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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do Palm Readers–Tarot card Readers etc belong to any one particular Religion?

Please do not take offense: This is ONLY a question.

For instance can you envision a Baptist Palm reader or Catholic Tarot card reader?

Answer by Splash Log
Sure. The religion/art of scamming suckers.

Answer by Desiree
Nah, they believe in “spirits” and other superstitious mumbo jumbo.

Answer by Skyhawk

The Church of Charlatanism.

Answer by kkerseyy777
The group would be called “spiritist”. They may use ‘God’ talk,but it is a lie. There isn’t any speaking to your dead relatives, Just a smoke screen, for demons to imitate their voices and deceive you further. Great question!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i find my way to the Goddess?

I am reading The Wicca Handbook by Eileen Holland and she says i must find my way to the Goddess. In what way do i find her is it something that i like to do or something like mythology and tarot card reading? Any answer will do thank you so much.

Answer by No! I’m not RANDOM☻♥☺♦♣♣♠•◘○
You need to find her in nature. It’s not literal. Tarot and runes are both God and Goddess. So stand under the moon and cherish the beauty, examine all nature. Do rituals under that moon light and light a green candle. (Green represents her Red is the God)

Blessed Be! )O(

BTW: Do not listen to those Christians who will use the hell excuse to convert, and don’t fall for people who say it is supersticious, they are the ones who aren’t bothered with research.

Answer by Dan
ohhhh thats the religion with a goddess! i thought people pretended that christian and other gods were female when people asked serious questions about goddesses.

Answer by Dances with Kali
She is within you, you may want to read about “Drawing down the Moon”.

Answer by leftcoastliz
I don’t know, but you might enjoy reading a book called The Red Tent.

Also, many religions in many countries worshipped a Goddess. Might be the same God/Goddess, but you might want to pinpoint a particular country to do a little study or novel reading & see what appeals to you. There should be just one God with perhaps male & female aspects. Still, I’d approach it from the viewpoint of cultural studies. After all, thus far doesn’t it seem a little unnatural to you to try to worship the Goddess in our culture when you didn’t grow up with it.

Many countries & religions may seem to have multiple gods & goddesses, but perhaps originally they were all one God/Goddess who was neither male nor female. Then gradually somewhat allegorical stories were added to help people understand spirituality & the many aspects of the one God.

Answer by Michael
Have you also considered that you may be the Goddess, The search may be for true idenity. Your on a path, I have walked there, I passed through and have found who I am now I am learning and growing towards who I am. Keep searching! Keep Questioning! Don’t stop based on a good case or argument, they are trying to take your money. The Idenity will lead you by your heart.

Answer by olderman
One more joint aught to do it.

Answer by D6
If you are reading The Wicca Handbook, you are searching for truth. You are hearing the call of the Goddess. If you are drawn to educate yourself about the Goddess and learn the ways of her children, then you are already hearing her call.

If and when that you have educated yourself (by reading as much as you can!), and you decide that the path to the Goddess is the path that you wish to be on, then you will continue to hear her call. She will guide you, and when the time is right, circumstances will allow for your spiritual growth.

There is no “outward” things that you must do to find your way to the Goddess, other than educate yourself. Your path to finding the Goddess lies within you. Everything that you need to know and do to find her is already within your grasp and lies within you now. No amount of Tarot or outward mythology will find her for you. You must find her within yourself.

If you seek the Goddess in truth, you will find her.

Blessed Be on your Journey
Wiccan HP 35+ years

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some witchcraft spells for a paranormal party?

I’m having a paranormal weekend sleepover with my friends (we’re all kind of skeptic but really interested) so we want some witchcraft spells that will convince us. We will be walking around my town (it’s really small and rural/old fashioned, so there aren’t any street lights or people out) at 1 am and we want to act like witches lol we will be using tarot cards and a ouija board also. If you can’t find any spells thn what are some paranormal games we can play?

Answer by LaAn
You won’t be convinced. It won’t work because it’s not real. Having a theme for a party is great, though.

Answer by hollywood_steez
speaking from experience… i really dont think u should use a ouija board without proper knowledge or protection. since you are skeptics, i assume you dont know how to protect yourself. ouija boards can be very dangerous and scary. the spiritual world is real. there is good and evil. using oujia boards will bring nothing but evil. just remember, your friends will leave, but if you open that door and dont know how to properly close it, you could invite bad spirits/demons into your home and they will be hard to get rid of. im not trying to troll or scare you in any way… just warning you. do research online. use google or youtube.

Answer by Peggy
Okay. You think this would be fun. And it SOUNDS like fun. On the surface. But, if you do not know what you are doing, you could end up with a really bad result. I must caution you, stay away from the Ouija board. You could easily call up a demon or another rotten spirit that you cannot easily get rid of. It happens all the time. Not kidding. Like I said, it seems like fun on the surface. But watch it. What if you create something bad that you cannot get rid of? Then what. I would Google or ask others if they had ever had negative experiences with using the Ouija board and see what they say. Hey, don’t take my word for it. But you might. And save yourself a whole lotta grief.

Answer by Lizbith
You’re dumb as —-.

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