Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I use tarot spreads for cartomancy?

I want to learn cartomancy. i dont know how to do it. is there spreads like tarot? do you use tarot spreads? also can i have a link to a site with the meanings of the cards? or are the meanings the same as the tarot minor arcana, if so please tell me the corresponding suit.

Answer by lala
When you talk about cartomancy ; are talking about regular playing cards ? If so [ and it goes for tarot too ] go to a New Age book store ; and will have a great choice of books who are explaining the meaning of all the cards

Answer by Pamela
You can definitely use tarot spreads for readings with regular playing cards. But there are spreads that have been developed for cartomancy. There are different techniques. Some use all 52 cards, others, like the Lenormand system use only 36. I found by just doing a search on cartomancy. It has some basic info using all 52 cards and spreads.

I like Mlle. Lenormand’s Fortune Telling site (see link below) for learning some basics about Lenormand Oracle cards and their meanings. Although you can buy a deck with special pictures on it to help you remember the meanings, you can just use a regular playing deck and just remove the cards that are not used.

I wasn’t able to learn all I wanted from the Internet so I got “Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards” by Jonathan Dee, from the library. It gave me enough info to figure out what kind of cartomancy I wanted to learn more about. Plus it has meanings for the cards and suits as well as different spreads used with different card reading systems.

The meanings of the suits are not exactly the same as tarot. You can just read them as the same (Clubs=Wands; Spades=Swords; Hearts=Cups; Diamond=Pentacles) as long as you are consistent. That way your subconscious (or whatever you believe you’re working with when reading cards) knows what the symbols mean to you.

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I’m looking for tarot cards that have the meanings explained on the cards themselves. I don’t know if they have a little book that explains the meanings thoroughly as well but i know they have a little meaning actually written on the cards underneath the picture. These would be very easy for me and i would really like to find them, does anyone know the name of them?

Answer by Triforce Warrior
If you want to be a psyshic, all you have to do if make up some very general answers

Answer by jd spoonworthy
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Answer by sanallsave
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Answer by Wendy
You’d be better off finding a thorough book. Cards can have multiple levels of meanings, from something as simple as upside down or right side up to whether or not it appears with certain card in the spread.

Answer by James B
I know that the Quest Tarot has a little word or phrase at the bottom of every card that gives the key meaning of the card.

Answer by the_ambusher
It is going to take just some writing on the back of the cards to get accurate readings you are going to have to do a lot of studying

Answer by sylvia c
just tell them anything, we have an astrologer in our daily paper who tells people all kinds of junk, but then she was attached by the birds, so I guess the birds dont like what she says either. 😉

Answer by Sorcha MacSidhe
I don’t know the name of that deck offhand, but you can check out They have pictures and reviews of hundreds of different decks. It’s a fun place to check out.

The thing about reading the cards is that the images on them (I recommend NOT getting a deck that has only pictures of, for example, six coins, but get one that illustrates a story for the Six of Coins card) are symbolic and will trigger meanings in your brain that you won’t find in any book, or on any card. And go with those meanings that come from inside you. The cards also relate to each other, and where they fall in a reading, so having meanings ON the card might be more distracting than helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Good luck.

Answer by andy e
Make stuff up,e.g “that card shows that you will travel one day” or “this card indicates that there is a special someone in your life or there will be in the future”.

Answer by Joshua Y
Trifors Warior is being insulting.

If you are looking for a Tarot deck that is easier to read,
I recommend the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

The imagery used is meant to stimulate the mind to automatically translate the intended meaning of the divination. (also it comes with a handy little book for ‘training wheels’ if you need it.)

Universal Waite is the deck that I learned on 9 years ago and I’ve been using the same deck without any problems since then.

Just remember, don’t reach for the answer or you’ll usually get it wrong. and never second guess your first feeling.

the cards will speak to you. if you have a certain feeling about a certain card, that’s what it means for you, screw the book!

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Complete Tarot Card Reading Course – part 1

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