Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you intrepret these tarot cards?

The question I asked to the tarot reader was: What does Concep really feel for Anthony? and i got 2 of swords, high priestess and knight of cups. What do those mean in regards to the question?

Answer by Julian
The Tarot reader is most likely a sham.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who shuffles the tarot cards first?

when your giving someone a reading, you let them shuffle the cards first right? or maybe let them do it first then do it after? or maybe you just shuffle it yourself? who gets to shuffle it before the reading?

Answer by Laura
There are many different opinions on this.

Personally I follow the idea that I shuffle the cards, but I let them cut the cards (i.e. separate the cards into two piles and choose which pile goes on top). As far as I know this is the norm as I solves the problem of what if the person can’t shuffle. I know that is silly, not being able to shuffle, but my sister can’t shuffle playing cards with out bending them so I don’t want her to shuffle my cards.

I do know of people who allow the person receiving the reading to shuffle the cards, but most I know shuffle them selves and allow the other person to cut. There are also some that give the other person a choice. The reader will shuffle then hand the cards to the second person who can cut the cards any way they like (2, 3 or 4 piles ect.) or they can shuffle.

It is a personal choice for those giving the reading. The point is it is important for the person receiving the reading to at the very least cut the cards so some of their personal energy can direct the out come of the cards.

Answer by europa
It should really be the querant (person) vibrations that asks the question to shuffle and cut , The reader takes over to interpret cards

Answer by leru
Whatever feels right for you. The reading comes from the reader anyway. The cards are just pieces of paper. If it helps you to relax or get into the right frame of mind have some sort of routine prior to reading by all means do it. If you’re not comfy the reading will suffer.

Answer by Elisheba
You shuffle the cards yourself then let them choose the cards for the reading.

Answer by Elaine M
That’s up to the reader. Usually they only have the client cut the deck, far too many decks are ruined by people trying to Vegas Shuffle the deck, bending all the cards in half in the process.

Answer by Midnyte
It is really up to you.
Some readers are very strict about no one touches their cards, so they do it themselves.
Some let the client shuffle.
Some shuffle themselves and let client cut it.
Whatever feels right to YOU.

Answer by vid
Many readers do different variations. What I do and what is quite common is I will shuffle the cards a few times, and then I hand over the deck to the person to shuffle until they feel done.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are tarot cards allowed in school?

Please read full story before answering:
Alright, so I am in 7th grade in middle school and an tarot reader. Tomorrow if basically a day were if you were good in school and did all of your homework, you can sit around all day and play games. I really want to bring my tarot cards to school but, not sure if I can.
I respect the beliefs of other people but please, do not give me a lecture about how “bad” using tarot is.
Blessed be!

Answer by Maurog IV
Completely up to the school, so why don’t you ask in the school?

There are no laws against Tarot cards, so random internet people can’t help you.

Answer by Takkun.
It depends on your school.
Some schools will have rules against it. Check your little handbook they give you about it.
But I really doubt there are any.

Answer by Eva
Of course you can bring them, people should respect your beliefs and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise you explain that it is your belief and carry on using your cards

Answer by Peter
it skirts the boundaries a little with religious people, but other than that there is no reason at all to take tarot cards seriously so I short of someone going “THEY’RE EVIIIIIIILL!!!!!” I think they’ll be fine.

Of course if you’ve got some crazy religious wingnuts teaching you…

Do it for the lulz

Answer by Will Nickel
Probably not, due to the fact that some of your fellow pupils would invariably get all upset. You would be disciplined for disrupting the school’s good order. I know, I enjoy messing around with my Tarot packs too – I have twenty different packs – but because of society’s attitudes, it’s best to leave them home and enjoy them with a few trusted friends.

Answer by Lois Cypher
Well I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in tarot reading, but depending on where you are in the world, you should be allowed to bring/use them. Just be sure you’re not being disruptive, then the teacher might take them.

Answer by Gary
I’d have thought these day’s it would be mandatory.

Answer by Miss 6
It just depends on the school. I grew up reading tarot and I would bring my cards to school. When I was in middle school I didn’t have any problems from the teachers with giving readings to friends. But once I got into high school I had a librarian give me a hard time for doing a reading. Mind you I was not getting paid for any of these readings back then. But sometimes its just up to how open or closed minded the teachers or librarians are at your school.
I would bring my cards and then if its a problem have a back up. I also respect all beliefs but you also have to stand up for your own at times!

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