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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone have any suggestions in what worked best for you in learning the Tarot?

I have a handful of decks, and have dabbled in reading some books. Thought about taking a course. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!!!

Answer by Robert H
My wife and I team teach a course at a local college (see link below). We teach both an intuitive and a structured approach. The structured approach involves using books and mechanically applying the meaning. The intuitive method tells a story.

I’m sure some of the other answers you will get will list some web sites and online courses.

Obviously, I’d suggest you look into a course that uses both written meanings and intution. Most people go to a reader expecting the “intuitive” approach. However, when reading for yourself, you need something objective.

But here’s one piece of advice that will shock folks reading this. If your instructor starts off with the Celtic Cross – run away! My wife and I start students off with one card readings for themselves for 3 weeks, then a 3 card reading, then reading for classmates, and in lesson 5, they can read for someone outside of class using several different spreads – and none of them are the Celtic Cross.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Pam R

I have studied the tarot for over 20 years & I run workshops & a home study course. But I still learnt the frustrating way – like a lot of people lol.

I tell students that it is best learnt & enjoyed like a slow pleasant journey. Buy all the books that you feel drawn to, learn how to meditate on the cards, build a friendship with them & use them in one way or another every day.

Join my group below, its all free – we have tarot tasks during the week to practice on & you can ask as many questions about your study & confusuions over the tarot as you wish.


Answer by Lillith
Just play with them and keep a journal. Read as much as you can, don’t get stuck with just one way of meaning.
There are many good sites to help you with your studies, a quick google search will give you that info.

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