Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any one super depressed about Shadow Kiss? Any thoughts or hopes for the next book?

Now it is really sad when I finished the book and found myself literally crying in my bed at three in the morning. Can someone please give and predictions to the next book or comments about Shadow Kiss ? Some that can make me understand why Richelle Mead wrote the things she did

Answer by Shelby Marie
haha im glad to see I’m not the only one this depressed and crazed over this too…

i think since she’s making 2 more that it plans an AMAZING plot for them…even though Dimitri…i can’t even say it….maybe MAYBE he’ll come back.
Like if Rose were to kill him with Lissa right there then heal him for him to come back to life!
it just opens so many doors

Answer by killercheez3
ahhh… I was so said at what Richelle Mead did too. I’m guessing the next book is on how rose is trying to get Dimitri back…but I’m not exactly sure about the 5th book… I want to know what happens though. I was so happy for them..then…BOOM…it made me really sad.

Answer by Bella
I just finishes readin it tday and Im soo depressed. they were my fave couple and i cant belive tht hes turned strigoi. I really hope she finds him and she brings him back somehow cuz they are totally meant to be together forever.

Answer by Natasha B
I also thought I was the only one who cared about them. I really hope she brings him back especially after they finally worked things out and had everything going for each other. I thought they were going to go to where the princess lived and then they where going to get discovered and go through that together. I still don’t understand why she wrote that but I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

Answer by ChelseaChaotic™
I’m late reading the book, but I’m still going to give my two cents about this book!Lol.
I was so happy that they got together, I mean words can’t even describe this.I think I need therapy.I feel like I lost someone very close.
I just can’t stop crying.I hope, I’m praying to God, that Rose and Demetri will get back to how the things were!I mean after all that time, too.I’m so missing a part of me, and it won’t be filled until she has the next book out!Now, I’m going to be depressed for a very long time. :'(

Answer by R33sez-P!3sez
Here this might help:

I got so upset to, but I really hope in the end Rose and Dimitri will be together some how

Answer by Dear Prudence
OH MY GOD, I thought I was the only one freaking out about this. I told one of my friends about it, and she looked at me like I was crazy. I always hate happy endings but I was so hoping Rose and Demitri would get one.

But theres going to be 2 more ?! No way, do you know when they are going to be out?

Answer by katie
omg me too!
i have no idea how the series could go on, but it must! i mean, rose has lost everything! dimitri and lissa now too, well, technically she leflt lissa, but i think they need some time apart for a bit. but it’s just so sad. i mean, she’s all alone… where do you guys think she’ll look for him? i was thinking maybe serbia or wherever he came from? but don’t the strigoi have some huge plan? maybe he’s working with them… but i hope not. maybe he’ll be like what natalie hoped ant have really really good self control and not be an evil strigoi… but that’s an oxymoron.ugh. i really hope she doesn’t get over dimitri and then go for adrian. i mean, i actually like adrian and his character, but rose and dimitri are supposed to be together, and i think i took that for granted and was so shocked at how extreme the end was, even with all the foreshadowing i was paying attention to the nonimportant hints when there were alot of big ones right in front of us. but i could def tell something bad was gonna happen when she was all like, well everything is gonna be ok, we’re gonna make this work… that just jynxed it.
also, look up the tarot card meanings, they’re spot on.
but it didn’t really help me make any predictions, especially after all the surprises in shadow kiss, my predictions are usualy pretty good, but this book really threw me off.
i love happy endings, but i am emotionally lattached to this one, and there’s a fine line between love and hate and i think i love and hate this ending. i hate it because they HAVE to be together, but i love it because it really made me realize how emotionally attached i am to these characters! it really makes my heart ache…
i also think she might run into mrs karp’s lover, who is also hunting down his strigoi lover.
or maybe lissa can heal dimitri? or rose really will kill him, the lissa will see how devastated rose is and bring him back…
or maybe dimitri’s grandmother’s magic can bring his soul back?
btw, how does a dhapmir even become stigoi? it has to be by force somehow, because dhapmirs don’t drink (or drain) blood, and obviously dimitri would never turn willingly.

Answer by AdelaPuente13
Omgosh I’ve been wanting to talk about the books too!

I wanted to die when Dimitri turned Strigoi! I’m hoping Richelle Mead pulled a ‘Harry Potter 7’ or House of Night 2 when the character ‘died’ but somehow really didn’t! It’s not like I don’t like Adrian but I just think her and Dimitri are meant for each other, though the ending with Adrian was very sweet and shed some new light on his character.

My hope stands in why would Mead make sure to emphasize so much on how they’re meant to be together and how they complete each other’s souls, just to end it in the SAME book she began it! I’m hoping the way they’re ‘connected’ has a way of finding his salvation.

I finished it Saturday and I’m SO not over Dimitri! It’s just so sad!

I hope this twist somehow resolves itself with Rose & Dimitri still ending up together, I still don’t think Mead would spend so much time on Rose & Dimitri just to end them in the same book.

