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Hello everyone!
Just a casual question since I do not use and do not know much about Tarots. I will be grateful if you can provide me some general information about tarots.

Here are my questions:

1. How far ahead into the future can one read/interpret using tarots?


2. How far behind into the past can one read/interpret using tarots?

To those who have the ability to foresee as well as to read tarots:

3. Do you see a lot more into the past or future using your mind than using tarots? Is it vice versa, or equal?

Thank you!

Answer by Danyelle
Hey Pan.. To answer your question I would like to explain tarot cards a little as you seem to not use them…
Well I would say that tarot readings and or cards are not for prophecy or soothsaying. The combination of images and meanings do not provide anything that the reader does not already have within them. I believe the future is unwritten. We are born with free will and must always exercise personal responsiblity. As such, the readings of tarot cards are meant to enlighten, nurture, and entertain the person recieveing the reading….
So, tarot cards may and can be used to bring up something that is within the person. So, past you may get a card that says needs to heal the past and show a picture that symbolizes renewal. Then you as the reader knows that you can bring up the point. It is you with no certain gift connecting the dots to find out what is going on with that person. There are all different themes of cards as well angel, animal totems, and love tarots… The list goes on. You take the set that will benefit what you are trying to get out of your readings.
… Now I do not use tarots. For I already have a gift that lets me into an open person to see how they are feeling. So, the tarots are but a tool that I do not need. For some they are a great tool though one they must use and very accurate. For this does not matter… They are for and not for some. You seem to be looking into it to aide your gift. Well I would suggest that you look into it alittle more. I think that using the tarot card again is a tool. The person has to connect the dots to understand the card. They take some practice and the right intention to draw the right card.
… My advice to you is to stick to how you are doing things now. You do not need tarot cards as you have said yourself. You are just looking for an aide. Well I think that the tarot card might aide you if you were doing a different type of reading. They will aide you but are not here for you to see into the future. So, if you want to learn to use them for the here and now problems that would be best. Then I would agree that they would be a good tool. I am more for the here and now readings myself I have to say, but again I have a gift that replaces the need for tarot cards. Giving me acess to a persons feelings. Im not sure if you have that or not. If you do not then yes the tarot cards would be okay for you. Not to aide in what you are asking but would aide in your duties…. So, if you would like to stay how you are now though that is fine as well. I think you are doing a fine job….
… Again, if you are interested there are some good websites to read about tarots so you can see if any of these interest you? (for your own fun)
… Alright well I hope that helps…

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Pan

1 – Most tarot layouts tend to go to 6 months, personally I stick to 3 months. A reader can go to what ever time frame they wish, but the further out the weaker it can get. As it is about Probable Outcomes, free will can change it all.

2 – Same.

3 – I use the Tarot as a tool, so step in, rather than any cards traditional meaning, so go as far as spirit wish to give.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : French Tarot Game (not psychic)?

How do you get no oudlers? Is there a special exception for getting rid of the 21 number card? my family can’t figure it out (on the card it says “sans oudlers”=56 so we were just wondering)

Answer by philebus
In the French tarot (there are many tarot games played throughout continental Europe!) the number of card points that you need to win the game depends upon how many Oudlers you have in your tricks at the end of the hand.

So, if you have non of them, then you need 56 card points to win, if you have just one, then you need 51 points, two, 41 points, and all three, 36 points. It is a very unusual convention and because you cannot lose either the Fool or the 21, it makes winning/protecting the 1 crucial.

You can find more rules in English on a couple of web sites now: is the largest repository of card games in English (or perhaps any language) on the internet. It does retain all of the Original language terms. is my own site, providing a larger number of tarot games, though I have standardized some of the terms and a couple of the conventions. There are still a few corrections to make. You can download the pdf of all the rules here:

Just click the book cover. You can get it printed via a print on demand service if you want but it’s free to download, so I shouldn’t bother with that. Just print out the games you want at home. is a work in progress, also with corrections to make, but there are a few more games here. (and yes, there is an awful spelling mistake in the introductory video – but as I say, I am looking for proof readers)

As much as I love the French game, I do hope that you consider trying out some of the other games as well.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Interpretation of 3 card Tarot spread?

