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Im in a huge rut. I know some people who have had extremely accurate readings. Im looking for a cheap almost free one that can give me the tiniest insight as to what to expect in life even if it is stating the obvious. any advice? dont waste your time if your a cynical ***** looking to give negative responses.
some of you people are the rudest most ignorant people i have ever come into contact with. dont force your religious beliefs on me i will choose to do what i want to do.

Answer by Chris Ancor
No. None here.

Answer by Splash Frog
If you expect a silly deck of cards with pictures on them to dictate your life, then expect to stay in your rut..

Answer by Light
I do actually have a deck of the major arcana that I mess around with for fun sometimes. Gimme a minute and i’ll edit this post.

I’m no witch… infact i’m an atheist with an unnatural curiosity in religious items, but here’s what I used and what I came up with.

I used a simple spread that went 1 3 2. 1 Was what is going on right now, 2 is whatll happen in the future, and 3 is what you should do about it.

For the first card I revealed the Devil card. Is there anything you’ve really been trying to hold back from doing, restraining yourself from? It seems there could be something you want to give in to, but won’t because of another obstacle in your life.

For the second card I pulled Temperance. This is the future part of my spread and what i’m pulling from this is that you’re trying to achieve something you’re not likely to get right away. (Kind of funny how this blends in with the first card. o.0 )

The final card or your advice card, was the Hierophant. The negative side to this card is that you may be being too stubborn, and need to loosen up a bit to get the thing you desire. The positive side is remembering you’re not alone when things turn to chaos, and you can eventually make it through to your life.

To sum up, there’s something you really desire, and you’re holding yourself back. You need to plan out how to get it, and expect this to take time. You may have to go beyond what you’re comfy with, but don’t fret as there are people there to support you.

If you don’t know what you want, just think about it or something. There’s also a chance cards hate me and this could be just an unlucky pull of the cards.

In any case, I hope I helped.

Answer by MynameisDnice
You will hav to pay something for the reading but if they tell you something more dont buy it . Tarot cards are real u just.hav to go to the right person who will tell you the truth and not what you wanna hear.also someone who will not try to milk you . Good luck.

Answer by ☠justgetitright
You think you are in a rut and that a Tarot reading will tell you what to do.

Keep up with the Tarot readings and you won’t eve be able to afford the rut that you are in, keep playing with Tarot and you will dig yourself a hole to hell.

Want to get out of the rut, try joining a Church and let God help you out of your rut. Tarot, Astrology, Tea leaf readings, just the occult in general are all ways to convince you that God does not exist and that you have no need for him.

Well well, we hit a sore spot. Tell it to your Tarot cards. No one is forcing anything on you, unless you think that a suggestion is forcing.

Answer by Not a Member
I read Tarot cards for years… multiple decks… and studied the occult. It’s really all about training your mind to recognize your intuition and nothing more. I got so good at it that I no longer needed the cards (or any other form of divination). Train your own mind to do what mine does and stop relying upon others to show you the way.

Answer by George
There’s a group of Tarot readers here that will do a reading for you online.

Some read for free and others are full time professionals.

Take a look at who’s available and see if you feel a connection with any of them.

Answer by DiamondZ
Yes i know a site where you can get your first 3 mins FREE on a reading!

Let me know your Email add.

Answer by Tea
In the past it appears you may have been disappointed or hurt by someone or by a certain situation (3 of Swords).

In the present moment you appear to be leaving things to chance and waiting to see where it will take you (Wheel of Fortune).

In the future you should probably take more control of the situation and go after what you want (King of Wands).

In other words, it’s time to take the wheel and start being the driver of your own life. The time for being the passenger is over.

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Someone answer this for me, please. I’ve been seeing a lot of psychics and tarot card readers, and they all say different things. However, now that I’ve had the time to think, I’m starting to realize psychics can’t be real because we have the free will to change our future. . . what do you guys think?