As for the 4th and 5th, remember the reading Rhonda gave Rose? (‘You will destroy that which is undead’) Maybe there’s more to it just like the reading she gave Dimitri (‘You will lose what you value most. Treasure it while you have it’) which meant his soul and not necessarily Rose like we all thought?

Blah! I’m ready to just finish the 4th and 5th. I found the series the same week ‘Shadow Kissed’ came out so I didn’t have to wait for the 2nd or 3rd but now it just sucks!!

Answer by i ♥ vamps!!
i think in the end of the whole series this is going 2 happen: rose and adrian r ganna get married. lissa and christian are going to get married. they r ganna live in Court. so is eddie. and eddia is ganna get married with mia. dimitri is ganna SOMEHOW come back 2 being human. he is ganna just b friends with rose. he is ganna b christian or adrians or someones gardian. and rose is going to be lissa’s gardian. n they r ganna live happyly ever after….i hope

u no what would suck?? while rose tries 2 kill dimitri they turn rose 2 a strogoi too. i hope that doesnt happen. id rather have someone turn them back 2 human. hey maybe spirit users could do that! u no how lissa brought rose from death?? u no when u r a strogoi ur actually dead right?? well maybe they can bring strogoi back from dead. omg!! i hope that happens sooo much!! richelle mead is killing too many ppl though. at night i was like “what could happen 2 bring dimitri back??” or “i wonder what dimitri is ganna say when rose comes 2 kill her” or “they just THINK dimitri is a strogoi but isnt”. but im thinking it 4 no reason. if richelle mead seriously makes rose kill dimitri ima kill my self. lol. everytime i think bout the book it makes me cry. i hope dimitri comes back i would love the book. cuz in the 1st 2 books i didnt really care about dimitri so much but in shadow kiss i REALLY started liking him. cuz he was sooo romantic and sweet and stuff. queen tatiana is a total bitch. i hate her.

i really am depress. i need tharapy. i CAN NOT stop thinking about it!! i keep on dreaming and day dreaming!! i feel like im rose or something. i always think bout the book. i cannot concentrat on ANYTHING. i feel like im missing a piece of my heart or my soul. i need the book. i cry everysingle night or time i think bout the book!! richelle mead u official r ganna go 2 jail for making poor teenage girl go crazy over fictinal things..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : HELP I need an interpretation of a tarot relationship reading?

I could really use an answer today, either detailed or brief interpretation would be helpful. Thanks!

1) 2 of cups
2) 6 of cups
3) 10 of pentacles
4) 3 of pentacles
5) temperance
6) princess of pentacles
7) 8 of pentacles
8) 2 of swords
9) queen of pentacles
10) 6 of swords

Answer by Miss 6
I’m assuming you did a celtic cross spread and many people have different positions meanings. So I can only give you a general overview without knowing your question or concern.

The 1st two cards are dealing with relationship, since the 2 of cups is next to the 6 of cups I’m thinking you’re dealing with someone from your past, weather it be a romantic relationship or just an old friendship. There is a possibility of a steady business partnership, very lucrative, from your expertise in the field your working in. You have the perfect blend of what is needed to be successful & are having positive feedback for your business or financial situation, all negotiations and contracts are coming through positively. With all this good news you still may need to go back and brush up but definitely pay attention to the details!!! You may find yourself coming into a disagreement it is very important that you talk it out and come to an understanding. You should be listening to your adviser or partner they are giving you sound advise, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

With a little bit more information I could give you a better reading. But that’s what I got.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i need to find a store offline that i can buy tarot cards with aces, hearts, clubs and diamonds on them?

i think it’s called a fortune tellers deck? i want to use it to help my boyfriend who is a professional poker player. please help

Answer by Stephanie
I’m not too sure where you can find ones with aces, hearts, clubs and diamonds. But I do have a deck. They’re just not the ones you are looking for. Sorry. =/

But I actually believe mine have worked for me so far. =]

Maybe you can try to look up stores in your area that sell Ouija boards and stuff along that line. Hope that helped.

Answer by philebus
There are tarot cards that have the French suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades), however, these are, to my knowledge, only really used to play games with. Tarot cards were originally invented for games, with the French suits becoming the dominant form in Europe during the 18th century – the old Italian designs are still used for game play in Italy, Sicily, and Switzerland.

There are a couple of European sites that sell French suited tarot:

There is a US bases site with an excellent selection:

You can also find some galleries of French suited cards, along with links to stores where you can buy them – and some advice on purchasing from French traders on eBay at my own site:

However, that you talk of fortune teller’s cards suggests that you don’t mean tarot. There are a number of packs, usually called oracles, that are essentially a 36 card pack of French suited playing cards with some pictures on them to suggest meanings for Fortune telling. You can find examples of these at the two European stores mentioned above.

I’m not sure how useful they will be to your boyfriend – but I do think the games of tarot (still played throughout continental Europe) are a lot more fun than Poker.

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