but I don’t agree with this either. Picking out a deck that calls to you the most would put more of your energy than receiving them as a gift. I know that if I had picked out my own cards, I would not have chosen the deck that I have.

Storage only matters if YOU think it matters, so if you think the Northeastern corner is most appropriate, who can judge your choice? Your choices about things like that add more of your energy to the cards. I personally keep them with my Book of Shadows, but as you’re not a witch or a Wiccan (I assume you’re not a Wiccan anyway), you wouldn’t have one.
Venus Bless

Answer by Cindy
Reading for yourself and those close to you is difficult because you are so close to the answer that you can “spin” it (either negatively or positively) unconsciously. I think that’s why people advise against it. I try to let a friend read for me, and I read for others. As far as care and storage, my mentor keeps her deck in a brown paper lunch sack, and she does wonderful, accurate readings. She does, however, have the highest respect for her cards and I think that’s what it’s about. I greet my cards every time I take them out, and thank them for their help. I keep them in the drawstring bag they came in. I think the greatest advice I can give you is to be sure to lay them out on a clean surface. I accidentally got sticky stuff on my deck and ruined 6 cards. Just keep them safe in whatever manner you feel comfortable with, and be respectful.

Answer by Amethyst Moon
You can you read whomever asks, as well as yourself but as another answer stated it is difficult to do this because you are so close to the situation. I keep my decks in black Tarot bags and a cedar box with a piece of clear quartz. It is good to cleanse and consecrate your decks after every use with sage, frankincense etc…

It is all about the intent when using the cards do what feels right there are no set rules other than in my belief coming from a positive, healing, guiding intent for the betterment of all involved. Good luck..

Blessed Be,

Witch and Psychic healer

Answer by vid
No, you can do readings for yourself, but sometimes you might read what you want to happen or what you don’t want to happen in the cards. You can store them wherever you like because there are no rules for Tarot. What works for one might not work for another. Do what feels right to you.

Answer by lavonne_parker
As a tarot expert reader, writer, researcher and teacher of the tarot I can tell you that all that stuff is unnecessary. The alphabet is symbols. The letters have meanings because we give them meanings. Because of the meanings we can read the alphabet and transmit messages.

The tarot cards are full of symbols and we read them. Of course, their meaning is more arbitrary than the alphabet and this is where it differs from the alphabet. There i a need to learn to listen to yourself with the tarot cards and the more you do it the easier it will be. However, the alphabet is part of the tarot, that is, the hebrew alphabet, early parents of our English alphabet which have correspondences that far exceed simply a sound when reading. But you will have to research that yourself.

When I get a new deck I like to put it in my pillowcase for a few days then cleanse the cards by spreading them out under the sun, indoors for 24 hours. Then I store them in or near my altar for as long as I feel I need to.

I don’t read for myself much but I do like to use my cards for journaling. I usually write what is on my mind then pull a card then write down what the card name is then my thoughts about it. It’s a great way to use the cards for yourself but not actually giving yourself a reading.

Written by Kablan

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