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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you mix Tarot with Cartomancy?

I found this “7 Up” method in which you use all the cards in a regular card playing deck that are 7 and up, well, I didn’t have a deck of reg. cards so I used my tarot cards. Is that a good idea to enhance the overall reading (mixing the Tarot card meanings with the cartomancy meanings) or should you use only one definition per method? Anybody here experienced in cartomancy?

Answer by Miss 6
I don’t see why you couldn’t use Tarot cards for it. You can read regular playing cards as Tarot cards so I’m sure it would work with your Tarot.

Hearts are Cups
Diamonds are Pentacles
Clubs are Swords
Spades are Rods

Answer by Donald S
Actually the minor arcana and the number cards have the same meanings. So you could do a Tarot reading with a regular deck of cards. The only things missing are the Major Arcana and the Pages. The rest of the deck is there and identical in meaning. Playing cards came from Tarot.

You could take out the Major Arcana and the Pages from your Tarot deck and what do you have? A regular deck of cards. Cartomancy is divination with cards. Tarot cards are cards. There are many kinds of cards, like Yijing cards, angel cards and many many more.

The suits the way I read them is like this.
Clubs are Wands because they’re made of wood
Hearts are cups because they deal with emotions
Spades are swords because they’re made of metal
Diamond are Pentacles because they deal with the material world.

Answer by Storm Cestavani
I am experienced in both Tarot and Cartomancy. Although, there are subtle differences it is pretty much the same. The only difference is that cartomancy does not have the Major Arcana Cards or page cards. You can take out the Major Arcana cards and read them exactly as you would playing cards. I, often when traveling and am asked to do a quick reading, I will pick up a deck of playing cards at the gift shop and then do a reading. I hope this helps!


Answer by Justin M
I don’t see any problems with it, since Tarot IS cartomancy…. 🙂

Answer by Miss Zoe
Once I was bored and wanted to play Solitaire, but I didn’t have a full Deck (LOL) of cards. So I removed all major Arcana and played Solitaire with Tarot cards. It was very interesting.

I believe this is OK, to play with the Tarot cards respectfully and expect to learn somethings about Tarot while we play.

I do not recommend tarot strip-poker or any gambling game, disrespectful.

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I have been seeing only Justice tarot cards in my readings over the last two days. When I asked for a clarification I got Wheel of Fortune (reversed), The Moon (reversed) and The Lovers.

Andbody knows what it means?
I asked different questions, got the same card. Also I have been seeing the tarot card Tower, both revered and upright on and off.

Answer by Marquis de LaDeaux
You must keep an eye out on both friends and enemies, because chances are someone is going to try to deceive you. You should also take some personal time for yourself, as people may depend on you and cause you stress.

Answer by Brigid
Justice – well, it pretty much means justice. Something that was wrong will be put right.

Wheel of Fortune – upright, it means to let go and simply accept what will happen because the event are out of your control (fate).

The Moon – upright, it represents the unknown, intuition, possibly feminine mysteries or the mysteries of the dark.

The Lovers – could mean love or a relationship; usually means there is an important decision to be made and a sacrifice that will go with it. With love comes choice, with choice comes sacrifice.

The Tower – upright, it represents a sudden and drastic change, like a lighting strike. This energy can be harnessed and directed, but this is incredibly difficult. Usually it best to try and avoid being in the direct path, but certainly expect something big.

When it comes to reversals, there are different schools of thought on the matter. The general method is to interpret the energies of those cards are blocked or in their opposite form. This usually gives them a negative meaning, but in some cases can be pleasant. As with all tarot cards, remember that even the ones that seem bad have a silver lining – with pain comes understanding and learning.

How you want to interpret these reversals is up to you. Base it on the situation and the cards surrounding them in the spread; go with how you think they should be read.

With the Wheel reversed, I would think that means you or someone involved is not willing to surrender control of the situation and just let things take their natural course. The Moon reversed probably means there is a block against your intuition and that you are not listening to your inner voice, probably out of a fear of the unknown. The Tower, well that one is a special card all on its own. Upright, drastic change. Reversed, perhaps a not-so-drastic change. Still, even if you turn the card around, there still is that lightning bolt.

It seems to me that there are important events coming up in your future, and some problems will be made right. You need to let go and accept that some things are out of your control, and have faith in yourself and what you know to be right. Above all, The Lovers is telling you to be true to yourself and what you believe in when faced with a difficult choice. Justice is an important card for you, so hang on to that. What happens now may not be fun and certainly may not be pleasant, but it will be for the best.

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Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Video.

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