I have had suspicions of being pregnant, so I took a blood test at the Dr’s the other day. While waiting on the results, I did a 3 card Tarot spread, and this was the results:

Ace of Wands (upright)
Knight of Cups (upright)
The Sun (upright)

This seemed to be a clear YES to my answer. Well, I just got the results from the test today, and they are negative. Why did my reading seem to scream yes, but the pure physics of the test say no? Did my reading maybe point towards the near future, and not the present?
Well, I just did another reading to clear my head and see what else the cards have to say. I asked if I would find out I was pregnant in the next 2 months, and these were the cards I pulled, in order:

Wheel of Fortune (upright)
The Lovers (upright)
2 of cups (upright)

This seems to be a yes also, but any other interpretations of either reading would be wonderful, especially of someone who is a bit more experienced than I am. Thank you. 🙂
To Ashley: That’s would be great, no hurry!

Answer by locita1231
i would say the near future

Answer by Sagi78
I am also a begginer with Tarot and your right about your interpretation. Wy don’t you do a 10 card spread(Celtic Cross)??? Do it over and overuntil you get a clear idea.

Answer by ashley
Okay, lets see… Lol, I asked if you would be pregnant within the next 2 months and I drew..

Prince of Swords
The Hierophant
6 of Wands (victory)

My cards don’t have an inverted meaning. I have the Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley. Anyway, it’s a basic yes. Your man will get the job done, lol.

Anyway, with the cards you drew before (ace of wands, knight of cups, the sun) What I interpreted about that is not what you thought it meant. With my cards, the Knight of Cups is leaving or departing from something. With this, it’s departing from The Sun which is: glory, gain, riches, triumph, pleasure, truth, shamelessness, manifestation, recovery, arrogance, vanity.

So basically what it was telling you is that you’re not pregnant yet. You just need to give it time to happen and you’ll end up with what you want. Also, try and make the wisest choices possible. You can benefit from it.

If there’s anything else you need to know feel free to email with any questions, comments, or concerns. I’ve been doing actual readings for a few months now but it wasn’t until a year ago I actually understood my cards. They’re so vague. But I’m good at what I do. I don’t even need a person’s name because I can feel their energy from their writing which is a helluva lot more than some tarot readers can say. Most need birthdates. Anyway, I have to finish getting ready and try to watch my niece while I’m doing so. I’m seeing Sex and The City tonight, lol.

Take Care,


Also with Sagi78. You never ever keep doing a spread over until you get the answers you want. Anyone who does that honestly doesn’t deserve tarot cards. You need to understand that it’s like a give and take situation. You offer up your intuition and time and in return you get answers. They’re not necessarily the answers you want to hear but you take what you get and don’t question it.

Answer by bettyboo
I would have read the first 3 cards as how you felt on the day, you thought this was the beginning on something wonderful, you probably had an image in your head of your child (children) running around in your garden. Just because that test was negative does not mean it won’t happen. Ace of wands would represent one month, maybe when the sun is in Cancer ( knight of cups).

Your 2nd reading suggests that things will change for you and your lover, these changes will bring you closer together, but it seems to be more about appreciating the love you have now with your partner, enjoy things just as they are now, because the wheel of fortune is changing your relationship for ever. But before that happens the next few weeks will be like the first time you were ever together

Answer by curiousdiva
maybe u didnt interpret the cards too well….i read somewhere that the cards have a number of meanings….the 3 cards tarot cards arent right for specific questions. they revolve around general situations. for specific questions u have to use the 78 Tarot Cards of maybe Horseshoe layout…u basically have to draw 7 cards to get your answer.

Answer by Irish
You mentioned the spread, but you didn’t mention the specific question you asked each time. Perhaps your phrasing was different. The first lay out seems to suggest that you have a new Idea or plan forming (Ace of Wands), that there is a love interest involved (Knight) and that this will be a happy and productive situation…

The second reading indicates that the fortune is changing or shifting, perhaps based on new information, that you will have a choice to make, and that there will be a partnership.

With a pregancy, I would expect to see the Empress for certain, and perhaps the Ace of Cups…I’m not seeing that.

Please clarify what your specific questions were..that may be the key to the answers you received. It does appear that the cards are consistent, but the answer appears to be a relationship related issue, not specifically pregnancy.

Answer by Aurora
Yes your cards are definitely saying you are primed to become pregnant, physically and mentally.

If you do a Celtic Cross spread, you will be able to use certain cards to ascertain timing of events.

I think your reading was very positive.

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