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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are you afraid to have your Tarot Cards read?

Some people get excited to have there Tarot Cards read, but others are very very afraid. Why is that? What’s the big deal?

Answer by Clay
Most who are afraid link Tarot to Theistic Satanism (like hardcore Christians). I’m not afraid to have them read, because I think they are mainly bogus.

Answer by Corkey411
Well, i am afraid because i believe to know your future is the greatest burden of all. If it is something bad, your going to try to change it and your might just go to far and end up dying.

If it is good, your might take it for granted and think nothing can harm you. Tarot Cards are very strong and shouldn’t be messed with unless your know what your doing.

Yes, call me crazy, but i have to carry around a blue bead (superstition) in my pocket to protect my self because i believe in tarot cards and all that supernatural stuff. I don’t care if you think i’m crazy. I’ve heard it before.

Answer by I’m not your Granny
Some people are worried about what their future might hold. It’s like knowing your IQ. What would you do if you found out that you actually had a few less IQ points than average? You’d feel very stupid and go into a depression.

Answer by jomonjimmy
No,because it doesn’t mean anything any way,its just for funs.

Answer by Miss 6
No I’m not afraid, I can understand a nervous feeling over having your cards read for a particular subject but not AFRAID! I think people get caught up with all the crap they see in movies in regards to Tarot readers. I think people think we are communicating with the devil or something silly like that. Which is not true we do not communicate with any unseen spirits. I also think that people think that whatever the cards have said is set in stone, again another false assumption. We have free will, so if you ask a question about your job and it says you could lose it, then the obvious next question is how do I prevent myself form losing my job? Or If I am to lose this job, then will I be working soon after this? Tarot is a tool that you can use, its not a master that you listen to, we have free will to change just about any out come the cards predict, you just gotta ask smart questions when you get news you’re not happy with.

Answer by bluesbrother74
no, not afraid to have my cards read….

please read mine for me….use the Hermit card as my identifier….

I can read yours for you if you email me a question…(can do a general reading if you want)….

maybe some more identifying information about you… ie…Brian in Cleveland)…

best wishes.

Answer by Mr. Addams ™²
some people believe that Tarot is the Devil’s work.

Im not afraid. I play “go fish” with them, the kids love it.

Answer by Safÿre
Fear is a sign of ignorance. So anyone who is afraid of Tarot cards is either incredibly stupid or blindly ignorant (such as people indoctrinated in a faith — such as some Xtian faiths).

Tarot cards are nothing more than a window.

Any fool knows that if you start at the beginning of the freeway (and don’t take any exits) you will end up at the end of the freeway. So (for example), if you start abusing alcohol and continue to abuse alcohol, you are going to end up with serious medical problems and an early death. It’s a no-brainer.

A professional reader is merely showing you the sign-posts that are appearing in your current journey. Free Will is your decision. You can choose to continue along your current path, or you can heed/ignore the advice given and consider alternatives that will lead to a better or worse outcome.

It has been my experience that the future is not set in stone. Tarot cards are like a weather forecast — the rest of life is up to you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I asked if I would have a baby soon and got the tarot tower card. What does this mean?

I did a one card tarot reading and got teh tower card. I am confused, and a bit scared. Do you know any more and could you please tell me?

Answer by Union James
Ok here’s what you do. Shuffle the cards and do it again. Keep doing this until you get a nice card. Problem solved! 🙂

Answer by J.
It’s a card, not a gynacologist. It has no idea whether you are your partner are fertile. The huge, infinite, varied universe is not set up so cardboard with a specific pattern on can determine either the future or the health of two individual peoples’ reproductive systems. Try having more sex with your partner instead, your chances of having a baby will improve.

Answer by Pangloss
A one card reading is a yes or no. If the card was drawn right side up, is a yes. Reversed is a no.

Answer by Arex
Well in Tarot the Tower meanings great upsetting change.

But Tarot isn’t the most accurate method of telling whether you’ll become pregnant or not ;D

Answer by treebard
It means that even as you plan on having a baby there needs to be fortifications made, becasue disruptions in life are best prepared for. Would you go camping without a tent? Have a baby without savings or a place to live that is safe? The card is a strong reminder to be preparing yourself for a baby.

Answer by Mature Witch
The tower is messed up communication. It is yelling instead of talking. It is blaming instead of reasoning to an answer. It is an exression of anger when one could have easily used the energy for peace.

What I see is that you and your significant other are not both on the same page. There is an unresolved issue. Are you accidentally, and totally not on purpose, making him feel quilty because you haven’t conceived. One misplaced word can bring down his tower.

Lighten up on him. Love each other. Forget about the baby and think about your significant other. Be together and be in love. Then the baby will take the invitation and surprise you both.

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
The Tower appearing for a question like this can mean a lot of things. If you are already pregnant, the child would likely arrive earlier than expected and complications are possible. Please see your physician/OBGYN.

If you are able to conceive and are wanting to have a child, then it is likely an indication that you are not quite ready for the responsibility of being a parent to this child and that the pregnancy will occur unexpectedly. If this would be your first child, she or he will definitely change your life completely.

The Tower can also be an indication of someone who cannot have children for some reason. Seeing your physician/OBGYN to discuss pregnancy matters is always the right choice.

Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
Use at least 3 cards for a question. See what happens then. If you are not familiar with the cards, you shouldn’t be doing this yourself.

If your answer is negative, then use the Law of Attraction to change the outcome.

Go to www.abraham.hicks.com for more information on the Law of Attraction.

Answer by Mystie010
The tower card is all about something that is built upon lies or falsehoods that are about to be suddenly revealed. Yes the Tower is often perceived as a bad card, but it really does depend upon the context in which you are using it and also its position in a spread. Without knowing the full spread it is difficult to advise as the position of the card really is crucial. My advice is forget all about it, as its not worth bothering about and the good thing about this card is that no matter what may or may not happen or is supposed to happen – the end result with this card particularly, is that it will happen for the best and you will only realize this once it has happened. Seriously, just forget it nothing and no-one can really predict the future. Hope this helps.

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