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RT @L0VE_SRK: I’ve been linked with all my heroes. Can you imagine, a tarot card reader even predicted my marriage to Salman Khan!
– Ka …

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The Instant Tarot Reader: Book And Card Set http://t.co/CzUcdzuU

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whenever I feel like giving up I always think of my tarot card reader saying “you’re amazing and you need to realize that.” **

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Tarot Card Reading is BULLSHIT

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : A tarot card reader predicted love, has anybody had a reading that was accurate?

I recently had a tarot card reading. The psychic predicted the time frame of when I’ll meet my “soulmate,” his age and details about his past. I’ve never been to a psychic before so I’m not quite sure how to take this. I’m planning to not put too much stock into what she said but I was wondering if anyone has ever had an accurate reading that came true.

Answer by Alpha (M.O.T.U) Non-Religion
its all false beliefs, don’t bother your wasting money…

Answer by Devout Catholic
tarot card readings are from the pits of Hell itself. You need to stop playing around with fire.

Answer by guy
yup… I’m not in the mood now to explain the predictions that came to pass, but yes some people have the gift to see the future.

Answer by Teawitch
It only works IF you remain on the path you were following when you arrived for the reading. In the end Tarot cards are only a tool for guidance. In the end you are the one who are in control of your own life. You make the final decision.

Answer by Jesse Rex
Waste of time and money

Answer by Paris
I find, so far, that tarot works in four ways.

First, the cards themselves are mnemonics (memory aids) for the forces at play in the world. When we try to think about a decision facing us, or a problem that needs addressing, who among us thinks clearly enough to remember to consider all of those forces? The cards help remind us, through the layouts and the meanings of the cards, of what must be considered.

Second, the symbols on the cards help provide ways for the unconscious to communicate with the conscious side of our minds. There exists a huge body of research and study of the role that symbols play in our lives–how we perceive them, how we interpret them, and how they “work” in the human brain. One thing is clear–they do open doors to the unconscious. We all know how difficult it is to understand what the unconscious tries to tell the conscious in dreams. Most of the time communications from the unconscious to the conscious are difficult for the conscious to understand. How we react to symbols and pictures helps this communication. Let me provide one small example.

Four viewers are shown a picture of a square, wooden door. One identifies it as a trap door. One identifies it as a door to freight elevator. The third sees it as a the door to a fort. The last sees it as a door to a small cottage. What accounts for the different interpretations are the unconscious responses to the image. Those unconscious responses arise from the past experiences of the viewer and could be called psychological responses.

Lastly, belief plays a part. The beliefs of the reader and the querent work together to create additional meanings.

Whether a reader makes use of belief heavily or not is up to the reader. The cards will perform nicely without any belief on anyone’s part, but it’s useful to remember that beliefs, like the unconscious, are not always apparent, and therefore their influences may be equally unapparent.

And finally, after having had an astounding reading done for me by a woman who called herself an intuitive reader (“I use the cards not in a literal sense but as tools to contact spirit”), I am forced to acknowledge that some tarot readers may be able to intuit on a profound level. What the mechanism is for this, I have no idea. I’m a skeptic, but I think that some people are more in touch or are closer to the sense of oneness that most of us seek, and they can use that closeness, that awareness to feel their way to some remarkable readings.

Most readers do not predict. They merely explore options.

Written by Kablan

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