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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you change your life path after tarot reading?

I was thinking about tarot readings, and how sometimes they are wrong. But assuming the reading is correct and it predicts bad things or failure happening to you. Is it possible for you to do things differently and change your life path? Because now you know that what you are focusing on could be a failure so you do things differently in order to ensure success? And after a longer period you take another reading, will it show different or will it be the same? I mean, the cards or your fate can’t be fixed, unchangeable, can they?

Answer by OneLostSoul
They don’t mean that something is going to be one exact way… they just suggest possibilities

And they could be very wrong about those possiblities

Answer by AP
my life changed after a bad hand of poker… i lost the months rent 🙁

Answer by lostrelic
sorry i play war with mine

Answer by BOBA FETT
The cards don’t predict anything. They’re paper & ink. The reader can only guess. Whether you change your life or not is up to you.

Answer by wiki_wizard
why couldnt you? they are wrong more often then they are right because they are just random cards.
The only meaning or truth you can get out of tarot cards is the meaning and truth you put into them.

Answer by brkshandilya
It would be stupid to take life altering decisions based on unproven system like tarot card readings.Have some faith in your own wisdom and judgment.

Answer by Michael of G
In my earthly waltz before accepting Christ I lived with a brilliant tarot carder….?? She could read my poker cards mentally about 88% correct, she thought she could read my tarot till I got caught filling her head with my thoughts so she thought they were hers. Then she could read anyones cards if I was in house or yard or nearby.So not a good science with so many liabilities. We parted, she spent some time in clock bird ward and I found Christ again. I have never been so so blessed in life since that path change, came back to my origin and my eternal future.

Answer by Lilith Raven
You can change your life path any time you wish, it’s all about choice, tarot cards are for guidance – not a hard & fast blueprint of your life…

But they are useful to know what “might” happen…..

Answer by Derek
Sorry, you can’t change your future…

If your future is predicted and you change it, then you never got your future accurately predicted in the first place… It’s a paradox. That’s why future telling doesn’t exist.

That’s why you can’t go back in time and kill yourself… Because if you did you wouldn’t have been around long enough to go back in time… and.. kill yourself.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Vixen

Of course you can. A reading is about probable outcome if you decide to stay the same as you are at the time of the reading.

If you change your mind, take action then different results can be reached, although most of us stay with our tried & tested methods of going through life, not willing to make changes.

The cards outcomes can also be different due to the readers clarity, if your reading for yourself you can see what you wish rather than what is.

see profile 🙂

Answer by lavonne_parker
I have been reading and teaching tarot professionally for many years. I tell my querents and students that fortune telling is only about 1% of a good reading.

If you are getting and receiving tarot readings that are all about predicting the future then the tarot is not being fully actualized. The future changes in every moment and is never for certain.

When I give a reading I clarify the past and the surrounding atmosphere of the present to help bring clarity. A good reading should bring understanding of contributing factors and making better choices. I will usually sum up with where the present path is leading and possible results.

The reader has a huge responsibility in that words are very powerful. A well educated tarot reader fully understands this. The power of suggestion is alive and well…as your question clearly states.

Answer by Lori G
A Tarot reading can suggest a future outcome and if this is something that you don’t like then you have the power within you to change this. This is called empowering – giving you the power to shape your own future. Although this then makes the Tarot reading outcome not true – at least you are on your way to a better future and that is what it is all about.

Answer by Kelly
Yes you can change the outcome. the reading often is based upon a question that you ask the cards. If you do not follow the path the cards lay out you can change the outcome.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Meaning of upright Empress and reversed Emperor Tarot cards in a Celtic Cross Reading?

Some other cards:
King of Swords
Ace of Pentacles
Knight of Cups
Nine of Cups Reversed
Page of Swords
2 of Wands reversed as Outcome

This is a love tarot reading. The King of Swords I think represents the guy I am asking about as he is a military man.

New at tarot and looking forward to learning from this!

Answer by Ania
the headings for these cards are important. also the question asked to them…..without all that, it is not possible to understand what they are saying. empress is the “apple of his eyes” and she is the woman who can be taken home. it can also describe a rich beautiful relationship. but when it fell in outcome position i found it hinting beginning that includes frustration. reversed emperor hints broken relationship or taking a break…it can also signal the man not there.

2 of wands reversed means loss of interest. but do not take it in a bad sense. it is not always a bad card to receive in relationship reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can I get a tarot reading for free on line ?

Please suggest a website where I can get a detailed tarot reading for free.Thanks.

Answer by Tiffany

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Answer by Miriam

Answer by nameless
search google

Answer by Jerita
Tarot.com. It’s where I get my horoscopes and other stuff, too.

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