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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Tarot Cards real and are they dangerous?

My mum has been to a tarot card reader for 20 years now and she has predicted everything right about what is going to happen in the future, honestly everything she has said has happened, even things which were very unlikely to happen. She has guessed the sex of all my mums children and the months they would be born etc…
So are they real? I do believe in them, i think just because of my mums experiance but what does everyone else think. And has anyone else been to a really good tarot card reader?

Can the cards be dangerous too?

Thank you 🙂

Answer by Gоďs Cорilот
Yes, they exist…and no, they’re nothing more than superstitious garbage.

Answer by SOUL6ESS
Yeah they can give you paper cuts

Answer by C V
There’s no such thing as the supernatural; anyone who claims to have tapped into it is either trying to deceive you, or is deceiving himself (or herself.) Sorry.

Answer by CC
Yes, tarot cards do exist. I have a deck myself. They are in this sense very real.

However, their ability to foretell the future is not. They are not dangerous unless you sharpen the edges and flick them as weapons.

Answer by Randy P
Yes, they really exist. You can buy them. A box of Tarot cards is about the same size as a box of playing cards.

Dangerous? I guess you could get a paper cut from new ones. Or somebody could throw them at you while they’re in the box, that might hurt.

Answer by Elijah Truth
Very dangerous, death is satan, literally a spirit that is unseen by most all people, but when you invite it in your home, if of God He pulls back from you {{Deut:28th chapter}} and death begins its secret attack upon you and your family…for proof that death/satan/allah has been located by Gods science and His code/keys given for His now end of sickness and Yes death/satan rev:21:4 go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the about page and services page are images of allah/satan/death …it has BEGUN…

Answer by Curtis
If their power is real then that proves there is a God. If there is power in witchcraft that comes from the devil then there has to be a God. If there is evil then there is good.

Answer by Felicia
Yes, tarot cards and fortune telling are dangerous and demonic. When she starts doing now stuff, you go into a silent place in your house and pray and begin to plead the Blood Of Jesus in the house. Ask God to deliver her from that and tell the devil to break away from her in the name of Jesus and go to the pitts of hell where it came from. Keep praying for God to deliver her.

Answer by Misscpb

They are not dangerous

Answer by carolyne
Yes, they do exist and give very real insights, no matter which confession or belief system you believe in. Approach them with peace in your heart, not with fear. They can be a tremendous tool of self-transformation.

Answer by Jeannie
The idea that tarot cards are dangerous or have anything to do with “the devil” is absurd. That is superstitious nonsense. Cards are just pictures and symbols. Symbols have no meaning except what we give them. People who apply their superstitious ideas to tarot cards are simply ignorant and should educate themselves.

“It’s all about games. Mankind has forever been drawn to the playing of games. Games of chance, games of skill and gambling. Tarot cards evolved from ancient playing cards and they differ from standard playing cards only in the fact that more cards were added to a deck of regular playing cards. The added cards were the trumps known as “trionfi” which means triumps. Also added were four queens and the fool.”

Playing cards have been used for divination long before the first Tarot card deck was created, and the game of tarot is still played as a game of chance just like any other card game. It was the French who first popularized the use of Tarot cards for divination, but cards have always been used for that.

No, a deck of cards are not dangerous. I can’t even get a “paper cut” with them.

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