Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I still believe in the supernatural if I am a devoted Christian?

I believe in faeries, ghosts, and other things. I am VERY Christian, am I “allowed” to believe in them if I don’t worship them. I am also a very earthy Christion, people have asked me if I am Wiccan. I love things like tarot cards (I believe God controls the cards) AM I ALLOWED TO DO THIS AND BELIVE IN THIS?

Answer by Arianna Cullen
Whatever floats your boat. I personally think fairies are fun. And I have an aunt that is Wiccan, and she’s mad cool. You seem like a cool person.

Answer by smartalec02
I’m pretty sure God is “supernatural.”

Answer by Dr Octavian
If I was God of all things, and I had the entire of creation in my kingdom, I think I’d feel pretty pathetic to be jealous about about a couple of supernatural beliefs from one of my billions of children. Are you living well in your heart? Then yes, it’s fine. Christianity was born of Paganism in the first place, which is why they’re so sensitive about it.

The tarot deck itself has connections with old Jewish mythology, woven into the fabric of the bible in places – it is commonly believed by many Jewish scholars that the passage relating to the ‘writing on the wall’, Daniel’s prophecy at Belshazzar’s feast, was a divination which used the ancient ‘tarot’ symbology relating the Jewish letters to the astrological symbols (though it was not tarot at the time, since the actual deck came much later, it provided the symbols which compose it now.)

Answer by Tony AM
I think the general consensus would be absolutely not. General consensus would say it’s Satan controlling the cards and manipulating you into believing in those things.

Answer by welltraveledprog
Gee, I hate to tell you this, but…
If you’re a “christian,” you already DO believe in the supernatural (that whole god thing is not “natural,” it’s supernatural).

There’s no evidence that any of the things you mentioned are “true” (including christianity). Every single one of them fails every test ever put to them. So why do you “believe” in any of them?


Answer by KO18
well, i believe that unicorns once existed but they were turned away at the ark, they evolved into the narwhal fish. its fact. i like to pretend with fairies and stuff like that too. i have little figures of them and everything. its fun ti have an imagination no matter how old you get. i’m also a christian. i think its just fine. God wouldn’t have given us imaginations if he didn’t want us to use them.

Answer by beta_fishy
You can believe in whatever you want to. The only requirement to be a Christian is to believe what Jesus taught and follow Him as your savior. All things related to God, angels, etc are “supernatural”.

Answer by Martin G
if you believe in god, you believe in the supernatural. you’re in the same league as fairies and leprechauns.

Answer by Rod B
Kid, If you are a Christian then you already believe deeply in the supernatural. One could not possibly accept any religion as truth especially Christianity with out a strong belief in that which cannot be real!

Answer by oldguy63
So why do you think you are a Christian? Has it ever crossed your mind that you are totally deceived?

Answer by tooniron
erm… there’s nothing more supernatural than some crazy invisible universe-creating being that produces sons to be killed, and demands worship

Answer by MAS2008
Seek professional mental help immediately your at risk of complete brain failure.

Answer by Bob Down
In Jeremiah chapter 10, God says that some beliefs won’t do you any harm, but they won;t do you any good either. If you are a good Christian then you should be able to reinterpret that text until it allows you do whatever you want.

Answer by jakovasaursgotoparis
the spiritual is very existent, you cannot be a Christian without accepting that. but understand the difference between what actually exists and what you’ve been conditioned to think exists.

You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. James 2:19

Answer by St. Lurid
That’s all they do believe in, read bible —

For example Jesus had a holy ghost.

Answer by 4evahis
Well, last I read my Bible, there’s a lot of supernatural stuff in there. There are evil spirits, angels, and other things entwined in the Biblical narrative. What do you think the demons Jesus drove out of the possessed man were? I’d stay away from the tarot cards and stuff though. I don’t think that’s how God operates. We are not to be part of those darker spiritual activities, but to trust in God’s power to drive them out. Believe in it, yes, but don’t fall into it.

Answer by Indigo Flame
According to most Christians, no you’re not supposed to practice tarot, or believe in the other things (by the way, wiccans and others believe in them and don’t worship them too). I see nothing wrong with things like this though, especially if you think God controls the cards. The question would be, would God really control the cards? Are the cards really controlled at all?

Your question was can you believe in the supernatural if you’re a christian – the answer is, as a christian, you already believe in the supernatural. The supernatural is in your doctrines (angels, demons, Satan, a God that transcends time and the universe, etc. etc.)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are all tarot cards bad to mess with?

my niece wants to make some tarot-like cards to play harry potter with. would it be okay if shes just playing and pretending, and not actually reading them? we’re christian by the way!

Answer by Graybeard
Tarot-card reading is a complete fraud; they’re just pieces of paper with no magical powers and no special meaning. No one has any ability to predict the future with them, or anything else. So you can make up anything that you like.

Answer by Pam Richards

They are 78 pieces of laminated paper, so unless you get a paper cut they are of no harm. I have studied them for over 20 years. Evil lies within the hearts & minds of humans not within pictured cards.

Have fun with your niece & make precious memories.


Answer by lured
whether you are christian or something else, cards themselves will not put you in any danger. they do not have magical power or anything. cartomancy is done with playing cards. but dont we mess around with them by playing bridge and spades? tarot cards were made for playing games also. so it is really okay.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Tarot cards are not bad not matter how you use them but if you buy into the religious view that they are “bad”, it still would be ok to use them to play with…..but by the way, many Christians are against Harry Potter due to the subject matter……so there is something else that you are told is bad………..

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