Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : card meanings in a 3 spread tarot reading………..?

can anyone tell me what this means?

they were drawn in this order all facing me…

page of swords
queen of pentacles

Answer by Damien
Page of Swords = problems with petty gossip/disappointing news
Death = radical change
Queen of Pentacles = a jealous, independent woman who is highly social

It sounds like you’re going to find out that some “drama queen” is spreading rumours about you that will change things for you.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

If this is a hand shuffled layout darling you can join my forum & post it for interpretation.

What did the layout mean to you? that is the most important thing.

What was the question?

What were the card positions titles?


Answer by dumshitz
1st card recent past
2nd card present
3rd card outcome if you do not change course of events.

Page is youth; sword is power: Upright is Righteous, Upside down is misguided or impulsive.

death: do not freak just means change, upright or upside down.

Queen is mature and holds power: pentacles are money, money also= power. Upright you may get some money/other valuables and need to be mature and hold your power, not be influenced by others regarding windfall; Upside down is same except you will struggle to not loose your “fortune” and will face obstacles.

Remember that the outcome card will be influenced by your present and future actions.
Good Luck

Answer by drekino
i would have to say in lame man’s tongue that you in the past you where a child – not really caring about the future , careless
now you are going through many changes and are questioning who you really and are trying to make yourself become the person you want to be
then in the future you might be who you wanted to be but you realize that it doesn’t matter because you are who you are

Answer by ariel_maizo
page of swords reprents an intelligent person basing new ideas…it simbolizes a problem regarding or closely related to communication

Death says Ur in pain, loss or sadness right now..the problem continues…

Queen of pentacles says that in the near future….the problem will soon comes to an end n can be n will be recognized by others…a woman with dark features…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot card, where can i get it from?…help!!!?

Does anyone know where I can get a packet of tarot cards,instructions, and the book for the card meanings?PLZ

Answer by G*Star
Any bookstore will carry all that you need. Some of them even have starter sets that come with the deck and the book.

Answer by Star Danser!!! <3
They usually have kits at book stores.

Answer by Katy M
this is evil to try to know the future

Answer by maeverose3
A spiritual shop or the net, trademe, anything like and maybe akasa books on line.

I don’t think it evil to try and know the future, however owning and using cards is a way of helping you with the here and now as opposed to finding the future.

When you find the cards you connect to show them respect and they will do the same for you.

Good luck on your search, I have a great connection with all my divining tools and the group I lead is finding the tools I teach very useful. One does not need cards or tools to see the future, you can in many ways see it without them.

PS: Jackie D I think it a myth also. it is ok to gift yourself a gift, I do it all the time.

Answer by Daniel

Answer by Jackie D
Those spooky type of shops hippie type shops.

Some say that it is bad luck to buy your own cards but some say it’s a myth.

Answer by Ishtar
Any Barnes & Noble, Borders, or other book store should carry them. New Age shops also will carry them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the meanings of these tarot cards to the question I asked (10 points)?

I promise you the ten points to a answer that can clarify these cards for me, it doesn’t have to be a long essay– it can be brief, i’ll accept anything.

My question was, “Will I ever get back with my ex?”
And the three cards I selected were :
1. The fool in the “Love & me” position
2. The lovers in the “situation” position
3. Judgement in the “challenges” position

Also a simple yes/no to that question would be nice too…

Answer by Al
No…the fool is also in your past position (which is you,foolish,naieve) , in love(the lovers,present) , letting go of the past(judgement,future).

Answer by *Lisamythical*
I really have no clue.
1. the fool in love position “Love & Me” means….Are you sure you know why you love this person?
2. Who’s in control /struggle. Yes.
3. Challenges like all relationships, but the first challenge will be the main issue that caused that breakup. Yes.

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Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Video

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