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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there laws concerning psychic services and tarot reading in Washington State? California?

Hey there,
I was wondering if there were any laws concerning psychic services, specifically tarot card reading in Washington and California. I have been reading tarot for a very long time. I was thinking I would hand out calling cards to clients and read in my own home. Is this legal?
Also, what about taxes?

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I would contact those state local governments to find out if you need a license. I wouldn’t take the word of someone on Yahoo answers. If they are wrong, it could cause you problems.

The county or city governments are usually the ones that pass ordinances about Tarot reading. Where I live in Florida, they have changed it several times. We had to have a license at one time and now we don’t. It is only a problem if you read at psychic fairs or bookstores.

If you are only planning to read only at your home, I don’t think it will be a problem for you even if you pass out cards, not matter what the law is. But if a license is required, and you feel uncomfortable about not having one, then of course get it. In Florida, we had a background check and paid a yearly fee.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Will someone do a tarot reading for me please ?

Can someone please do a tarot reading for me ? 🙂 thx
P.S. : don’t comment if you aren’t going to help!

Answer by daveried33
I hope thy want a lot of money for doing it,cos if your stupid enough to believe what the cards say,then you are silly enough to pay

Answer by Cindy
I can do one for you. You can either edit your question here, or send me an email. The information I like to have is your astrological sign or favorite number. You can also let me know if you have a specific question or area you are interested in, or is it just a general reading? I look forward to hearing from you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when two magician cards appear in one tarot reading from the same deck? Not possible or ?

During a Tarot reading, with a well-known and well-used deck, two Magician cards came up (both visible at the same time)… which should not be possible?

Answer by sly phy .. evil apricot
Of course its possible.

a solution: there were two magician cards in the deck to start with.

not a solution: an extra magician card magically appeared out of nothing.

Answer by Fed up with the crap here
It means you’re superstitious and gullible for thinking tarot cards mean anything at all.

Answer by sparky_dy
It could mean one of three things:

1. You shuffled the deck a bit too well between turning up successive cards, and the magician card that you had already replaced found its way back to the top.

2. You mistook another card for the magician.

3. There could actually be two magician cards in the deck. Try counting the cards ….. there should be 22 trumps, 14 coins, 14 cups, 14 wands and 14 swords.

Answer by Lillith
Sounds like the Thoth deck that comes with 2 magician cards. Usually people will pull one of the cards from the deck and set it off to the side. So, who ever was shuffling, did not pull the extra magician out.
Most other decks do not have extra cards so this would not happen unless there is a fresh new deck and the collator machine back at the facotry put two magician cards into the stack, it happens, but it’s not supposed to be like that.

Answer by Severus8
Aparently your deck had one of those cards that stick during packaging. I would not take any meaning out of it.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I believe the Thoth deck has two magician cards. I don’t know of any other decks that do. If you are not using a deck that should have two of these cards, then obviously a card from another deck had been mixed in by mistake. In any event, there is no important meaning when this has happened.

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