Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any Fiction Novels based after Tarot Cards?

I am (not to show off or anything) advanced in the art of Divination – preferably in the Major and Minor Arcana Tarot Cards. I’m also a avid reader of fiction, i.e. in Fantasy, Horror and Bizarro Fiction. I hope to write a High fantasy novel based after Tarot cards and ore? If so, what am I suppose to be looking for?
(P.S. If any of you have any ideas for the “Divination Fiction” ideas, I’d gladly accept them)

Answer by Stephen O
A few of Tim Powers’ books had characters who represented the major arcana. Can’t recall which titles exactly, but google is your friend…

Answer by redunicorn
Actually the best ones are the Amber books by Roger Zelazny. His characters used the cards to travel.

Piers Anthony did a series on them that was horrible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : A question for psychics or Tarot Readers?

The person in question has a birthdate of 2/2/73. What the hell is going on with this person, and when will we be in contact?

I tried doing a spread for myself, but I tend to manipulate my own readings, so any and all insight is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer by Devu Joshi
I spread it for myself and finds that ‘he’ really is a nice person. You will meet soon and the future will be happy and you will not be sorry in any way. Be happy.

Answer by Merry Irish
I pulled three cards for your question:

The Star (opportunity)
7 of Swords (avoidance or shirking)
The Hanged Man (decisions need to be made; throwing self at fate’s feet)

Based on the question I asked, I interpret this to mean that the person in question has been offered a huge opportunity, and that he’s avoiding contact with other people while he’s making his decision. I suspect that he’s actually stalling, expecting the situation to work out for itself, which is why it’s taking so long.

(I don’t normally do blind pulls, but hope that helped. When he calls, tell me if I was right. πŸ˜‰

Answer by Miss Tristessa
Okay, I drew three cards and asked what is going on with him, why isn’t he in contact with you, and when will be get back in contact with you:

2 of Swords
8 of Swords
5 of Wands

I interpret this to mean is that right now he’s stuck in the middle of something and has to make a decision of some kind. He isn’t contacting you because he really has to deal with this situation first – he’s metaphorically “tied up” right now. I agree that it looks like he’s stalling – he doesn’t want to admit that only he can sort this out, and is waiting for someone to “rescue” him.

The 5 of Wands indicates that although this situation is annoying and frustrating, there’s nothing hugely wrong and it will eventually have a happy ending. So it seems that you will be in contact again at some point.

Timing is hard to tell, but I’m guessing give it 5 weeks or so before you start panicking.

Answer by Miss 6
I did a 3 card spread as well and got
1) 5 of Rods Reversed
2) 5 of Swords Reversed
3)6 of Swords Reversed

Well it looks like this person had to work through a lot of problems maybe in the career field or a personal relationship. If s/he hasn’t contacted you it’s probably because his/her business has picked up and s/he isn’t able to contact you. Even though it they may be able to rest from any personal problems they are having – the problem will pick back up again maybe be a little worse this time around. The 6 of swords reverse indicate a delay in travel so if you were hoping to see this person it won’t be soon something will come up.
Timing has always been tricky swords represents an undetermined time but rods generally represent weeks.

Hope this helped.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card reader

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