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Interpretation and meaning of the complete #Tarot #Card deck http://t.co/f28jdG2F

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Todays Angel Tarot card is “Five of Earth” meaning fears surrounding money, the wisdom to accept help from others… http://t.co/ls0BItTQ

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@kopapup ahh Hmm… So you know its a Tarot Card? The general meaning of the card is a creative swindler. I am more villainous than I act ^^

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I’ve been trying to interpret the meaning of the Chariot card for a question I asked. I had asked if a best friend I have strong feelings for and I would end up in a relationship. I’ve asked the question a few times and always draw the Chariot card to that question. Could someone give me their interpretation of what that means? Thanks in advance!

Answer by lauren
If you are a believer in christ dont mess with that crap

Answer by Sky
It represents conflicting thoughts and emotions and the initial moment when you decide whether to move forward or not. It also represents a chance at victory if you decide to harness your will and intent toward that goal.

Answer by Lori G
I feel this this card is telling you that your mind is in a state of struggle with contradictions, conflicting feelings and thoughts. You are being pulled in two directions and you need to learn to be in charge of life rather than life being in charge of you. With clear thinking and a sense of purpose you can overcome obstacles but also exercise control in which ever direction you choose to go.
Doesn’t really give you an answer to your question though – just gives you advice and guidance on how to proceed. The outcome is up to you.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
When asking a question, you should use 3 – 5 cards. One card often will not give you enough perspective.

Try that first and then if you still have trouble, ask here again.

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