Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Tarot cards real?

I recently went to a psychic after a bad series of events happened in my life. She was highly recommended on Google with great reviews and this was my first time. She pulled out Tarot cards and began the session. She asked me what had been going on in my life and then asked me what I wanted to know. Anyway, I told her the mishaps in my relationship and then asked her if things would get better. She layed the cards out and went on to tell me that he was cheating on me with his best friend and that she would become pregnant by him. I was shocked and ever sense have been obsessing about it. Even to the point that I am waking up crying and heart broken from horrible dreams. My relationship isnt getting better because of this and I feel I made a big mistake. I dont know what to believe??? Can someone set me straight on if I should believe all this??
If the cards are real and she read what they said to me, then how is she not telling the truth? And to my knowledge she is not pregnant? She also said this would happen in 3 months and I had the reading this June

Answer by Donna
The cards are real, the rest isn’t.

Answer by Susan Smith
Tarot cards aren’t real beyond any emotional stock you put into them. Your making yourself a mess about nothing.

The person below me is full of him/herself. Tarot cards can not predict fortunes.

Answer by J.P.
Out of curiousity… was this woman pregnant?

Answer by rubinmarshak
THere is a difference between a psychic and a tarot reader.
I am a tarot reader, and I know this difference.
Tarot cards are real. They are images on cards.
Interestingly enough, when I do readings they come out accurate… So, I suppose there’s something to it.
A tarot reader is just that; Someone who reads tarot cards.
After studying for a long time, one sees the cards almost as if they were just words on a page.

Answer by TEH TYME KITTEH ۩pantheist۩
The cards are real, The hoopla is not

Answer by Alicorna
First off, the ability to read Tarot cards are real. Second, that woman was unethical to tell you those horrible things… There are rules I follow when I read cards.

1) The Death card does not mean someone is going to die, just a major change, a rebirth.
2) Do not say things that will destroy someones life with doubt.
3) Explain the future in not set in stone, it can change due to the choices the questioner makes.

She was probably abusing her gift to get money from you. A lot of paid physics do that.

Edit: IMO, if the person is getting paid, they tell you things that will upset you. They believe if they do, you are likely to come back and pay again, and again, and again.

Go to another reader, one that is free, totally. Not the ones that are ‘first 2 mins free’ bullcrap. Let them do a reading, without telling them anything before hand. See what is said, and compair.

Gods all Bless and good luck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can someone give me a free tarot reading?

Answer by ♪cat nipples♪
the cards say you should do some critical thinking exercises.

Answer by w00ter
There are so many websites that offer free readings – some of them are spookily accurate! I use and am even learning to read for myself now. Also try ifate. But be careful, so many websites just ask you for your details for free readings so they can continually spam you.

Hope that helps 🙂

Answer by George
There is a list of Tarot readers here who are happy to give anyone a Free Tarot Reading.

There’s no catch to this web site, no credit card sign ups.
These people are genuine amateur tarot readers looking to share their skill and get some practice!

Answer by Tea
Yes. I’ll do a general reading using the Rider-Waite deck.

Past: In the past it appears that you were willing to compromise and try to find a middle ground (2 of Pentacles).

Present:You may be having the urge to charge forward with something…even though it might result in negative consequences (Knight of Swords).

Future: It appears that even though you may have something good, you may be wishing for more (7 of Pentacles).

Hidden: The 5 of Pentacles paired with the 3 of Swords indicates that you may be in a questionable relationship or situation that is not only making your life more difficult, but it may also be hurting you emotionally or it may lead to heartbreak or betrayal.

The Challenge: The King of Cups indicates that you might be choosing to stay in this unhealthy situation because you may believe that things will get better. If this is referring to a relationship, you may be thinking this person is your soul mate or true love and you don’t want to give up on them. If it’s a job or some other situation, you may be thinking that if you stick it out, things will get much better later on.

Hopes: You may be hoping for someone to make a commitment about something…or you may just be wanting a committed relationship or a more stable job situation (King of Pentacles).

Fears: However, you may be doubting your self worth, attractiveness etc. (The Empress in a negative position), or your experience/capability level (The Magician in a negative position), and because of this you may be afraid that this opportunity will pass you by (2 of Wands in a negative position).

Your current path: The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you may be just leaving things to chance or riding things out to see where they go without any real plan or definite expectations…just hoping things will work out.

If you continue on your current path: The Fool card suggests that if you stay on this path, you are likely to be taken advantage of or to do something naive or foolish.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Spooky themed party?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a “Spook Night”?

The pub in which I work is very haunted, with weird goings on all the time.

Someone suggested to me about having a “Spook Night”.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make it a good night?

Obviously we’re on a budget, but we are willing to spend about £300 max to get the punters in, and getting them to return in the future!

I know it’s not halloween, but we thought it might be a good idea.

Any suggestions welcome.

Norfolk Dumpling

Answer by purpleflyer2008
You can make any room look eery with tons of fake spider webbing and spiders.

You need to create a special spook drink for the night.


Answer by sarahz
you could make up a flyer about the special night – have it say something like “Come help in our pub’s exorcism” or something like that- write a little bit about the regular haunting’s going on there. tell about specials and what will be going on that night.
you can give away free drink coupons to anyone showing up in a costume, maybe special prize for best costume (free 1/4 barrel party to be used at a later date maybe?)
have waitstaff all dress up as ghost hunters or just wear a regular costume (something scary!)
have some special snacks like- lady fingers, bat wings (chicken wings), fried brains (fried cauliflower)- stuff like that.
have a build your own Bloody Mary bar, or have Bloody Mary’s on special
have a scary movie going on the TVs
start making a list on one of the walls about spooky events that have happened or happened that day, time/date/who witnessed the event- people like to look at that kind of stuff!
maybe hire a tarot card reader or palm reader to give fortunes to your customers!

Answer by Shark party
it´s all in the lighting… low lights or candle light.. a mist or fog coming from behind the bar area…
a special drink only on spooky night and it should be a 2×1 deal..
something like this on a corner or stage


have a drawing or contest for the best spooky story on that night…

make the decor kinda like goth style…

good luck..!!!! boo!!!!

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