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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you help me interpret this tarot reading?

I just got a tarot deck and am having trouble reading the cards I did the fortune telling of 7 cards and this is what I got in order.
5.two of cups
4. nine of pentacles
1. eight of pentacles
2. the empress
3. nine of cups
6. judgement
7. the lovers

My question was will me and the boy I like ever be together, what does this reading say about it?

Answer by AdamKadmon
So sorry Frankie, but we need to know the order the cards came up in, what their position in the spread was and whether they were right-side up or upside down.

but … from what i see from the cards, there’s allot of stress over money and some in love. However, if you play it correctly, you could wind up good in love. Can’t tell about the finances, sorry.

Answer by Suzy Q
Hi, I am Suzy a professional tarot card reader (google suzydimple for validation). In simple terms your reading says that you have some big decisions to make regarding love and money. Beware of those who have lied to you in the past. Rely on your judgement, not on your heart. The heart wants what it wants – but the head must win at the moment.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone please give me a free tarot reading?

I just have a few questions…I would like someone with experience to read my cards, if possible 🙂 Please and thnx!
I’ve had readings done before on the computer by e-mail, and it was accurate

Answer by Onion
I’ll do it. I’ll just be making it up, but that’s what everybody does.

Answer by pab
The cards say you will soon fall for a scam. To get any more details I’ll need to charge you five dollars.

Answer by Tammy
I do free tarot readings but unfortunately I only do them in person. I don’t do them over the internet because, I like to have the person pick their own cards from the deck. I also do rune stones as well.

Answer by Hourglass
I can help you out. I’ll shoot you an email.

Answer by Wm Barrie George
Been reading tarot for 10 years or so and i would love to read for you.

Answer by Dianne
I can give you a reading as well, email me if you’d like 🙂

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Tarot Reading for April 12, 2013 – Psychic, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Insight

Written by ClairvoyantConni

Since the age of 2 I have had encounters and a personal relationship with loved ones crossed. In my opinion there are no better friends you can have. They are honest, without the capacity to hold ego or materialistic views and always give you accurate information to help you through whatever you are going through. They have the ability to see the past, present and future without judgement. Their accuracy is uncanny.

Having the gift of sight, hearing, sensing, smelling and tasting as well as empathy and the gift of communicating with spirit, gives me the ability to accurately read you without judgement.

Spirit has entrusted me with these gifts to help you in all areas of your life. It has been an exciting journey. This gift is generational and my grandmother and father both had the gift as well as my children.

I have assisted over 15,598 people online in the last 9 years alone. I have thousands of other clients as well. This is what I dedicate my life to as I know it is my life calling.