Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can i use tarot cards that have been owned by someone else before me? (Secondhand from friend) Thanks!?

An older friend of the family used to read tarot cards but she doesn’t anymore, someone told me that tarot cards should be a gift but can i use her old ones to start reading with or do i need to purchance a new pack? Help please.

Answer by ptolomy
yes..some say the best cards are given to you, not bought. I bought mine and they are great…

Try them out for yourself and see.

Answer by biddix1
To play with the tarot cards there is no problem. If you are a believer, then there can be issues.

First, you must have permission of the person who used to use them. Without that, nothing will come from your readings but darkness. Second, you should cleanse & sanctify the cards. Salt, crystals, etc. See your local shop that would supply such things as the tarot cards & they will have what is needed on hand. Third, you need to orient the cards to yourself through meditation and request their help in divining the future. Without the decks’ assistance & willingness, again, nothing will come but darkness. Blessed be.

Answer by Lillith
Use them, enjoy them!
There are no ‘rules’ about having to only use a deck given to you. There are no ‘rules’ about letting someone else touch your cards.
There are no rules, what & how you do with tarot is of your own design. DO what you feel is right and good.
We all have our own way of handling and reading cards.

Answer by scarab
The tarot cards work a bit like a map, they are very personalized in their energy signiture. While you certainly can read from their cards you will need to shake the etch-a-sketch and wipe the slate clean before you start. Otherwise you will end up with their map and symbols and not your own. It can be a bit confusing. So you may want to find something that you really resonate with (a cloth, bag or box) that you can put the cards in for a while to tune them to you. You can also get sage if you so wish and burn a bit of it as a cleaning tool. Simply the act of handling and working with the cards will tune them to your energies too.

As you work with them and learn to read them ( I recommend getting a really good book for the deck before you start) it will become more and more apparent what they are trying to tell you. They are just a tool that functions as a mirror. So the more clearly we see the image in the mirror the easier it is to interpret the symbols 🙂

Good luck and enjoy!

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Tarot need not be a gift, nor brand new. They are old superstitions.

If you like the deck that you have then it will work fine for you!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I think tarot cards are merely a tool I can use to navigate people’s mind?

To find the root cause of disorder ….?

I think tarot cards is merely a tool I can use to navigate people’s mind?
Just as a phycologist pulls random ink blobs and ask what you see in them ( just to get a feel of what your overall feeling towards … Might be )( how’s your mental state )

I feel as if I can use my basic understanding and knowledge to pull cards, pay attention to body language and tone of voice, and then come to a conclusion thru their responses using intuition to help people come up w solutions to the things they already knew.

Basically yes, telling people exactly what they need to hear. Of coarse assuming its beneficial spiritually to them. Will not let people go backwards in life. There’s a big difference between right and wrong

No , no charging money for these things. More of a hobby and interest .really do see it as a tool to help people in the big scheme of things.

Input appreciated

Answer by Andrew
Well. We can tell your mental state, alright.

Answer by Invoker╨┐XD
Perhaps but the natal chart is much better

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
Tarot can be used in a lot of ways. You certainly could use it as a tool for warm or cold reading and as a tool for phsychological exploration and/or spiritual advancement.

Ethically, however, you’d need to let people know what your method entails. Dont go advertising yourself as a psychic if your not psychic. People already give a lot more credit to the cards than they need to… If your process is highly interactive and not predictive or psychic, you need to let your seeker/questioner/client know these things. If your clients, paying or not, discover that you lied to them about your approach and abilities, then all your work would be compromised.
Also, you should point out that you are not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist (unless you havent told us about your PhD) because you cannot legally diagnose conditions etc and you wouldnt want to be accused of practicing medicine without a license. Thats why cards readers need to advertise their trade as “entertainment only” no matter how psychologically and/or spiritually helpful their services might be.

Personally, I make sure all my clients know that I’m not a psychic and that the cards i read are primarily for advice and perspective, not predictions or diagnoses.
Best of luck,

Answer by susan
Tarot cards are a useful tool. They reflect things based how situations are at that moment, which means if anything changes their reflection is incorrect.

Understanding the cards is essential for them to be useful, however.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are all the names of the cards in a tarot deck?

Like… Empress, Emperor, High Priestess, death… etc.
I’ve never seen a real deck of tarot cards, but I’d like to know the names of the cards for an art show I’m going to be producing later on this year.
I know there are several decks, but as long as it’s a more classic deck, and is complete, I’ll be happy.

Answer by Mary
well its way too much information to write but heres the website : copy and paste then scroll a tiny bit down

Answer by Pam Richards

There are 78 cards made from 2 decks. The Major Arcana which has 22 & the Minor which has 56. The later is divided into 4 suits of 14 cards which go from Ace – King.


Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
There are 78 card in the Tarot Deck. Too numerous to name here. You can find the names of each card by doing a google search.

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