Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can an experienced tarot reader answer this?

Im almost 20 and never had a bf or a kiss.i just ran into people who would waste my time or were just looking to use i was curious could i go to a tarot reader and would it bring up when love will be in my life or what can tarot cards pull up

Answer by Felicity
I did a reading for you, because I didn’t know how to answer your question very well. So, I figured example might be a better way of doing it.

First card, “This is you.” – Ace of Cups. Generally, I like seeing this card in relationship spreads (questions) because it is a good omen. But, when in the “you” position. It means that you are a very compassionate and caring person. It might also mean that you’re being to open up emotionally or that you’re senstive.

Second card, “Past love life.” – Eight of Cups, reversed. This means, you refuse to get over things, you are generally dissatisfied or were. Acknowledge your need for change. Let go of bad experiences.

Third, “When will I meet a lover?” Temperance reversed. When you have changed, totally. It also advises you to take a moment to think about what in your life is making you stressed out and what problems you are having that are not resolved. Allow old fears to die and old habits to break.

Forth, “Love life now or in general.” The Emperor, reversed. Something about abuse of power or lack of control. An unequal relationship or not being fair. When looking for love, be careful of this who want to control you.

Fifth, “General advice. Overall.” Five of Swords, reversed – Deception, lies and betrayal. But, it might just mean a fear of failure in ones relationships. Step back, assess the situation at hand and don’t jump straight into the first relationship you see without thinking. It is a warning, to be careful.

This is the reading I did. It really stresses You being afraid of the past. You can’t really predict what cards the reader will pull but, she can help you kinda take a look at your love life and possibly when you might get a partner. Although, I never really trust those readers that are really specific and annoying with details.. They were never right for me.

Also, don’t trust readers that insist you come back for a reading to cleanse you or some shit. They just want your money. A real reader will try to help you to the best of their ability and never push you to do something you don’t feel comfort with.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Readers* I want to tell a spread to a friend but I don’t know how accepting he is of tarot. Help!?

So the other day I was doing a spread for myself. After I was done with the spread I got a notion that the cards that then layed on the top were for a friend and that it was very important for me to do the spread and tell him the results. At first I said, “No!” because he’s a Christian and I just don’t want to put our friendship in jepordy let alone the fact that he may not want to hear about the spread at all. About a week has gone by and I got the notion again that I really needed to tell him the results of the spread (which I wrote down just in case I were to try to talk to him about it.) And knowing that this spread will help him with the issues he’s facing right now I really want to present it to him in a way that will be easy for him to understand what tarot is. Do you have any suggestions?
And please no rude comments. I do actually know that this spread will help him, we are very close. And I know what he’s going through. If you don’t understand tarot or what it is I would appreciate it if you didn’t comment at all. It’s really not your place to comment on this if you have never done tarot. I specifically said for this to be to other people who do spreads because most people do not understand that it is used as a tool to help yourself and others. I am not here to explain what tarot is to the masses, I’m here to ask for help from fellow readers. If you don’t believe that the tarot helps people then how are you contributing? You aren’t, so please no one else comment with anything rude or disreseptful. Thank you to anyone who regards this. If you do tarot please leave any suggestions you may have. Thank you.

Answer by Sly Phy
“…And knowing that this spread will help him with the issues he’s facing right now…”


Tarot is delusion. When you charge for a reading, it becomes fraud. When you start giving others life advice based on your stupid delusion it is not only dishonest but it could even be dangerous. Grow up.

Answer by Tyhker
😀 easy, have you looked into Charging the deck? Simply focus on your friend will you shuffle it, instead of having him shuffle it.

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
Tarot card reading, like other fortunetelling scams, is completely false. Keep it to yourself.

Answer by _cold*water_
I understand and sympathize with you that it is not right for people to post rude comments about tarot. It is a part of your belief! Don’t let people get to you because of it.

As far as your situation with your friend, I would probably ask him how he feels about tarot first. Then if he seems like he is interested then it would take a lot of pressure off of you.

If he doesn’t seem interested and sense you already know the problems he’s facing (however deep they may be) you might want to just tell him about the issues you see him facing and let it be less about the spread and you just confirming to him that these problems are in his life. (After all, tarot should always confirm the issue [or victory whatever it be]) at hand.
Then the issue would be easily understood and he would feel more at ease to talk to you about them and maybe you would even have some advice to tell him.
Certainly the tarot never should be used to shape your life.. But it should confirm what you already feel in your spirit :). And sense you see him dealing with these issues, and the cards are confirming them, it shouldn’t be hard to make it less about the fact that these cards are comfirming the issues, but more about the issues themselves.

Either way you will be able to help your friend and in the end you will hopefully see that he is more aware of what he is going through :)! And you may have advice for him about how to face it!

Best of luck to you and your friend.
God Bless!
– Sera

Answer by Sunny
If you’re close, then he knows you do tarot and isn’t completely horrified, so it seems to me, if you just focus on the part of I had this feeling or idea that I wanted to tell you because I think it might help, he should have no trouble listening. It’s not really important that he understand the tarot or how exactly the idea came to you. Not that you would hide it, just no need to go into detail about the part he won’t get.

Answer by Miss 6
Well as someone who has read cards for a very long time and I know a lot of Christians and Muslims who know I’ve been reading for most of my life when I give them some information from my cards – even the ones who don’t deal with cards – they respect my information. It may just be me and that they’ve known me for such a long time – and they would NEVER ask me for a reading.

Does your friend voice an opinion against the use of Tarot? If not offer him a reading – tell him you’re just trying to give him some insight that may help him feel better or find a solution.
You could just tell your friend what the cards said without giving credit to the cards. You can just give him the advice through a conversation – don’t reference the cards at all. My cousin is a born again and ever since she joined her “church” that’s the approach I take with her. It comes from Love so they will appreciate your advice & with or without the cards knowledge they have free will and they can choose to follow your information or not.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is Tarot accurate? How does it “work”? All opinions welcome…?

