Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can one have multiple faiths?

I was born and raised a Catholic. I still go to mass on Sundays and days of obligation. I also attend a weekly Born again Christian service. I am part of the Law of Attraction group and believe in “The Secret”. I consult a psychic/tarot card reader regularly and am attracted to New Age. I am fascinated by Buddhism and have been inside a Hindu temple several times.

Answer by piogler
wel you can have your own religion but acept others and agree with their teachings..

Answer by Happy Guy
No. Just pick one…

Answer by they call me inky
Whatever makes you happy man. Just as long as you realize that you contradict yourself =p

I don’t follow any religion. I don’t believe in god. I don’t believe in superstitious practices/beliefs and supernatural events. But hey, it’s a free country.

Answer by en vos confio
“No one can serve two masters.”

– said Mark Twain on polygamy.

Answer by Roxtar Shan
Yeah. You can believe in whatever you want.

Answer by Aaron B
what the heck is the secret? but no you cant because they conflict one another ex christian you may have no other god but me..

Answer by leonard s
no you cannot. but you can have an interest in other faiths.But it sounds like your aking up your own faith. good for you!

Answer by chiquitamonkeyyyyy
Unfortunately, if you are doing tarot cards that goes very much against the catholic and christian religion. It says in deuteronomy not to do that stuff.

Answer by Casei B
It’s not really good to have multiple faiths. You have to only choose one, and stick with it. What’s The Secret? But, anyways I only believe in God. I don’t care if people believe in Buddah, but my friend says he’s too fat and Chinese for her. How mean!!!! >:(

Answer by brick
think again? were there similarities? was there something where one suplemented the other?

there is nothing wrong… i am also a catholic been a seminarian for four years… my girlfriend is part of Bread of Life and i go to her congregation… i practice the breathing exercises of the Buddhist… I understand you only want to relate with your God in the different aspects of this world…

I just could not understand how did tarot got into your soul searching?…

Answer by Ω allan y
the chinese are quite eclectic on religion. it is not uncommon to see one altar dedicated to a certain religion and as you face the other corner to see another altar for another religion.

as a catholic, you must only follow one faith. either you are a catholic or you are not. no in between.

Answer by Máire Siobhán
You can pick and choose different things from different religions (kind of like at a cafeteria) and put together an individual belief system that works for you. As others have pointed out, there are some contraditions in the ones you have listed here, but maybe you are cool with that.

Answer by Darla
well if a person wanted to i guess. but alot of people wouldnt like it. but i guess only if you wanted to and it made you happy. so it depends on a persons point of veiw and oppinion i guess.

Answer by annabelle p
I am not one to condemn you but, isn’t it wrong to be serving two masters at the same time (in your case, several masters)? If you have a strong faith and believe in the One true God, you will not be going to different churches of different faiths or affiliations and be actively participating in their activities. If you are confused as to which faith or religion to follow, ask God for guidance and enlightenment. As to consulting psychics or tarot readers, I am also guilty as to have done that in the past. However, I have renewed my faith in God (Jehovah) and will trust no one concerning my life and my fate. I hope in time God will guide you to the right path.

Answer by Cyril C
faith is a personal relationship with your saviour. other sects or denominations or practices may interest you, but what is essential is your relationship with the ONE Almighty Father…

and, it would be for your best interest if you focus on one and only,,,

Answer by wife l
You might as well create your own system of belief or religion for that matter

Answer by battgirl
I believe in one God. As for you, your faith can only be dictated by you alone. You can pore over all religious beliefs and determine which one attracts and see what works for you. Yeah, I’ve seen that “Law of Attraction” cd just 3 days ago. For the whole viewing time I can only think of Paolo Coelho and The Alchemist. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is having your fortune read like?

I’m writing a story in which the main character goes to a fair and gets her fortune read. But I’ve never done this myself so I have no idea what happens. If you’ve had your fortune read before, what’s it like?

Answer by Dreamcast9
Depends. People do different types of fortune telling. There is palm reading, tarot readings, runes reading, I Ching, etc.

Tarot readings are most popular. You sit down and they will ask your name, date of birth or astro sign. Then they’ll shuffle the deck then lay a spread. Different readers use different spreads. Google tarot spreads and you’ll see what I mean. But no matter the spread, they will concentrate on your past, present, and future. They will of course start with your past, then present, then future. They will explain what each card that you get means. Sometimes they will also ask if you have any specific questions you’d like an answer to.

And that’s it most of the time.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you intrepret these tarot cards?

The question I asked to the tarot reader was: What does Concep really feel for Anthony? and i got 2 of swords, high priestess and knight of cups. What do those mean in regards to the question?

Answer by Darryl
you are gonna die of stupidity

Answer by wolfe_tone43
Forward £50 an hour to……………………………me

Answer by –
2 of Swords: distraction, uncertainty, alternating back on forth between two things, paying more attention to ONE side of things than the whole picture, etc.
High Priestess is about one’s innermost self, their higher self, their feelings and intuition, their gut feelings, their truth, what they know is best.
Knight of Cups, Knights usually represent real people. Knights are usually young men (or young woman perceived to be more masculine in nature) somewhere between the ages of late teens to… early thirties at the latest. I know that’s a large gap but when you bump up to Kings, that’s usually 40+. The Knight of cups is a dreamer, a thinker, and imaginative person, someone who often takes the choice to ‘wait it out’ instead of charge into action (like the Knight of Wands, or Swords). This is a daydreamy creative type person usually and this could mean what the person sees in the other, or someone else who is influencing them and their opinion (as potentially suggested by the 2 of Swords, back and forth back and forth etc)

I’d say this person has conflicting feelings but deep inside knows how they feel about this person and they see them as the Knight of Cups.

Answer by Epiphanies from the Dark Tarot
There’s love. “Knight of cups” it also says someone may have acted on their feelings already. Concep probably has even hinted to feelings in question. There’s also indecision, or arguments, because of either concern of what happened in the past, or secrets “skeletons in the closet”. I think Concep is hesitant to feel anything of Anthony. Probably due to the “unknown” factor. No one knows where any relationship can lead until they’ve gone down that path. Good luck, Anthony.

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