Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do u think it’s safer to use tarot cards for predicting certain events?

I’ve wanted like a fortune teller ball where u can see what the next day or event would be like but you know as they say it better to not know or else consequences may rise and may not turn out the way you expect it to be. In your opinion do u think it’s a good idea to use tarot cards and know the future or safer to keep as surprise and not use them? Thanks

Answer by SupaStar
Safer that what?
Do me a favor – see if you can predict the next Power Ball numbers, or stfu.

Answer by taismith
I don’t think there’s any safety issue behind tarot cards, considering I don’t believe they predict anything. You can take any prediction and turn it to mean what you think it was telling you, just like fortune cookies.

Answer by cyriously22
Nothing is not safe if you know what you’re doing.

Answer by Joline
They say dabbling in “Black Magic” is dangerous. I don’t think so because I don’t believe in black magic. Knowing your future, assuming it was possible, is both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad would be knowing your day of death and good would be winning the lottery. You cannot know your future for certain because “Life is what happens while you’re busy making plans.”

Answer by I HAZ A BANANA
tarot cards are mass produced. are they using some special ink or have each card blessed by some gypsy before they’re packaged? where does this power of prediction come from?

Answer by シトリン夢 Citrine Dream
The thing with the tarot is that the cards do not tell you a future that is set in stone. Even if you read something that you don’t like you have the power to change it. It’s more like a Rorschach test and a meditation then it is true divination. As such, it is totally 100% safe as long as you do it with a healthy attitude and see it for what it is.

Answer by Crystal clear
Tarot cards do not predict future events.

The tarot is an artistic psychological self-help tool.

They help you to access information stored within your subconscious mind and bring it forth to conscious thinking, to take a good honest look at a problem or situation from all angles, to analyze your past and current patterns (which can give you a good idea what will happen in the near future if you continue on with the same patterns, but your future is not set in stone). Tarot isn’t going to tell you anything about say, the next hurricane that will ravish the east coast. Tarot only brings you answers you already have within you.

Scrying with a crystal ball, or black mirror, or anything else is basically the same – this doesn’t show you random bits of your future life – they help you to unlock your subconscious mind where you have information stored that you might not otherwise be able to consciously recall.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot cards and astrology?

are they the same thing?
i find astrology to be an interpurtation of the stars, that cant be sinful can it?
same thing with tarot card…i find it just an interpurtation found by putting in energy

Answer by illegalphotos
IMO both are BS… same as religion.

Answer by James P
Astrology is sinful because it attributes destiny to the stars rather than to the providence of God. Tarot card reading is sinful because it is an attempt to bypass God to determine what one’s path in life should be.

God wants us to depend upon Him for guidance, not the stars or tarot cards.

Answer by JESSICA V
i don’t think it sinful it just to show what going to happen it tell u good and bad and the weird.

Answer by Isabelle
Don’t know about the first one. Know about the second one……..nothing evil whatsoever !
A chart IS energy. Different kinds.

Answer by Arkangyle
Tarot cards and astrology are related, but they are not the same.

They aren’t sinful … if they were, why would every major newspaper and magazine in the United States (a heavily Christian nation) print daily horoscopes. There are obviously quite a few people who believe in … or at least enjoy … astrology.

Tarot cards are less common … but I’ve found that if you take a deck with you in public, most are interested in receiving a “reading”.

I find them both to be harmless fun.

Answer by Pablito
Not really.

Astrology is generally view as a why of understand self and relationships.

Tarot has many different uses. Many people use it as a means of divination (trying to understand the future). But it has many other uses, including understanding the spiritual universe, a meditation tool, a means of telling sacred stories, etc.

If you’re into this sort of thing it is often helpful to study both since understanding planetary influences will help one to better understand tarot symbology.


Answer by lalasnake
Astrology is a “science” that is used to determine what factors and influences were or will be in place at certain times and in certain places. It is used to determine when is the best time to hold certain events, etc.

Tarot is used to understand the circumstances of a person’s situation and to help them make decisions. By looking at the cards, they notice certain things in the picture, letting their subconscious tell them what they already know.

Basically, tarot helps you make decisions and astrology helps you to determine when the best time is to enact those decisions.

Answer by pangel
astrology is more of a science .. with the astrologer being able to tell how the stars and their position to each other can affect people

tarot cards are just cards with pretty pictures on them .. nothing magical at all .. but the person using the cards would use the cards as a focus for their psychic intuition and be able to tune into a person via the cards

i couldn’t tell you if these things are sinful as i am a spiritualist and not a christian .. i can only tell you that i have been using cards for most of my life and i live a very spiritual life and I’m sure god wont judge me on such things

Answer by psychic-junkie
If you are an astrology junkie like me, being told you have Asteroids in Uranus isn’t really what you want to know.

In my profession as a precognitive psychic, my international client base is, in the main, filled with people who want to know what’s going to happen next in their practical affairs; love and relationships, careers, travel, finances and so forth. Spiritual questions dealing with the meaning of one’s life are also frequently asked.

When I incorporated astrology into my psychic coaching practice it was paramount for me to be able to ‘cut to the chase’.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I want to learn how to read Tarot Cards?

I’m taking interest into learning how to read tarot cards, and I was wondering if one of you knew a good way to start off? If there is a book or something that would help teach me how to read them? Also, what is a good deck to buy? I’m so new to this any feedback would be great 🙂

Answer by Rev wing wang woo woo
Grow up Melissa.

Answer by nikita
With a huge grain of salt, since they are meaningless in reality.

Answer by moltisanti
its easy just make it up as you go along

Answer by Tea
The Rider-Waite deck is one of the most well known decks and it is the foundation for the most popular meanings for the tarot cards.

Here is a great website for learning tarot.

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