Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are “TAROT CARDS” a safe method to use for looking into the future, or is it just all wrong to begin?

My question is: “Are tarot cards and psychic readings (sorry, couldn’t come up with a better word) dangerous? If so, why & how would you know?

Answer by Miss 6
No they are NOT dangerous. First off Tarot cards give you insight on current situations. As long as you understand that you have free will and can change an outcome to a tarot reading then you’ll be fine. I always tell people I read for to take things with a grain of salt and to remember they have Free Will.
There are no spirits or demons involved in either situation (tarot or psychic). Tarot picks up on your frequencies not spirits.
I hope this helped

*its not a sin!

Answer by Jessica R
If you are religious it is a sin. is it dangerous? i would say not. Trying to get in contact with spirits is.

Answer by Mz. Beautiful
No they’re not dangerous. But the card are only as good as the psychic. The cards will tell the truth, but it takes a well trained psychic to reveal their true meaning.

Answer by lame_saint
Your answers are going to vary widely based on the beliefs of the people who answer you, rather than actual fact.

I personally believe that the majority of these kinds of things are just dupes invented for publicity, so now you know that my answers are colored by a lack of belief in the paranormal. Keeping that in mind… I would say that the only danger in a psychic reading is your reaction to the reading (e.g. a phony psychic tells you that “John” is the man you were meant to marry. You marry John. John then turns out to be a wife-beater…)

However, if I DID believe that every psychic was a bonified expert in their field, I would still tell you that a Ouija board is dangerous. Even people who tinker with this stuff say that you can occasionally get a Spirit/Ghost/whatever that wants to harm you (e.g. You are a whaler for a living and you accidentally contact the ghost of Steve Erwin. Steve takes offence to your whale slaying ways and decides that a little revenge from the grave is in order…)

Answer by CassysTarot
Tarot cards are only dangerous if you don’t understand their use and purpose, and if you fixate on them. Beginners to tarot cards are not really equipped to rely on their own interpretations. It takes years to develop the skill and to really understand, so beginners tend to buy a deck, lay out some cards, look at the answers in a book, and then make rash decisions based on what they read, or have unjustified beliefs about what the book says. So, in that way, it can be dangerous. But overall, no, the tarot cards are not dangerous. They are not demonic. A deck of paper has never caused demonic possession or any of that sort of urban myth stuff. I just always caution beginners not to take their beginner spreads too seriously as it does take years to learn.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
They are originally game cards. If you play poker, you will understand how rare it is to be dealt a royal flush. Not impossible but rare. Now add a lot more cards and have inverse card positions. You will more likely to win the lottery than get the same spread twice in a row.

I’ve been to a place that mass produces these cards. (My company sells playing cards) Same inks, cardboard, and presses make other products. Does that make my cereal box have magical powers? So what make tarots so special?

That answer is nothing. It is randomness and the tarots are only props. Just like tea leaves are props. So are astrology charts. They depend on the randomness of the orbits of gas and rock.

So safety is not an issue. They are just useless.

Answer by Scorpio
Would you consider yourself “dangerous”?

If I said that Tarot cards are only cards, and their meanings are in the Symbols on the cards… But the real understanding of the meaning is individual, because each person’s understanding of “world memory” and symbols are individual – Then are Tarot cards Dangerous?

If I said everyone has the entire Tarot deck inside of them, and that the Tarot cards that are physical are only key cards to unlock the understanding of what they mean, the meaning of the Tarot Within… then are Tarot cards Dangerous?

Wrong or right is a decision you have to make, for yourself. People will tell you what they feel was right for them… It does not mean it applies to you.

You can consider it dangerous, if you’re afraid to look inside of yourself and truly see what is there.

You can consider it harmless, if you’re the kind of person who can adapt to life’s changes, no matter what comes…

The Tarot deck in itself is only card stock with fancy art on it. The meaning of the symbols are as rendered by the artist (who in turn have their own esoteric beliefs on the matter, that’s why they express it the way the have) The history of the Tarot is pretty much debated. But the beginning of using Tarot decks for divination is quite understandable… = people have always wanted to know what’s coming, because they’re always searching for coherence.

If you’re curious, and you want to know, then open Pandora’s box for yourself… 😉 It’s like a box of every-flavoured candies. You’ll never know what you’ll get… but you’ll never know without trying…

I can say though that even if you go for it… Unless if there are sets of circumstances out of your control.. like being stuck in a messy triangle where in you’re dangling while waiting for the decisions of two other people… (but even that is not big problem, if you Know Yourself)

Each Tarot reading is about You, the things on your plate and what you feel you should do about it.

A Tarot reader can tell you things represented by each card, but the meanings will always fall into what you understand, what you can live with, what you can live without and what you’re going to do about it…

It’s about Choices, and Free Will and how much you are able to understand the workings of your Inner Being.

The best use for Tarot, (likewise with Astrology) I believe, is using it as a Tool to Know Yourself… so in that sense… if you find yourself attracted to Tarot cards and the Notion of Tarot readings, then you’d have to decide for yourself… Do you want to open your Pandora’s box, or do you just leave it alone, because you heard from someone that it’s “Dangerous”…

Pandora’s Box will always be there waiting… 😉

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
No they are not dangerous and I know because I do psychic readings and have been helping people for 18 years.

How can something be wrong that gives a person hope who has been feeling hopeless and makes a person optimistic about the future when they have given up.

And what the reading says is not carved in stone. Almost everything can be changed by making new choices and that is the whole idea. To show people where they are going wrong and helping them to correct it.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the setup for tarot cards?

I own a pack of tarot cards titled “Tarot: The Complete Kit” from running press. It is by Dennis Fairchild. This kit comes with cards, a booklet, and a paper with instructions on how to set up the tarot cards in two different ways. I have lost the setup paper. If anyone has this same set and still has that paper it would be great if you could describe the set up to me. Please and thank you. ^-^

Answer by Crazy W
Write the people who make them and see if you can replace it. They are tarot cards so they should be used like any other deck.

Answer by Curiosity/Satisfaction

The best I could do & find
Good luck

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

By set up do you mean layouts? Join our forum, it has a few!
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is there a site that i can put in the tarot cards to get a reading?

i have a set of tarot cards but i want to know if im reading the spread correctly.

Answer by Geezah
There’s no universally “correct” way to interpret how all the cards fit together in a reading. The same card can take on different specific meanings in different contexts. Learn the overall meanings of each individual card (your deck should have at least contained a little white book), and use your own mind to interpret what you see.

Answer by Cindy
Tell us what the spread is, and what the cards are. There are several tarot readers on this site that would be happy to give you an interpretation. The problem with the automated sites is that they don’t offer meanings that are in context to the reading. However if you want to, gives you card meanings, as does

Answer by BrianJ
Your cards should have come with a book… i always throw mine away but they do come in the box or they are at least supposed to.

Answer by Misscpb

Hopefully the site below can help you interpret your cards ok:-

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

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