Despite being somewhat diverged on the topic of Tarot, and not quite sure what to believe (but having some opinion), last night i paid to have my cards read at a market- simply out of partial curiosity etc etc. It’s something i have wanted to do for some time, but never gotten around to doing.

My own (shaky) views on tarot are that a card reader will place cards and translate their symbolism for the willing subject to relate to. Therefore, the subject can relate the cards to any particular person/event/thing in their life, because that’s what imagination allows us to do- depending on our current state of mind – how willing, inspired or lost we are at that point of time. The cards provide us with guidance (even if it isn’t founded) – when we lack inner strength or personal advice from others – which can be beneficial, allowing us to bring out our own subconcious thought via ‘spiritual cards’.

It was funny, because while she didn’t say too much about “my life”, she did pick up on some very accurate things about “me”, and my personality.

Anyhow, upon getting my reading, amongst a few positive things, i was told something i did not want to hear about my current relationship. The woman reading my cards must have picked up on this and said to me “Sorry, i can’t tell you what you want to hear, just what the cards read”.

Being only human, i got a little worried. Despite my own personal opinion, listed above, now i’m questioning things. It’s certainly made me much more interested in learning what others think about Tarot!

Tell me what you think? Is the future according to Tarot set in stone? Are the cards real? All a bundle of shit? Any amazingly accurate readings? Or complete joke readings…

Thank you 🙂

Answer by Misslynn
my aunt does that stuff just for giggles and most everything that she read came true……its crazy

Answer by Steve N
I used to read tarot for money and I can tell you that it is a con game. You use the first cards to learn as much as you can about your client and then make educated guesses on the last card.

Answer by priestess
my tarot cards are very accurate, you really need to be happy with the deck you choose, i use it as a guide more then anything..if something negative stands out..its a chance for me to change the outcome..:)

Answer by Schmo
I kind of have a problem with the Tarot. Not religiously, but logically I don’t know where the information is coming from. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t just take what people say, especially if I don’t know where the information is coming from, or the person giving the information. I need to be able to verify information. If I don’t know the source of it, I can’t verify it as well.

Since I don’t know what the source of the information is in a Tarot reading, where it comes from, I don’t really count it as valid.

Answer by Stallion S
They’re fake.

Answer by Emma L
I see pictures in the cards I really don’t translate it in anyway by number or by like the drawing like queen or joker, I get this feeling and a sense that’s all.

Answer by Mrs Avatard
IMHO Tarot can be very accurate & a good reader will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. It can make you aware of underlying problems that need to be brought into a persons consciousness & processed in the appropriate manner. I would not take all she said as gospel but encourage you to live your life the way you see fit & see what happens in the future with your r/ship. Hopefully the reading opened your eyes & has caused you to think deeply about what is right for you.

You have a good view of the cards.

Answer by pyro
im did a reading for and here it is
card one what you need to take with you enjoy what you have even if you don’t anything you wish
card two what you need too leave behind what you are planing don’t
card three this is your next step you are considering doing possible with this relationship don’t
card four rid yourself of relationship and in general clean up your life
i sense i commitment that shouldn’t be
this is only entertainment

Answer by philebus
Tarot readers are very good at reading their customers rather than their cards – you can see people such as Derrin Brown imitate their skills with impressive results, fooling people into thinking he has special powers. The difference is that he doesn’t claim to be psychic – he uses observation, psychology and suggestion. When the tarot readers can do something that Derrin Brown and co can’t, then I might pay them more attention.

However, the claims are more shaky than that. To being with, tarot cards have no occult origins, they were created in the mid 15th century to play card games, the picture cards taking as their theme a Christian triumph procession. No mystery at all, how else could the games have spread throughout continental Europe without – contrary to popular myths – meeting opposition from the Church? Unknown to most English speakers, the games are still played in many European countries with great popularity. So, fortune telling with tarot cards is no different in kind to using regular playing cards, dominoes, knuckle bones or chicken entrails.

Now consider if it even makes sense that we could have knowledge of the future – many of the same logical paradoxes that cause people to object to time travel apply with just as much force.

Put this reading behind you and pay it no further thought – it doesn’t deserve it.

Answer by lavonne_parker
As a professional reader myself it sounds to me that you got a pretty good reading. I feel that I have done my job when I give a reading if the questioner goes away with something to think about, that is, a new way of seeing their self and their situation. You certainly got to thinking about a lot of things.

I have been asked many times how tarot works. I think that answer varies for each reader. I often tell those who are curious that the symbols are very similar to alphabet symbols and number symbols. Everyone reads these numbers everyday without really thinking about it. My children read the Golden Arches when they were less than two years old. They would see the golden arches, say McDonald’s, then say they are hungry. By just seeing the Mickey D’s logo my children’s mouths began to salivate and they thought about how their bodies felt and as a result the logo triggered their thoughts, emotions and body.

Reading a book, full of alphabet symbols, causes emotion, memories, and brings future, past and present to mind.

Hopefully, my explanation gives an idea of how the tarot can work…through symbols, not unlike logos and the alphabet.

When I read cards, I just read the symbols. Because each card is enmeshed with symbols that’s where my intuition and self trust comes in. I use my gut instincts to sift through which symbols to actually read.

And “yes” they do work. An educated reader that understands the symbols and has thorough knowledge of the tarot AND trusts her/himself can accuratley translate the cards for you.

I use the cards for games and a variety of activities that build communication, self knowledge and conflict resolution as well as readings.

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