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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any magical spells or charms to tell if you are pregnant?

My freind read my palms awhile back and she said that I would get pregnant soon, I also got a tarot reading that said I would conceive of a baby soon, well I recently had sex about six days ago and took a pregnancy test that said negative, but is there any way magically to tell if I am with or about to be with child due to the egg traveling down the fallopian tube? Please explain

Answer by Kyle
Yeah. You’re pregnant.

Answer by Markk M

Answer by Flanigan McGrudder
You could try dancing magic dance or possibly jumping magic jump as depicted in the movie Labyrinth.

Answer by Emilio
Try another Tarot reading. In some cases, “The Empress” card, (symbol of Mother Earth) may indicate a pregnancy.

Answer by Juditabandita
Yes. But it involves killing a rabbit.

If I were you id just pretend the stick test is a magic wand.

Answer by pamela k
you go to the doctor.

what, are we living in the dark ages here?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Need information about Tarot card reading?

I recently had a tarot card reading and i was just thinking about it when i went for the reading i didnt really feel drawn to any of the cards so i just picked 6 ramdom cards would this have any effect on the accuracy of my reading?

Answer by Cindy
Nope it wouldn’t have any effect on the accuracy. The picked cards are the picked cards. In fact the ones you picked without really feeling drawn to them might possibly be the most pure ones, uninfluenced by anything and able to tell you their message most clearly.

Answer by Boba Fett
Feeling drawn to the cards doesn’t matter. That’s just an emotion.

Tarot cards are paper & ink. They don’t know anything, they have no message and they couldn’t tell you if they did. But I like the pretty pictures.

Answer by vid
Some readers suggest that you pick your cards. That could actually be quite an accurate reading. However, I usually shuffle the cards, but if a card(s) fall out I take special notice of them. 6 random cards could possibly be the cards you were supposed to get. However, I hope when choosing those cards you were thinking about your question because if you weren’t thinking of your question it might not be accurate.

Answer by tarot_realms
yes.. it could. There are going to be some that will tell you no, it didn’t, because it’s your subconscious… but personally, I think if you weren’t drawn to them, you weren’t connecting with your ‘higher self’ or the energy or the question.

Many readers use that technique.. personally, I feel it is partly my job to connect with the client’s energy and feel the cards when shuffling and choosing.

Did the reading ring true for you ? Perhaps you should get another reading..

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Trudy

No darling, none at all.

It would be the readers ability to interpret the cards chosen that would determine the quality of the reading.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What site gives you free tarot and psychic reading or any other type of readings from real people ? thanks?

Different cultures do different types of reading for the future? I am curious of the different ones and how spot are they. Thanks

Answer by Alexia Riveria
the world.

Answer by Ask Me Your Name
If you have msn : astrobot@botmetro.net

Free tarrot reading and others everyday

Answer by Rose
google and the world!! haha thats a funny one!!

Answer by mRS.eFRON!!!
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Answer by Fred F
Kaye B Try Jesus…Don’t get involved with occults..It will destroy your life..Only God can give you real answers for your life. Ask Jesus to reveal himself to you. And you will see things in your life you never knew exist. Doors will open that you never new exist. Try with reading the book of John in the Bible..He will change your life….Thanks Mr Freeman…………

Answer by ind-a-go
I’m always updating this web page with all my tips and recommendations about how to find free psychics and tarot readers: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/free-psychics.html

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