Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Christians: If I engage in Tarot card readings, will that hurt my faith and relationship with God?

I am considering seeing a Tarot card reader because I want to know if my mental situation is going down the tube. What advice can you give me? I know that God says it’s wrong in the Bible, but I feel like he isn’t telling me what I need to know about my future. What should I do?

Answer by Gwillam
Consult a doctor, not a charlatan.

Answer by Vlad III the Impaler
don’t you know????

what should you do? stick your head up a dead bears anus!

Answer by BlakeM
I say that you shouldn’t do it.

Tarot card readings, as well as horoscopes and that type of stuff, are ways to let evil guide your life.

The fact is, we’re not supposed to know exactly where our life is going.
It’s a great sign that you’re feeling unsure about this. Just rely on God!

Hope I’ve helped.

Answer by liwmld
the answer is yes, engaging in tarot cards or any occult practices is opening yourself up to all sorts of demons and entities. it’s satanic. don’t do it.

Answer by Michael A
How will a tarot card reading tell you about your mental situation? Sheesh.

Listen. If a person is spiritually gifted by God in wisdom, knowledge and discernment — then she / he does not *need* the cards to give you an accurate reading.

On the other hand, if the psychic is a fake, or if he / she has the wrong interpretation or blunders, it could drive you to needless anxiety or despair.

Honestly, ask our Father of Lights to send you the Spirit of a sound mind. That will do you much more good than a tarot card reader will.

Or look for a spiritual friend — someone recommended by a pastor or balanced and mature Christian as someone who is really in tune with God the Holy Spirit. Ask *that* person for advice and encouragement.

By the way, you seem to assume that the future is written in stone.

It isn’t. Remember the story of Jonah. God changed his mind because the Ninevites changed. Everything in your life may still be altered for good! Rejoice then, for Christ is able to make all things new!

And in the meantime — TRUST. God loves you, heaps. Look for your future to open up positively.


Answer by Wisdom Learner
No, silly. Tarot cards are only meant to help you see the path that you are currently on and, should that path be continued, what to expect in your immediate future.

Honey, you must realize that even though you might get a certain reading it can always change. Our future is shaped by all of our actions.

Remember, God loves you! He will always be there for you! Pray to him!

But I do not see a problem with going to a Tarot reader. Just please, be sure that you pick a GOOD ONE. One who KNOWS WHAT SHE/HE IS DOING! There are too many fakes out there. But I can assure you, there are real psychics. Just not many at all.

Good luck, dear! May God be with you! =]

Answer by foodoogeek
I don’t think tarot cards will hurt your faith and relationship with God. If God is the all powerful it/he/whatever doesn’t need to be worried about being upstaged by a silly deck of colorful cards.

I think you’re safe.

I read tarot cards on occasion and if you do decide to go to a tarot card reader you might consider changing your question. Rather than finding out if your “mental situation is going down the tube” you might consider starting from accepting that you already do feel stressed (otherwise why would you go to a tarot card reader) and you want to know how you can go about feeling better.
You could see a therapist with the same question.

Whatever you decide you sound like you’re feeling a little stressed and I think it’s healthy to get support.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is written on the devil’s arm in this tarot card picture?

I have a picture of the devil on a tarot card. On his arms are words. On his right arm it looks like it says “solve”. What does is really say ? and what is the other word on his left arm?

Answer by Chi girl
The words are: “left” “right”

Answer by Shirley
Tarot cards are items of the devil. Do not trust what psychics say for you too could end up in the fiery pits of the inferno.

Answer by Wood
What deck is it? “The Devil” differs in different decks.

The Devil in tarot doesn’t refer to that fellow in the red suit and the pitchfork — it relates to the little voice inside you that you shouldn’t listen to. You know, when you say “I’m late so I’ll drive a little faster”, or “I know I was rude to that person, but I’m in a bad mood so it’s okay” … things like that. It suggests that often you can be your own worst enemy.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who guides me when i pick out my tarot card readings?

I’ve been getting very accurate infomation when i’m doing my tarot card readings. And I was wondering who is guiding me to pick the cards. I think it’s a spirit or sometimes a ghost is luring me. Is that correct?

Answer by maggie w
Your higher self. Peace&Love be with you…~M~

Answer by x*DatMixedRaceQueen*x
I think its your instincts or if your extra lucky an angel is guiding you, or it could be luck, does anyone in your familiy have the ability to read tarot cards?

Answer by Intuitivechick
The energy that the querant is supplying. We do have a lot of free choice; however when doing readings, you’re feeding off of the energy. That is why when someone else comes close, the cards change.

Answer by ShyAnn
Spirit from grate grate grandmother’s cupboard

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Tiffy

We all have many guides in spirit, nothing is luring you, your quite safe.


Answer by Pink
A demon actually is guiding you and attracting you to read tarot cards. Demons are very evil spirits and nothing to mess around with. The occult is very dangerous so stop messing around with tarot cards.

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