Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I sell my jewelry with copyrighted images?

I make jewelry as a hobby and i wanted to begin to sell it. Some pendants have pictures (elvis, maralyn, etc) while others have things I bought, but i don’t technically have the rights to (scrap book paper, tarot cards). Would it be legal for me to sell these items? I’m not talking about a huge business, just a stand at the craft show to support my hobby.

Answer by EDWIN
I live in a modest-sized town in Indiana. A local Buy Here/Pay Here car lot had used the likeness of Elvis Presley in their print advertising for a few years as well as their slogan “Since 1955 when even Elvis was alive.” Then one of the local TV stations reported that the car lot had been issued a Cease and Desist order to stop using the name and likeness of Elvis or face charges of copyright infringement.

So no, you can’t legally use images of Elvis or Marilyn without facing possible charges of copyright infringement. I rather doubt that scrapbook paper is or can be copyrighted. The Tarot cards might possibly be especially if the manufacturer of the cards uses original artwork created solely for their representation of the cards.

To be safe, just use your own original works of art or photography.

Answer by Tim
You can sell them, but you can’t copy them.

For example, if you buy a copyrighted print of Elvis, First Sale Doctrine allows you to resell it with out issue even if you are cutting it up to make a new item with.

What you cannot do it to buy a single image, or download it from the internet and then produce copies of it for your jewelry.

An alternative option is to just license the image. Some images might be surprisingly cheap to license. You could look at a stock agency to actually license the images you want to use, then you can reproduce them according to the terms of your license.

Answer by bcnu
The “first sale” doctrine under copyright law only applies if you are selling a lawfully owned copy. It does not apply if you are making a new “creative work” using copyrighted images, comprising a “derivative work” without a license. You cannot sell unauthorized derivative works such as picture postcards or calendar photos glued together into a collage, unless you have a license from each copyright owner.

The issue with Elvis and Marilyn is also tied to their personal right of commercial exploitation of their likeness or image. I know a guy whose entire (lucrative) law practice was suing people for violation of the rights of a certain dead celebrity by using the voice or image without permission.

Although nobody is likely to sue you for penny ante stakes, since suing costs actual money, you just need to be aware that what you’re proposing is technically illegal. It could also get you bounced off of sites like Etsy or eBay.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the compatibility between us and what do these tarot cards mean?

His placements:

My placements:
Sun:Gemini/Cancer cusp
Mars: Virgo

Everytime I do a tarot card reading on how we feel about eachother, these cards always comes up.

How he sees and feels about me:Empress
How I see and feel about him: page or knight of pentacles

And whenever I do a tarot card reading on how people see or feel about me, it’s usually always empress. What does this signify?
All the cards are upright.

Answer by Cati
It depends if the tarot cards are backwards or not, because they have different meanings.

Answer by Hahaa

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