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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone tell me what do these tarot cards mean?

Its the tree of Life Tarot.
Is it good or bad?
And the last card? It looks bad to me … maybe a lot of pain?

activation – Queen of Wands
crown – Ten of Wands
contemplation – Wheel of Fortune
discipline – Two of Wands
Wisdom – Queen of cups
Waking up – Three of Wands
Heart – The Star
Cycles – The Hanged Man
Safety Net – Page of Coins
Outcome – Three of Swords

Answer by ladyarrian
Go here

Answer by schizzle
Don’t study that stuff! Tarot card reading is the devil’s counterfeit to the gift of prophecy from God. You are opening the flood gate for Satan to rule over you!

Answer by souls.journey
You must activate the Queen of Wands inside you. She is a creative, intelligent woman. Become her.

A major cycle of creativity is currently leaving you; one cycle ends as the other begins as seen in the 10 of Wands. Tens are transitional; they all represent the coming of new energy while the old energy leaves. Wands are creativity.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that even when we are down, the wheel of fortune will turn and we will be up again. Life is cycles ~ much like the ebb and flow of seas. The wheel reminds us that all cycles are natural and expected.

For you to learn dicipline, you must learn colaboration with others. There is benefit to be found in creative partnerships, as seen in the two.

Wisdom is found in a loving a kind nature. The Queen of Cups is all heart ~ loyal and trustworthy. For your partnerships, you should learn wisdom from a woman such as this. She can teach you what it is you need to know. As for you personally, this is the approach to be made in all endevors, regardless of where the Wheel leads you!

The waking asks you to take a look at people involved in your community ~ again wands leads us to creative endeavors. It seems Tarot would like you to reach out to others who share your interests for colaboration in a creative project or even for learning Tarot.

The Star brings you Guides, spiritual guides who are in you always. Keep these close in heart. Learn to accept their wisdom. Allow it to flow through you.

Cycles reminds you again exactly what the wheel and your ten has ~ that there are beginnings and ends to everything in life. This is only a negative if we allow it to be. The hanged man is not attached to anything. He hangs in stagnation on his own accord. What are you waiting on? The time is now to move and embrace the change which is already in your life.

Your safety is found in new opportunities and gifts. Perhaps this is what Tarot would like you to see ~ for every door that closes another opens. Pages, all, are gifts or messengers laid at your feet. You have plenty of new opportunities to expand into. Again, we see the need to follow your heart and allow old ways of being come to a close.

The three of swords tells you if you do not allow the necessary change in life, which is already all around you, you will end up stagnating yourself and killing the opportunity to advance. Here is where great sorrow and loss becomes us. Embrace new!

Sum ~ it seems as though Tarot is telling you you’ve gone as far as you can working alone. You must allow new energy to guide you, even if you don’t know where it will lead. You need fresh ideas and outlooks in order to grow further ~ you’ve gone as far as you can on your current path. Embrace the opportunities given.

I’ve not done this spread before ~ it would be neat to actually see it! lol But if you’d like to learn Tarot you can join our group . . . heres the link:

Blessings and good luck! Elise

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Elizabelle

What was the question you asked?

If your new to tarot, start with easier layouts, large ones simply confuse a newbie.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does my 10-card tarot spread mean (cards, layout & question included)?

I am new at this and performed an ancient 10-card tarot spread using a Universal Waite tarot deck. I asked my question out loud and thought about it while shuffling the cards. My question was, “Will moving to San Diego be a positive thing?”

The card spread went as follows:

Card 1 in center
Card 2 on top of card 1 – horizontal
Card 3 above card 1 & 2
Card 4 on right of card 1 & 2
Card 5 below card 1 & 2
Card 6 on left of card 1 & 2
Card 7-10 are placed upon each other on far right of cards 1-6. Card 7 in bottom position, ascending vertically with card 10 at top.

Card 1: 9 of Cups
Card 2: 3 of Wands
Card 3: 2 of Pentacles
Card 4: Ace of Swords
Card 5: Ace of Pentacles
Card 6: 10 of Swords
Card 7: King of Pentacles
Card 8: 4 of Swords
Card 9: King of Swords
Card 10: Temperance

Any help would be greatly appreciated – thank you!
This move would also involve my husband and two children.

Answer by Torbellina
9 of Cups: You have so many opportunities at your disposal currently, but you are feeling picky. Finally a dream you may have had for a long time can be realized with the necessary effort.

3 of Wands:You have gone about setting things into motion regarding your dream. You are inspired to make a change and start afresh. Perhaps it would be a good idea to accept assistance to help you attain your goals.

2 of Penatacles: Money and emotional matters may be an issue with which you feel you have to perform a balancing act. This may be a rather tumultuous period. But there is a desire for a change of lifestyle or career.

Ace of Swords: Perhaps the querent should take a step back and make sure that their plans are well laid out, and not too idealistic. They should eliminate any erroneous ideas or useless modes of getting their goal accomplished.

Ace of Pentacles: Stability and monetary success can be attained if the native is steady and determined. There may be preoccupation with money at current.

10 of Swords: The querent may be going through a period of emotional and mental turmoil. They may feel that their world is turning upside down, but it is only a learning experience which will teach them how to be more efficient in the future.

King of Pentacles: The husband or the father may be beneficial in supplying the monetary funds for this endeavour, which may be good for the family.

4 of Swords: Contemplation, and taking a time out may be good for the querent.

King of Swords: Planning, revising, making sure that everything is well laid out, again.

Temperance: The querent may feel like life is a race course at present. The feelings and the mind may be at odds and the querent may be too rushy. This card calls for the querent to take a moment, relax, listen to their instincts and then proceed.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what do all the tarot cards mean and how do i read them?

i wanna know what some of the tarot cards mean and i need to know if for example it was like a joker of something what would i tell my friends … it means thta u r funny … ?? if that makes sense to u right down the card what it means and how it is used or any other basic rules

Answer by Sweet Suzy 777!
They are useless, they don’t mean anything.

Answer by Vengeful_Hippie (AM)
They are a waste of time. Go read a book.

Answer by Cat D
Most sets of tarot cards come with a booklet that tells what they mean because all sets mean something different.

Answer by Universally Talented
The use of tarot Cards is not nothing to Laugh about, beware you are going into a demononic World! You probably didn’t even give that thought! Let it be known that you have been WARNED!

Answer by caughtintherain
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These sites will give you all the answers you want to know about Tarot.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

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