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Hi, the reason I created my profile on Yahoo Answers is specifically to be able to answer question like this. I was very “drawn” to both Tarot and “Angel” cards (the sugar coated pretty ones masquerading as real angels) and I gave it a go, I purchased some Angel cards from the spirituality section of my local Boarders book shop. I have always had a fascination for all things new age and hunger for knowledge and I guess comfort. I took the pack home and started doing “readings” all the messages were very nice and sweet and I thought well, this is ok. I had my Bible to hand as I was a bit scarred of what I may be messing with, and already had a good faith in Jesus and God and felt sure they would protect me if I was barking up the wrong tree. I felt instantly that on some level this was not actually a good thing, and I was compelled to open the Bible at that point, for an answer and guidance, and the page I randomly opened it on was the message that my eyes fell upon, it said “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God-I say this to your shame.” Well it hit home and I threw the cards out immediately. Although I “wanted” to keep them I could not ignore God’s message. And now here’s the weird thing, 4 months later I totally forgot about the warning message and I found myself curious again and progressed from a few weeks of playing with crystals and books on aura’s etc to buying ANOTHER set of “Angel” cards. It was like a seduction, they drew me in. Long story short I ended up with a set of angel cards and they told me such wonderful things, there was def a power in them as the same readings and spread kept coming up, I felt truly connected to the divine and would sit there with my bible, say a prayer and then use them, forgetting that I had had the warning before. I even decide buying a proper “tarot deck” would be a good idea! I still wasn’t sure about the tarot cards and so they were still in the box but I was using the angel cards. I then decided to try an online 7 day tarot reading “for free” to dabble a bit and see what it was like, the seven day reading came up with a card for each day, all was fine until I saw Wednesday… Yes you’ve guessed it, the DEATH card was there. ****** was my first thought, I then spent ages reading up on internet how it “rarely” means actual death of you or a person you love, more that a big change is coming! Something is dying in your life and a new beginning is coming. It was a bit reassuring, but not allot!! So at the weekend before THE Wednesday I was by the seaside and decided I needed more reassurance and so went to see a “professional” tarot reader. He did the reading and I got no feeling of love or anything else good from him. It all felt very dark. Death came up AGAIN and he reassured me that it didn’t mean mine but that a change was coming etc and that there would need to be about 8 other cards present to indicate my actual death. I felt reassured of that but the “wrong” feeling to it all still left me uneasy. So last week there I was sat at my kitchen table again doing a reading to the so called “Angels” cards “the nice cards”, and they were telling me wonderful stuff I felt a real connection with them, and then out the blue I just thought, hold on, this doesn’t feel right, the messages on some of the cards would ask you to pray to these “angels” for help on certain issues etc. And if there angels, why did I have to pass the cards through burning sage as the author of the cards Doreen Virtue advised n the book. She also tells you on some of her cards to knock them with your fist the first time you use them to get rid of any “Lower Energies” how scarry is that! And whats Angelic about that? I dont have to knock my Bible!! Its more like witchcraft!!
So as I was sat there I opened my Bible again and the exact page I opened it at was the message I had been shown from God before: “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Come back to your senses as you ought, and stop sinning; for there are some who are ignorant of God-I say this to your shame.” O my God!!!! How had I forgotten that this happened before??!! I really didn’t want to as I felt so comforted and connected to these Angel cards but I threw them and my unused Tarot Cards away. And I had a book that you open to any page for a message from an Angel that went to. The next morning I woke up OBSESSING about wanting the cards back, I reasoned that maybe it was a coincidence that the page opened just before the reading this time so maybe it was a fluke etc. I needed the cards back, they were my friends the pull was amazing. I dropped to my knees and said a prayer to God and Jesus asking them for help, knowing that I was going to retrieve them from the outside bin. I asked for a clear message of help and direction, I picked up my new Bible I had purchased recently wh
Don’t believe these tarot people that say they are fine and that it’s just films and religions that have given them a bad name. It’s not, and the reason so many people ask the question just like you and worry is because on a deep level they know, you know, I knew, that there is something wrong with it all, but the allure of them gota hold of me and I ignored the truth. I now personally I liken them to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We are shown not to take from them, but we have a choice in that. The cards provide predictions and knowledge of good and evil, some of the cards nice, some of them disturbing bad and evil– i.e. devil, death etc. I hope I’m forgiven for my ignorance.
Sorry guys some of my message was missing, to conclude: I picked up my new Bible I had purchased recently which contains both the Old and New testaments, I had only had a new one before and thought I would give the Old Testament a go. My new Bible has aprox one thousand two hundred pages of small text. The page I opened it and that I looked at first said “Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin.” I could not reason this away nor did I seek to, I knew it as the truth, there was no way I was not being spoken to and seriously warned. Even if they were not evil and wrong as God so clearly showed me, they’re a deck of cards that cover all experiences of life. GOOD and the BAD.So even if they were “OK” they claim 2 be telling you the good and the bad coming your way.And I’m telling you it’s no fun when you get a bad prediction, the sense of dread and fear is awful
I have no excuse now though so I will not go there again and don’t want to!! I’m sure the Devil or the dark forces, fallen angels etc that are not of God and Jesus will not like this post and so those under their influence will seek to criticize. Maybe my experience will tell some of them what they already know and give them the strength to come back to God. Whatever your concept of God is, sit quietly and trust your heart on these things as this is where he speaks to us, listen and trust that warning you will hear, Hope this helps someone not experience what I did, it was terrible. God Bless, Mark

Written by Kablan

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