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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in fortune telling/tarot card readings?

I have had my fortune told tonight using tarot cards, palm reading and a ‘mystic ball’. I have had this done twice before and all 3 times now I have been told i will have 1 girl (which I already have) and 2 boys maybe twins. Amongst other things I was told I still dont know what to make of this. What are your opinions??
obviously everyone has their own view on such topics, but thanks for your opinions anyhow.

Answer by melannie
It is of the Devil.

Answer by TruthSetsyouFree
No I do not

Answer by Karl P
NO! (Deuteronomy 18:9-12.)

Answer by Zee-ster
Truthfully I think there’s psychic energy and that some people can use tarot cards to see into the future or at least where the energy is going toward the future. It’s been many years since I’ve had “a reading” but I’ve had 1 that was eerily & astoundingly accurate. I’m not sure whether it’s wise to go to one but I do think that some people have a gift for seeing things below the surface. I believe God exists, that some of our life is indeed fated (like who we will love) and that there’s a plan for all lives, great & small. Some people have great intuition about that plan, like a spiritual DNA encoded in us. Astrology is an ancient art from which we can still learn much. We are part of the heavens and a small but connected part of a much greater tapestry. So both psychics & astrologers are testaments to this numinous spiritual energy operating in the world though some dogmatist mis-read them as Satanists and others misunderstand them as quacks as undoubtedly some of them are. But generally that attitude is a throw back to the Churches’ persecution of women & the ancient arts and therefore political and shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth IMHO.

Answer by lenghartk

Answer by Lori G
I believe in Tarot card readings to offer advice and guidance for whatever problems there are at the moment. I don’t use them for fortune telling as the future is not set in stone. We can change our future with our choices and decisions.
I feel that readings should be empowering and helpful.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are tarot cards satanic/against Christianity?

My sister does Tarot card readings, but we are Christian. Should she be doing them? What’s so bad about them?

Answer by Seldon Surak
according to Christians, yes
according to everyone else, no

this goes back to the time when christians were exterminating the naturalists/nature worshipers/pagans
They look up “You will not suffer a witch to live” and then kill the poor woman.

Answer by Kevin

Answer by Rusty
The tarot in it’s basic form pre-dates Christianity.

Answer by MissDementia
Tarot cards are not “satanic”. Most satanists are “philosophical satanists”, which are actually atheists with a slightly more aggressive streak and a darker nature.

Tarot cards cannot be “against christianity”. They are an inanimate object and cannot be “against” anything.

Remember, things only have the power you give them. So if you don’t feel something is in line with your faith, or you don’t like something, just don’t give it any power over you by fearing it, worshipping it, whatever.

PS – leave your sister alone, btw. She’s a different person than you and has every right to play with whatever silly toys she wants to play with. I have a son in his 20’s and I still collect (and play with) action figures. I’d hate to think someone was judging my sanity (or faith) just over that…

Answer by Witness4JC
Revelation 21:8 – Those Who Practice Magic Arts

Answer by Ready blue

In Christianity all supernatural power comes, ultimately, from either God or Satan. God gives power to those who believe the truth. To approach God, truth is the cost of entry.

But it is the opposite with Satan, whose nature is deception. Satan gives power to those who believe a lie. Believing the lie is the cost of entry to access Satan’s power. Witchcraft bolsters up the lie with: mystery, pseudo-science, tarot and palm reading, ancient knowledge, new knowledge, etc The more absurd the lie, the better. The lie acts as a distracter.

Answer by dizzylizzy
I fully and totally agree with Miss Deme…

Answer by JustinJamm
Saying that “all power either comes from God or from Satan” is a very, very misleading statement.

For instance, many medicines help to cure diseases. Is the power of the medicine from God or from Satan? Many people use medicine who don’t believe in God — and often people trust in medicine RATHER than trusting in God, to cure them. Does this mean medicine is from Satan?

Tarot cards, like gambling, put great power into the hands of randomized chance. Just as gambling might give you great wealth or put you in great debt, tarot cards can “accidentally” tell you truthful things about your life…or mislead you into believing false things about yourself or your life.

Tarot appeals to our thirst for knowledge and security. We want to “have the answers” because we think it will make life easier. But tarot ultimately fails to deliver on this. Anyone ever helped by it was really helped by *wise application* of the ideas they got from it, not by tarot itself — or, they benefited by accident and could just as easily have been misled.

Rather than using tarot as a shortcut to try to “get the answers about our life,” it is better to depend on (1) education, (2) wisdom, (3) advice, (4) prayer, and other various ways of learning and guidance that depend on real learning and relationships.

The real question should not be “Is tarot Satanic or against Christianity?” The real question should be, “Is tarot beneficial and healthy?” And the answer is, “No.”

The apostle Paul was strikingly clear on this principle:

1 Corinthians 6:12 “& 10:23 “Everything is permissible for me”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”–but I will not be mastered by anything. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive.

And again:

1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Test everything. Hold on to the good.”

Answer by CassysTarot
Tarot cards are what you make them. If you want them to be evil, they will be, but only in your mind. I hate to scare all the Christians, but…the symbolism on most standard tarot cards are mostly Christian, with some astrological symbolism thrown in. The journey of The Fool is birth into the physical, how the physical pulls one down into the mundane, and the realization of the soul again as we discover God. Also bear in mind, that throughout the Bible, people consulted dream interpreters, astrologers, and magi. I was raised Baptist. They instilled a terror of everything breathing on this planet. Thankfully, I got over it. And I learned that God is accessible to all of us directly. Everyone has a different path to God realization. That doesn’t make your way the right way and your sister’s way the wrong way. She simply chooses to realize her soul and her soul’s relationship to God in a different way than you do.

Answer by Laura
If you are a true Christian that means you love Jesus and want only to follow Him. The reason people consult Tarot cards is because they don’t have a real two-way communicating relationship with Jesus Christ and since they desire supernatural guidance and are not getting it from the true God, they seek it else where. So as a Christian, you have access to guidance from your creator who knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. He loves you with all His heart and wants what is best for you. The Bible says if you seek this real relationship with Him with all your heart, you will find Him. Who knows what kind of spirit is giving you info through the tarot cards.?

Answer by Frou Frou
no, but christianty is agains tarot and all other pagan rituals
despise existing purly because of other rleigions, including paganism and judaisim

she can do what she likes
the enregy is not in the cards, its in her

nothign is bad about them, they are just cards

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